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Ishqbaaz 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye plans a welcome party

Ishqbaaz 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets busy in work. Nancy eyes him. Mohit stops the car and says sorry, I forgot my phone at home, if you don’t mind, can we go back home. Anika says sure. Nancy pulls Shivaye over him and they fall down on the sofa. Mohit and Anika come home and look on shocked. Mohit asks what’s happening here. The family members also come and get shocked. Nancy runs to Mohit. She says thank God, you have come, this Shivaye…. Shivaye says she is lying. She says I m not lying, he was forcing himself on me. He asks what nonsense, I swear, I didn’t do this, Anika you trust me right, Nancy is trying to come close to me since last night, I didn’t wish to tell this to you, but I have no option, she isn’t deserving of your love. Mohit says enough, I don’t need to hear anything now, I know my wife

well. Anika says and I also know my husband well, my Shivaye can never do anything wrong. Mohit says Anika please, don’t talk in between. Mohit asks Nancy what’s the truth. She says I have said the truth, Shivaye has…. Mohit slaps her. They get shocked.

He shouts don’t you dare blame Shivaye next time, else I won’t believe it, Shivaye and I know each other well, our friendship is strong, I know he can never do this, you cheated me and ashamed my love. He gets tearful eyes and apologizes to Shivaye. He says you and your family did a lot for us, you showed affection and my wife…. forgive me, sorry guys. Shivaye says its okay, you don’t need to say sorry, and thanks for trusting me. Mohit says you deserve this, you earned this trust. He apologizes to Anika for Nancy’s doings. He says I didn’t expect Nancy to do such a thing, I can’t meet your eyes, I have to go. He takes Nancy with her. Tej stops him and asks him not to go. Mohit says I can’t stay here, my wife has ashamed me. They go to room. Mohit asks her to pack her bags right away. She says I m sorry, don’t get upset, forgive me. Tej says its Nancy’s mistake, not of Mohit, stop your best friend. Jhanvi says maybe its not a big thing for Nancy, she belongs to open minded culture and society, we should forgive her. Tej says if Mohit leaves, your friendship will go on bitter note, don’t lose Mohit, its hard to find good friends. Shivaye goes. Anika asks what did you think. He says don’t know what I shall do. She says I think Tej and Jhanvi said right, everyone makes mistakes, we can’t punish Mohit, he is your best friend, he trusts you more than his wife, he saved your life, you know what you should do. He agrees. He thanks Anika for trusting him so much. He says everyone had a doubt on me, but you showed trust. She says don’t thank me, I completely trust you, I know you can’t do anything wrong, we stay in one room, we are husband and wife, you never used this fact, I feel safe when I m with you. He says you are my best friend. She says you are world’s best husband. She goes.

Nancy says forgive me, if you want, I will apologize to Shivaye. She asks Shivaye to forgive her. Shivaye says I have forgiven Nancy, you also forgive her, lets forget this, I can do anything for you, you are imp for me, your friendship, happiness…. Mohit says Nancy raised question on your character. Shivaye says but you trusted me. Anika says lets forget this, we ignore friends’ big mistakes too. Nancy apologizes to her. Anika says its fine, its imp that you realized your mistake. Shivaye says Mohit isn’t going anywhere. Mohit agrees. Tej says we must have a party for this. Shivaye says their welcome party is due, it shall happen tomorrow before his show. He hugs Mohit. Shivaye leaves for work. He sees Mohit hugging some woman. He goes to see and misses them. He thinks am I mistaken, I will go and ask Mohit. He asks Priyanka is Mohit at home. She says no, he went out. Shivaye comes to his room and gets shocked seeing Nancy. She asks what are you doing here. She says you think I will lose so soon, no. She smiles. Anika laughs and says sorry, you got tensed, we were joking, Nancy came to talk to me, we thought to pull your leg, sorry. Nancy says okay, I shall leave, sorry Shivaye, I just really hope that tomorrow morning opens a new chapter in our lives. She leaves.

Its morning, Anika checks arrangements. Rudra scares her and laughs. She says you scared me. He says I came after a month and had to get a good entry. Om comes and jokes on him. Rudra says stop being jealous. Anika says don’t go for many days, you both are so cute. Priyanka comes with Shivaye. She says it means I get you bored. Shivaye hugs Omru. Anika compliments all of them. They fight that they are Anika’s fav. Shivaye says stop troubling my wife with this contest, prepare for party. Anika asks about the mask. Shivaye explains about masquerade party. Anika says it will be fun. Mohit and Nancy come. Mohit hugs Omru. Mohit says these parties are her life, person is different than he appears. Anika praises Shivaye as he is very true.

Mohit says I totally agree on that. Nancy says I m looking forward to this party. Mohit says this party is fun at night, after wearing the mask in darkness, who did it and how the person left. Om says you missed a point, everyone’s dressing sense is different. Rudra says girls’ style is different and we can know. Om says all girls will wear a gown. Rudra asks Anika to select matching mask. He says bar will be my responsibility, get ready for my special punch, party gets real fun after having the punch. Anika says I don’t have a gown, what will I wear in party. She checks her cupboard. Shivaye comes and knocks door. She says he will get angry on me. She says wait, I m opening the door, just one min. She keeps all the clothes back and opens the door. He asks were you busy. She says I was changing clothes. He looks at her. She says I was going to change, do you want something. He says yes, I want my file. She says I will get it. He says I will take it myself. He opens the cupboard. Clothes fall over him. She hides her face.

Shivaye asks Anika to fold saree and teaches her. She smiles. Omru look on and says businessman of the year Shivaye is folding sarees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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