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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bharti refuses to marry Narendra

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bharti taking the cow dung cakes and the basket falls down from her head. Narendra is going from there and helps her pick the dung cakes. He asks her to be careful next time, as he can’t be with her always. She asks if his father had beaten him much. Narendra says pita ji told that he will not beat me again. He leaves. Jyoti comes to Bhakti’s house and asks can I come inside? Bhakti welcomes her. Jyoti apologizes to her for Bheema’s doings. She then apologizes for Bharti’s courageousness and tells that even though Narendra is childish, but he has guts to take a stand for truth. She says she wants someone to guide him. Bhakti asks what you are saying? I didn’t understand. Jyoti tells that she wants Bharti and Narendra to marry. Bharti comes and overhears them. Jyoti asks her to ask Bharti. Bhakti says you came to our house and it is an honor for us. Jyoti says we will become samdhans soon. Bhakti requests her to give her some time to think. Jyoti asks her to take time and tells Bharti that she will feel happy to handover Narendra and her house in her hands. Bharti folds her hands. Jyoti leaves. Bharti drinks water and asks Bhakti to refuse for marriage. Bhakti asks her to think and decide. Bharti says I will not marry and gets upset. She tells that she don’t like that house and asks whose father beats his son for walking on right direction. She says I didn’t see any father like this before, tells that though he is the head of the village, he took Bheema’s side. She says how the house will be, where they don’t worship any God or mata Rani. Bhakti asks her to think again and tells that Narendra is having a pure heart and asks where she will get such a life partner. Bharti says where Mata Rani is not worship, I will not marry there.

Suguna and her husband are walking in the jungle. He says I had told you that we shall not go today. She asks for water, but it is over. He says your body has no strength, we shall return home. Suguna says Mata Rani called me, I have to go. She sends him to bring water. He finds the well there and walks towards it, when he falls down in the huge and deep pit. He shouts for help. Suguna waits for him and thinks to wait for him here. she prays to mata rani and faints.

Narendra is planting in the garden when the Servants taunt Narendra and asks him if he knows what is the meaning of marriage. Bheema comes and tells that he will apply mud instead of uptan on his face. Devendra comes and applies mud on Bheema’s face and asks Narendra to wash his face.

Some people see Suguna and asks if she wants to come to Mata Rani’s darshan. She says she will come and waiting for her husband. Vaishnavi gives darshan to her devotees and tells that today she will tell them about devotion/Bhakti. She says if there is a bhakt then there is a God. If there is a child then there is a mother. She says God protects her devotee and keeps him away from all the problems. Bhakti and bharti come there. Vaishnavi asks them to behave in such a way that nobody gets hurt by their behavior. She asks him to take care of even plants and animals, says if you take care of others then others will take care of you. She asks them to remove I, me from their life and there will be new meaning and happiness in our lives. All devotees leave from there. Bharti tells Vaishnavi that Jyoti Devi came to her house with marriage alliance with Narendra. Shridhar and Sulochana ask her to refuse for marriage. Bhakti says they are good family. Sulochana says no. Bharti asks if I am wrong? Vaishnavi makes some fruits appear in her dupatta. Bharti asks what are you saying? Vaishnavi says if you trust me then accept my blessings.

Precap: Vaishnavi covers Mata Rani with dupatta during jagrata. Narendra’s sister brings white clothes for the bride Bharti. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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