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Bepannah 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya challenges Aditya to attend her wedding

Bepannah 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aditya looks up and finds Zoya crying. He still smiles. Will you still say it does not matter? It does matter to you. Arshad looks at them. To care for someone is another synonym of love. Zoya tells him to stop it. You made a drama of me in front of everyone! She asks Arshad if he is fine. He nods. She asks him to come. I don’t want to stay here for another second. Staff members rush towards Aditya and tend to his wound. Zoya looks at him from outside. Akansha asks him if he is fine. Aditya nods. I am perfectly fine because it does not matter to her. She goes. Aditya remarks that it does matter.

Noor’s Boss asks Noor what she is doing. You cannot go. You promised to do anything if I give you this job. She reasons that he questioned her character. I will never bear it. I may or may not

have this job but I will not stay here. I am going. Her Boss agrees to end all his contracts with Sethi (his client). She asks him if he cancelled them for her. He apologizes for how he could not realise who was the culprit. She asks him how he believes him suddenly now. He does not tell her anything. You wont see that client here ever again. You are free to go if you want though!

Noor’s Boss calls Sethi. Contract is yours. We will discuss the terms and conditions later. That girl is also here. She wont utter a word about you. Don’t worry.

Arshad apologizes to Zoya about his behaviour. You know I never did this. I shouldn’t have hit Aditya. She tells him she understands his emotions but it isn’t right to hit anyone. He apologizes to her. You are right. Is Aditya right? Does it really matter to you? Zoya says there is concern and care in friendship. He asks her if she is 100% sure it is just friendship and not love. Ask yourself. Do you love Aditya Huda? She replies that she does not love anyone, neither Aditya nor him! She realises what she just said and gets quiet. I am sorry. Arshad says I know you don’t love me but I am also sure that you will slowly fall in love with me once we are married. Take your time. There is no rush. I will not ask you anything about Aditya after today. She calls it unimportant but he calls it important. I don’t want to marry you against your wish. You can tell me know if you change your mind. She is sure it wont happen. I have decided. He calls life a long journey. Decisions can change too. She gives importance to decisions and commitments. They matter a lot to me. He leaves it on her to alter her decision later if she ever feels like. If any third person tries to come between us against your wish then I wont spare that person! She asks him how he came here suddenly. He gives her a set of bangles. They belong to our ancestors. Ammi said you should wear them from today onwards. She accepts them. They are beautiful. He gets a call and leaves for the hospital. Zoya looks at the bangles. She goes back inside the office.

Noor is working when she receives Arjun’s call. She disconnects it. He tries her number again. She finally picks it. He says you can still continue to keep quiet if you want but thank God you picked my call. Every couple fights and so do we. I am sorry. Please. I am missing you. She tells him she is in office. I cannot meet you now. He offers to come down to Zosh events but she tells him she has found a new job. He asks her when that happened. She replies that he would have known if he had time for her. Her Boss hears her convo. Arjun makes her agree to meet him during her lunch break. They call each other by their nicknames. Noor’s Boss smirks.

Zoya peeks inside her cabin. She gets inside after making sure it is empty. I will buy all the shares and end this matter once and for all! She takes out the bangles. They are smaller in size. She tries wearing it but it falls down and lands straight in Aditya’s feet. He picks it up. Seems like it does not want to stay with you. Why don’t you leave it alone? Zoya looks at him. She remembers how he had said the same thing about that ring (that she had taken from Yash). Give it to me. He asks her if Arshad gave it to her. She accepts it unwillingly. He says he is giving you bangles and marrying you. What’s the use though as they aren’t fitting you just like Arshad! He too is good like these bangles but isn’t suitable for you. Am I right? She tries taking it from him but he holds her. She avoids looking him in the eye. He asks her why she is wasting time after what isn’t right for her. Why aren’t you looking at that what is right for you, that what is in front of you? She pushes him away. He asks her if she is angry. You look really sweet when you are angry. She begins to scold him but goes quiet. He asks her to continue scolding her. I like them. She asks him to leave. He asks her how she can ask him to leave from his own office. I really miss this office. I missed our fights all the more. Don’t worry. Ia m back now. You will slowly realise you don’t love Arshad but me. She asks him when he will grow up. I came here to tell you I cannot work with you. I want to buy your shares. He refuses to part with the company. I am enjoying here. She calls it quits for herself. You can either sell your shares to me or own the company alone. He is impressed by her confidence. She begins to walk out when he reminds her of the bangle. She falls on him while trying to take it from him. She takes the bangle and walks out of the cabin.

Aditya asks Zoya if she isn’t forgetting another thing. He asks Mithilesh ji to bring the contract. Mithilesh ji gives it to him. Aditya shows the termination clause to Zoya. You must give 30 days’ notice if you want to leave this office. She points out that he hasn’t read it well. This isn’t valid considering 4 conditions – marriage, pregnancy, accident and death! He says you aren’t dying. I wont let any accident happen and you aren’t pregnant! You are not getting married within the next 30 days. She nods. The wedding is due in 7 days! He looks at her in shock. She asks him to come for sure. Consider this as my personal invite. He replies that he will come but will you be able to marry seeing me there? Will you be able to control your emotions? Will you be able to marry someone else in front of me? She tells him to see it with his own eyes. He accepts the challenge. I am also stubborn like you. I will see how you will marry someone else!

Precap: Zoya tells Aditya she does not love him. I will prove it. She gives him advance cheque for arranging her and Arshad’s wedding. You have rejoined Zosh event. Why don’t you start this new journey with this?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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