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Shubharambh 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: God shows is Magic to Raja and Rani

Shubharambh 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A man comes to Raja’s house and says you might not recognize me but you must remember my father. He used to put a chaat stall in front of your shop, you used to eat his chaat daily. Raja says your father is Gansham? He says yes, my father told me that you paid for my university so I could study. Raja says I remember. The man says I couldn’t find such a good job if you didn’t help me at that time. He says this is my first salary and I decided that I will return your money as soon as I get my first salary. Gunvant and Kritida are shocked. Raja says it’s not needed. The man says it’s just 15K please take it, I will return as much as you paid for me as I want to help others like you. My father died but he told me to remember people who were with you in your bad time and I have become successful because of you only. Please take this. He gives money to Raja. Rani and Asha get emotional. The man says if you need any help later then let me know. Raja says you came at the right time.. this money.. if you were late a day then I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. Asha prays to lord and thanks to him. Rani smiles at Raja. The man says I have to go now, I will come some other time. He leaves from there. Raja sighs happily. Gunvant and Kritida are angry. Raja prays to the lord and recalls Kritida’s words that he needs to get money to pay for the food for poor people. Raja thanks Shrinath Jee and says you proved that magic can happen. Rani says he helps people who help others without any selfish motive and you are one of them. Let’s go and give food to the priest.

Raja serves food to the priest. Rani helps him in serving him. Raja gives him food for his peeps and the priest leaves after blessing him. Rani takes the coconut and glares at Gunvant as he gave that as a shagun to Raja. She asks Raja to break it. Raja does in front of the lord and smirks at Gunvant. They leave from there. Raja’s family prays for his father. Gunvant tells Kritida that till they are together, they will keep finding a solution, we have to break their partnership. Kritida says but how? Gunvant says by attacking the weakest link Asha.

Scene 2
Rani is counting money for next few days. Raja comes there and says I feel so good today, God saved us today. Rani says yes, he showed us his magic, he listened to you at least. Raja says magic will happen tomorrow too with other interviews. She says where is your interview? He says I don’t remember the name. She says I have an interview too, we have to find the job soon. She tries to make the bed but slips and the bedsheet falls overs them. Rani and Raja look at each other. Raja smiles at her. They both hold the sheet over their heads and share an eye lock. Asha calls them so Rani pushes the sheet away, she giggles and leaves from there. Raja looks her gone and smiles.

Raja is going for an interview. Rani says I am sure you will get this job. Asha wishes him luck and says you have our blessings, all the best. Raja leaves. Asha says Rani you had an interview too? Rani says yes but I will leave in half an hour, I will make tea for you. Asha thanks her.

Raja gives an interview for an accountant. The manager says you can join us from tomorrow. We are JP Jewelers, customers are Gods for us, as per the rules husband and wife cannot work together here. Raja nods and leaves from there.
Rani messages Raja and asks how was the interview? Raja messages her that he got the job. Rani congratulates him and says I am going for an interview and then we will meet. Raja wishes her luck.

Scene 2
Kritida calls Asha and says I thought to give you a chance to earn money. Asha says aww you think so much about me but I don’t trust you a bit, I am leaving now. Kritida says you can forget but I can’t. I know you are best in playing cards, you used to win every game in our kitty parties. We can play one game and you can earn, this way I will pass my time. Asha thinks I need the money and she can’t make me lose. Asha says okay I am coming. She leaves from there. Kritida smirks and says she will remember this game.
Asha comes to her room and takes some money she has. She says I am sorry God.
Asha bets her money with Kritida and starts playing with her. Kritida bets for 500. Asha says let’s bet for 100rs. Kritida says don’t be so cheap, start with 500rs. Asha bets 500rs and start playing. Asha wins the first game and dances. Kritida looks on. Asha takes 1000rs. Kritida says let’s play another game, you can earn more. Asha thinks that I can get the whole month’s money from her like this. She plays with her again. Kritida bets for 1000rs. Asha says this is too much. Kritida says you can earn more this way. Asha bets for 1000rs. Asha wins again. They keep playing and Asha keeps winning. She wins 20K and says this is done. Kritida says if you play another game then you will earn 40K and that will be good for your monthly expenses. Asha says this is my last game of 20K.

Raja is waiting for Rani at a tea stall. He sees her sad and says don’t worry, you will get a job soon. Rani says don’t worry, I got a job as a salesperson. Raja says my salary is 19K. Rani says my salary is 15K. Raja says then it will be 34K which will be good for next month’s expenses. What’s your company? She says JP Jewelers. Raja is shocked and says what? Rani says you got the job there too? Raja recalls their rule that a married couple can’t work together.

Kritida and Asha play their last game. Asha is tensed as Kritida wins the game with 3 As. The flashback shows how Kritida had hidden the Ace cards and says I will insult her. Then how she took out those cards silently in the last game. Kritida wins 40K and says I won the last game. Asha is tensed. Kritida says you want your 20K? Asha says yes. Kritida says then beg to me, you have no penny left. She puts a rope in Asha’s neck and makes her a monkey. She asks her to dance like a monkey so you can get money. Asha is in tears at her insult.

Raja says I will tell him the truth tomorrow. Rani says we got this job with difficulty, we need this. Raja says we can’t lie. Rani says we don’t have time otherwise we will have to beg to Gunvant. Raja says we shouldn’t start with a lie, we have 8 days left. Rani says I am not going to beg to them anymore.

PRECAP- Raja and Rani come home to see Kritida insulting Asha and asking her to take the begging bowl to get some money. Raja tries to stop her but Rani says no, this is Asha’s test, let her be. Asha is about to accept the begging bowl, Raja looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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