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Kaleerein 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunny’s Drama Of Falling From Cliff

Kaleerein 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan and Meera search each other in dhaba. Meera sees Vivan and tries to call him, but Sunny shuts her mouth and drags her away thinking his plan is still not yet complete. Meera drops her bangles on floor. Vivan sees them and picks. At home, Dolly tells Amar that Meera is not at fault. Amar shouts Meera married Sunny. Dolly says when Meera told she married Vivan, then Vivan is her Ram and she believes her. Amar calls Sunny, but Sunny disconnects call yelling he will pick old man’s call when time comes. Amar is shocked and thinks why did he disconnect call. Meera drops few more bangles on the way. Vivan sees bangles and follows route. Sunny drags Meera to jungle. Meera pushes him and runs. Sunny throws stone on her, it hits her head and she falls down injured. Sunny walks to her and says enough of her drama, let us go, holds her hand and drags her with him. Vivan reaches jungle following Meera. Sunny drags her towards cliff saying he did not want to kill her, but to take revenge from Vivan, he has to. Vivan calls Meera and reaches near cliff. Sunny looks at him and says what a timing bro, he was waiting for this. Vivan shouts to leave Meera and dare to fight with him. He video calls Amar and throws it on floor.

Amar picks video call and sees Meera, then video gets blurred. Sunny provokes Vivan. Vivan kicks him. Amar sees Sunny falling. Sunny looking at his mobile attacks Vivan. Vivan counterattacks him. Sunny looks at cliff. Dolly and Sweety shouts he will fall down. Sunny then attacks Vivan. They are shocked to see them both and shout Sunny will fall. Vivan punches Sunny. Sunny falls from cliff. Amar and Dolly are shocked seeing that. Meera asks Vivan why did he push Sunny. They both run down to jungle and search Sunny. Amar yells angrily that Vivan killed Meera’s husband, he will not spare Vivan now.

Meera and Vivan continue searchingn Sunny in jungle. Meera finds Sunny’s clothes. Vivan says he must be alive, let us search him and shouts Sunny…Sunny… Meera sees something and looks shocked.

Precap: Police arrests Vivan in Sunny’s murder case. Meera cries..

Update Credit to: MA

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