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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber asks Guneet to move on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nia telling Amber that they don’t value someone when they were in life and they understand their value after losing them. Amber says this must be in her genes, as he never let anybody comes near him after Anjali’s death. Nia says there is nobody’s mistake. Amber says mistake is mine, else we wouldn’t have been here and holding our broken hearts here. She says we both are having broken heart and cheers for their broken heart. She says we are the first father and daughter, duo whose heart is broken together. She sings bekaar karke hume yuh na jayiye…Amber thinks of Guneet, while Nia thinks of Kabir. The same song plays…..

Swara asks Kabir to call Nia and tells that she is leaving. Kabir says I have lost mentorship. Swara tells that she has lost it, but their relation is enough for them, but it is not enough for him. Kabir asks her to listen and calls her Nia. Swara is shocked and says she will not share him with Nia. He asks if she is mad and tells that he is with her and will not leave her. Nia tells Amber that they will not talk about them from now onwards. Amber says we will not take their names also. They are still inebriated.

Amber says it is late night, asks her to sleep. Nia sleeps and murmurs in her sleep that Guneet will go away from their lane, office and will not trouble him. Amber says good night and asks her to sleep. He thinks of her words and calls someone. He says he needs a favor from her/his. Guneet shows the house to Pammi and tells that she has searched house according to her liking. Pammi says you takes care of my likings and tells that I had asked you to shift here from Amber’s house. She says you make me fool with your talks. Guneet asks aren’t you happy? I have done everything for your happiness. Pammi says you have never done whatever I wanted. Guneet says I want you to be happy. Pammi says ok, I will be happy. Guneet asks shall I help you in packing. Jhanvi calls Guneet and asks if she can come tomorrow on the show. Guneet says again, I thought it was last. Jhanvi says you got so many likes that I have to call you. She says we will wrap up in 1 hour. Guneet agrees. Pammi sees the house and smiles. Guneet says the house is beautiful, we don’t need to sleep on one bed.

Nia gets up and makes tea for herself. She messages Kabir and waits for his reply. She gets ready. Kajal calls her and asks did you message him? Nia says I messaged him, he saw one hour before, but he didn’t see. Kajal asks did you say sorry? Nia says what to say, that sorry Kabir…I love you. Nia says I wrote that I shouldn’t have done this and if you both love each other then I am happy for you both. Kajal says liar. Nia says I want to kidnap Swara, but what to do. Kajal asks her to confess her love. Nia hears machine sound. Amber asks RB what is going on in his portion. RB says some work is going on. Amber asks him to stop the work. RB says mentorship of your daughter is going to happen from here, and asks if he wants to ruin his daughter’s future then break the things with the hammer. Nia comes there and asks what is happening? Amber goes from there. Dr. Pandey comes there and calls Amber. Amber tells that they shall go to office and talk. They leave. Nia asks what did you say to dad? RB tells that her mentorship will happen here. She says if it will not happen at Wenet. RB asks her to leave her worries outside the door and says whether it is love and commitment, it is 100 percent. He throws her mobile and asks her to go and never return. She says she will be here and will not give him a chance to complain. She gets a call. Maasi tells that she got the reports. Nia says I will come there right now and tells RB that she has to go. RB looks on.

Dr. pandey asks Amber if he will make such face and confess his love. Amber says tell me truly and asks if I am a hurdle in Nia’s success. Dr. Pandey asks him not to take others’ talk on heart and asks him if RB is doing right then let him stay else no. Jhanvi’s show dil vil pyar vyar plays on radio. Jhanvi asks Guneet if there is any chance of love, if the wounds heal then if there is any hope for love. Guneet says love doesn’t leave you, but hope do. She says whenever you leave hope, you feel independent and light, like you will fly. Jhanvi says whoever wants to ask questions, shall call. Amber calls and tells his name. Jhanvi says he is the same listener who sent this question. Amber says I got my answers, love is not forced, whoever loves is with his/her wish. A person can love someone madly and it is in the hands of other person to accept his love or not. He says we can’t force the other person. He says whatever you are doing is right, move on and not to look back in life. He says good bye Guneet ji. Guneet looks on.

Precap: Dr. Pandey informs Amber that Pammi met with an accident and she is at home. Amber Guneet tries to help Pammi get up from bed, Amber comes and helps Pammi to sit on the bed. Guneet looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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