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Jab We Met (Shot- 21)

Hey guys, this is Napsha, back with the next shot of ‘Jab We Met’.. I know all of you must be cursing me for not updating for so long, but my hectic schedule didn’t provide me time to write.. Still, two days ago I started writing this one and finally completed it.. Hope you will like it..

Jab We Met (Shot-21)

Yuvraj and Suhani are home.. Everyone is relieved that they are fine..
“Where had you been all night? Neither of you picked up the call..” Pratima questions them.. Others too question them one after the other out of concern.. Yuvraj tells how they fell into the forest..
“But what were you doing in that area late night?” Sambhav asks..
Yuvraj and Suhani look at each other..
“Actually, Sambhav, Yuvraj had planned a surprise date for Suhani in the middle of the road.. How romantic na?” Bhawana says with a bright smile..
Yuvraj tries to suppress his smile and looks down.. Suhani blushes.. Sambhav is very angry with Yuvraj..
“You must have had lots of trouble in spending the night there..” Sourabh asks with concern.. Yuvraj and Suhani smile reminiscing their first kiss and whatever followed..
“The night wasn’t that bad..” Suhani says without realisation.. Everyone look at her including Yuvraj.. As Suhani feels everyone’s gaze on her, she realises what she just said.. “I mean, Yuvraj was there with1 me, so….” Saying that, she leaves smiling..
“I’ve got to make an urgent call..” Yuvraj makes an excuse to escape being teased.. After he too leaves, everyone look at each other and burst out laughing.. Sambhav fumes and decide to remind Yuvraj of their deal in his way..


Later, I was sitting in my room thinking about Suhani.. I knew I was going to get married to a very nice girl, and probably the best one I could possibly get.. I smiled reminiscing our kiss, our very first kiss..

“Congrats bro, you have won Suhani’s love..” I heard Sambhav’s voice and got back to reality..
“You here?”
“Yuvraj, I just want Suhani’s happiness.. If it’s with you, I won’t come in between.. Just a request, don’t ever tell her that you are an illegitimate child..” He spoke directly..
I knew my face had turned pale.. i had never thought about it.. How could I hide my identity from her?
“Also. you shouldn’t tell her that you were going to run away from mandap so that I could marry her.. You have to keep her in the dark!!” Sambhav said hugging me and left..

I was frozen, unable to comprehend what to do.. Wedding preparations had already started days back and the rituals were to begin in a day or two.. I couldn’t betray her..

Sambhav is very happy.. He knows Yuvraj will either call off his wedding with Suhani, or he will choose to tell her the truth in which case she will reject him as no girl like her would marry an illegitimate guy, who also had a deal on her.. He shares his plan with Barbie.. She is equally happy but impatient.. She wants to see Suhani in tears..

Saurabh, Sharad, Bhawana and Anuj are gossiping.. Bhawana praises the love that Yuvraj and Suhani have for each other.. The three guys look at each other, and Saurabh nods.. Sharad tells the truth about YuvAni’s relation..Bhawana’s mouth is left open hearing the truth.. She finds it difficult to believe Sharad’s words, as she had seen love in the eyes of both for each other.. She makes up her mind to make them confess it..

They call Yuvraj in the room, and play truth and dare.. When his turn arrives, he chooses dare..
“You love Suhani a lot, right?” Bhawana says, pretending to be unaware of the truth.. Yuvraj looks at her, but doesn’t say anything.. “Then go and confess your love once again, and make sure she doesn’t know that we are watching..” She adds..


I couldn’t understand what was wrong with them.. Why were they after us? To be honest, I would have done that without hesitation, but if we had to get into a relationship officially, I didn’t want to hide the truth from her, neither I could tell her about it..
“Guys, please stop all this..” I said out of frustration and left from there..

I went out to the garden.. I was standing there, watching the sun.. I was completely lost in my own thoughts, about her, how she had turned my life upside down.. Nobody had ever affected me the way she did.. Not even ten days were left for our marriage.. I was getting mad thinking what to do and what not.. Somebody kissed my feet.. I looked down.. It was Snoopy.. He started to bark, and walked away.. I followed him..
“Snoopy, where are you……” I said.. I bumped into Suhani on the way..
“Aaahh….” She whispered painfully..
“What happened?” I asked with concern.. I found she had a red rose in her hand, the thorn of which had pierced into her finger.. I immediately sucked it, without even realising what I was doing.. The moment I realised, I looked at her.. I could see the happiness that she was trying to hide.. I stepped back..


My heart knew well that he loved me too, and I couldn’t find a better opportunity to confess my love and make him do the same..
“Yuvraj, I need to talk to you..”
“Yes, say..”
“You already know all about it, so I’ll come straight to the point.. Yuvraj, I love you..”
I knelt down and added holding his hand gently, “Will you marry me?”

He didn’t respond for a minute.. I waited for his answer, and dadi, maa and chachi came there..
“What’s happening here?” Dadi asked..
I felt ackward, and was about to get up when the four of them appeared on the scene and Saurabh bhaiya took charge of the situation..
“Dadi, maa, see this guy.. Such a lovely girl is proposing him once again, and he is making her wait, as if he needs to reconsider his decision to marry her..” He said casually..

“Yuvraj, what are you thinking so much.. Don’t feel shy.. Just say whatever is there in your heart .” Maa said..
And finally he smiled slightly, held my other hand and said, “Yes, I’ll..”

My happiness knew no limits.. Everyone clapped and hugged each other.. I was thankful to di and all for the task they had given me..

Later, I was talking to Soumya over the phone.. I shared everything with her.. She teased me, and i teased her back.. After we hung up, my phone beeped.. Yuvraj wanted to meet me at the terrace.. I was sure he had planned some surprise for me.. I was really excited..

But I found nothing there..
“Suhani, see, before you start thinking too far, I want to tell you something..”
“Yes, say..”
“I know Bhawana and all told you to do whatever you did today.. Didn’t they?”
I nodded..
“I know it was all just an acting.. I said yes because I didn’t want anyone to know the truth..”

I couldn’t believe whatever he said.. Inspite of knowing what I felt for him, how could he say that I was acting?
“Fine, let’s come to the point.. Tell me, what do you want to say..”
“That, I…. I don’t want to marry you!!”

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