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Recap: swasan got caught by elders.


ram: now tell me your love story.

san: papa y u want my love story now

ram: my dear son we also want to know how my khadus son changed into a lover boy and how my bahu got this much change in my son.

sw: par dad from tomorrow marriage rituals will start if we didn’t sleep then how can we do preparations.

ram:  My bahu is trying to divert the topic

shomi: swara  don’t interept just  say ur love story.

All started giving choruos to shomi as we want to know

san: okokok we will tell swara shall we

sw: ok sanskar

They took place near ram and sanskar started.

san: It’s all started 4 years back  as u all know that me swara is friends from child hood but we got to know that it’s not friendship it’s love.

utt: Arrey bhai please tell fast I can’t take suspense.

san: okok. 4 years back

Flash back:

At college:

sanky is studying final year MBA and swara is studying first year in same college

In college all are busy in their world. Two persons entered in college in bmw.

They got down from car and saw their gang  and went near them.

first person: Hi guys what’s going on

in gang  one person: nothing bro just thinking how to propose my girl.

fp:(first person): you are thinking from long time if u still didn’t propose her then someone will propose her after that if u think also can’t do anything.

another person in gang: u r right sanskar but we can’t change him. (Yes the first person is  sanskar)

san: I know nikhil he is buddhu just like u.

All gang laughed by his comment.

nikhil: sanky plse  (and he turned to another person) and u mr.parth don’t laugh like that he is saying u also a buddhu.

(the two persons is nikhil and parth)

san: ok stop guys. did swara came. (guys who thought the next person is swara they r wrong 😂)

nikhil: dekho parth majnu came. Don’t worry sanskar majnu came na laila will also come.

they both did hifi.

parth: sanky u r saying to propose my girl fast then when will u prose swara .

san: guys when will u change I am always saying only one thing that swara is my friend not more than that ok.

nik: ok we will convience but don’t convience urself.

san:stop ur non sense nikhil then u the consequences right.

nik: don’t try to black mail me sanky if u do na then I will tell swara about club matter.

san: oh my dear friend I am not black mailing just saying so plse don’t tell to swara she will kill me .

nik: hahahah don’t butter me . don’t worry i will not say but if u do again then I will say.

They r talking like that at that time one girl enters in clg all got stunned by her beauty.

She went near one gang.

But one person by seeing all boys staring her his blood boiled and fuming in anger.

near gang:

girl: hi guys.

boy: swara  how many times I said to u don’t wear this dress see all boys are staring at u only (with anger)

sw: oh come on sanskar down.

san: But i don’t like if they starred on u like that.

by seeing sanskar like that parth and nikhil laughing .

san: u guys plse don’t laugh when i am anger.

He is giving warning to them and another side one boy came near swara .

boy: I love u swara

With his proposal swara got shock sanskar got angry.

precap: Who proposed swara? why sanskar is getting angry when someone propose swara? will this person is problem for swasan in future?

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