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Shakti 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer and Rohan bring Soham back home

Shakti 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rohan and Heer are running on the road and get shocked seeing Soham on the bench. Virat comes home and shouts calling his family members. Jharna asks him to calm down. Virat signs her to stop. Sant Baksh comes and asks what happened? Virat says you got my bhabhi’s hand burnt, coming in Sadhu’s talks. Parmeet says they have done small puja sanskar to get child for Gurwinder. Jharna tells Virat that there is no pain, no gain and says she will get the child in future. Virat says even you Jharna, and tells that he don’t believe this superstitious. He asks them to get bhabhi treated in the hospital and says if she don’t get pregnant then it’s ok, tells that many people are childless in this world. Daljeet says your bhabhi is getting treated by the doctor, but for now…Gurwinder comes home. Virat goes to her and touches her burn injuries. He says Bhabhi becomes mother or not, but this shall not happen again, else I will complain to Police about this police family. He says sorry to Gurwinder and tells that if he would have been here then this wouldn’t have happen. He asks her to call her if this thing repeats again and holds his ears. He says I will apply medicine to your hand. Gurwinder says let it be. Virat insists. Jharna asks Virat to let Parmeet apply medicine to Bhabhi. Parmeet asks him to go to room and tells that she will apply her medicine. Gurwinder goes with Parmeet. Sant Baksh says if he had know that this woman is barren then he would have never got her married to Daljeet and tells that the man or woman, whoever are barren are equivalent to kinnars. He says kinnars’ place is not home, but kinnars house. Daljeet is shocked. Sant Baksh asks did I tell anything wrong. Daljeet nods no.

Raavi tells Preeto that it has been 4 hours, but Rohan haven’t brought Heer till now. Preeto says let her search him. Parmeet asks Gurwinder what is the use of becoming bhabhi, you can’t become a mother. She asks her to do as they say. Jharna comes there and tells that bhabhi told everything to Heer, all family matters, it seems they have deep friendship. Parmeet scolds Gurwinder. Gurwinder tells that she met her on the temple and tells that she prayed to Mata Rani for me to become a mother. She says what is the problem if I become mother with her prayers. She says we all have seen how Heer’s prayers are answered and Virat gained consciousness after consuming the poison. Heer pulls the bedsheet and sees Soham. She hugs him and asks how dare you to leave me on rakshabandhan day. She asks him to come. Soham refuses to go. Heer says what did I do? She says I won’t let you go. Soham says he don’t want to go. Rohan calls Preeto and tells that Heer has searched Soham, he was sleeping on the bus stand. Preeto ends the call and tells Harak Singh that Heer has found Soham, but he will not come. Harak Singh says it is good if he don’t return as of now.

Shanno thinks Soham will come, he had slept on bus stand so that Heer sees him and convinced him to come home. She recalls and a fb is shown, Shanno tells Soham that Harak Singh and Preeto had used Surbhi and Varun and now they are throwing you out. Soham refuses to come home and asks what is left now. Shanno says so much is left, all calculations from the past to the future. She says your father doesn’t want kinnar to stay in the house and his half fight is remaining. Soham sees his pic with Varun. Shanno says Soumya was a kinnar and that’s why Surbhi was married in the same house. She asks if he don’t want to know the secret related to Heer. He says Sindhu and Raavi are atleast married, but they don’t want Heer to get married. She asks her to find out the secret, think about Heer’s happiness and marriage and return home. Soham says how to return back, I left house on my own. Shanno asks where is he? Soham says he is at the bus stand. Shanno tells him that Heer will come there searching him and asks him to leave the ID card on the road. Fb ends. Shanno thinks she has done a big conspiracy. Heer asks Soham to come back. Soham refuses and asks who wants me in the house. Rohan says I want you to return. Heer says we all love you and hugs him. Soham gets up. Heer holds Soham and Rohan’s hands and tell that she won’t let her brothers go away from her. Shakti song plays …as they want holding hands.

Jharna hugs Virat and tells that Dad is coming to pick her, so he has off today to drop her. He turns and sees Heer. Heer asks him to apply ointment to her hand. Virat tells that he knows that she is not here and it is her imagination. He tells that he had done a mistake by loving her, but now he hates her. He says nothing is left now and goes to room. Gurwinder hears him and thinks she has to unite them. Heer asks Soham and Harak Singh to end their differences and be happy. Harak Singh says the matter is…when the elders talk…the children shall stay quiet. Heer asks Soham not to interfere in their decisions and says they want our betterment. Soham thinks to find out the truth and says ok, I will not say anything. Preeto asks him to give in writing. Heer asks if she will ask her grand son to write. Preeto asks Soham to swear on his parents and write that he will not interfere. Heer says this is wrong. Rohan says what is wrong in this? Harak Singh says the world is bad, and asks Soham to write. Heer says why everyone is behaving strangely. Soham says ok, I will give in writing. He writes and gives the paper to Harak Singh. He thinks this paper is fake, I will speak if you interfere in my sister’s life again. Harak Singh tells that this is just formality and asks him to remember what he has written. Heer says now everything is sorted and tells that she will make food today. Raavi goes to help Heer. Preeto says you had left home long back and asks what he was doing at the bus stand, as if someone asked him to wait there. Soham says your questions doesn’t end. He says I have given in writing and asks her to question him infront of Heer. Shakti song plays……

Precap will be added after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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