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In the Name of Love – Chapter 45

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Five Years Later,

There was a lot of hustle and bustle going on at VR Mansion. Workers kept running from one corner to another, some carrying huge baskets of flowers and garlands, while others tried to hang the lights and banners.

Gayatri scurried around the whole place, giving umpteen instructions to the workers.

“Today is such an important day for my child. I want everything to be perfect.”


Gayatri turned around and became relieved when she saw who it was.

“Ishaan! You’ve arrived at the right time. Just help me around with this, beta. Where is Sushant, by the way?”

“Papa is outside, having a word with the caterers,” said Ishaan. He held Gayatri’s shoulders and escorted her to the sofa.

“Why are you getting so tensed? Just sit back and chill!”

“Ishaan is absolutely right, Maa,” a voice of a woman spoke from behind. It was Urvashi. “You just cannot afford to worry yourself and spoil your health.”

Five years was a long duration, and during this time, not only did Urvashi regain her lost mental balance, but also she dutifully took up all the responsibilities of the house as well.

For Gayatri and the others, this was a boon in disguise. Not only was Urvashi an exact replica of her late sister, Uma Raisinghania, looks wise, but she had a kind heart like her as well. It felt like Vansh, Ishani and Sia had got their mother back in the form of their Maasi.

Urvashi handed over a glass of juice to Gayatri. “Here Maa, have this. Before you get dehydrated.”

When Gayatri refused to do so, Urvashi warned her. “If our dear Doctor Saahiba gets to know of this, then she will surely give you an earful.”

Gayatri’s eyes widened in panic, and she hurriedly gulped down the juice.

Ishaan quietly laughed to himself thinking about the terror that his sister had instilled in everyone’s hearts in this house.

Chanchal who was passing by, scowled. She couldn’t believe how in such a less time, this Urvashi had won everybody’s hearts, when she herself couldn’t do so in all these years.

“What has this house come to! There is more respect for the late daughter-in-law’s sister than for the actual daughter-in-law of this house,” she thought in despair.

“Why aren’t Ishani and Raj here, yet?” Gayatri asked out of the blue. “I had asked them to….”

“Here we are, Dadi!” said Ishani standing at the entrance. She was accompanied by her husband of two years, Raj. Their’s was a love-cum-arranged marriage, and from the likes of it, Ishani appeared to be very happy with Raj and his family.

“Talk of the devil, and the devil appears,” Ishaan joked.

Ishani lightly smacked him. “Not one of your lame PJs again! You are an engineering student, for crying out loud, but you act like a school-going boy even now.”

After all greetings were exchanged amongst them, Gayatri proceeded to ask, “What took you both so long?”

“You know about Mumbai’s traffic, right. So damn unpredictable!” Ishani reasoned out.

“Oh yes, of course.” Gayatri now turned towards Raj. “Beta, your parents are coming tonight for the ceremony, right?”

“Yes, they surely would,” Raj replied politely.

All of a sudden, they were interrupted by a loud growl from upstairs.

“What’s wrong with Bhai? Why does he sound so angry?” Ishani enquired.

“When do you think does Jiju’s temper get to his head?” Ishaan asked instead.

“Whenever he has a fight with Riddhima….Oh my God!” Ishani screamed as realisation hit her. “Don’t tell me that he fought with her again.”

As Vansh’s shouts continued to echo through the mansion, Gayatri shook her head in disappointment.

“I don’t know what should I do with this guy. Anyways Urvashi and Chanchal, I need both of your help to sort out the jewellery for today.
Ishani and Ishaan, I want both of you to look after the main hall’s decorations. Is that fine?”

They both nodded their head in unison.

When Ishaan saw Ishani trying to head upstairs, he caught her hand.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“To meet Bhai, of course. And to find out what’s bothering him to this extent that he is going around shouting at the top of his voice on such a special day,” she answered.

“Going up to meet him in this situation is almost equivalent to venturing into a ferocious lion’s den,” Ishaan snickered causing Ishani to roll her eyes at him.

But Ishaan remained unfazed and continued his rant.
“Can you believe it that not a single person got to escape from Vansh Jiju’s wrath since morning? Angre, Chachi, Chachu, Nandu, Nani, Maasi and hell yeah, he didn’t even spare the bride-to-be, too!”

“He scolded Sia too? On the day of her engagement?” asked Ishani getting amazed.

“Yes. That is why, take my advice seriously. Don’t prowl anywhere near him, at least not until his mood becomes alright,” said Ishaan.

Raj who was a silent spectator until now, seemed to agree with this idea. “Well, I think he definitely has a point on that.”

“To be honest, I feel the worst for Angre,” said Ishani sympathetically. “I mean, it is no secret that it is always Angre who has to face the maximum brunt of Bhai’s anger. Poor guy!”

“Well, you never seem to show such kind of consideration ever for me. Shower a little generosity on your poor husband too,” said Raj playfully.

“Shut up, Raj! I’m already so tensed about all this and you….” Ishani got a little annoyed. “But on a serious note, now only Riddhima can pacify him and lower his anger. Nobody else can do this great feat.”

“Vidhi, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Riddhima was kneeling down and holding her ears before a cute, little girl about the age of three.

“Noo!” The small girl tossed her head with a huff.

“Please, please, please,” said Riddhima with puppy eyes. “I promise, I won’t repeat this again.”

“No!” The girl showed Riddhima her little finger, and ran up to another woman who was clad in a sari.

“Mumma, mumma!” She raised her arms at the lady, beckoning her to lift her up.

The lady willingly gave into her demands. She took her seat opposite to that of Riddhima.
“I hope she did not trouble you much…”

“Oh not much at all!” Riddhima laughed. “It’s just that she is a little upset with me for injecting her with the needle.” Making a cute face, she said, “But Vidhi will soon forgive her Doctor Aunty, right?”

“No!” Vidhi buried her face in her mother’s sari.

The mother looked nervous. “DoctorJi, what do the reports say? Is there anything serious?”

Riddhima dismissed her worries. “All the reports, including the ultrasound and the rest are normal.”

“But then, why does she always keep complaining of stomache pain?”

“Because of unhealthy eating habits,” said Riddhima placing the stethoscope around her neck. “Also, please make sure that whatever water you are using or the food that you are preparing, is clean enough.
I’m prescribing certain medicines to her. If the problem still persists, then come back to me.”

“DoctorJi, please prescribe cheaper medicines,” the mother hesitated. “This year, due to lack of proper rains, we only managed to get minimal yield from the harvest. We suffered huge losses….”

Riddhima slightly smiled, “Don’t worry, the medicines are free of cost over here. “

The woman thanked her profusely and left from there.

Riddhima sighed as she looked at the long waiting line of patients. She had had a hectic night duty the previous night and barely managed to get a wink. All she wanted was a little time to relax, but perhaps it was too much to ask for.

To be honest, this compulsory 3 month rural service had gotten to her nerves. Staying far away from her own city had made her realize the value of a home, of a family and of Vansh, of course.

She still remembered the huge argument that she and Vansh had had, when she had informed him about this rural service the first time. He had wanted to talk to her college authorities seeking to exempt her from this service, by influencing them with his status and power. But Riddhima had outright denied. She found it absolutely wrong to use her relation with Vansh for her own professional gains.

Tonight was Sia’s engagement, and Riddhima, instead of being at VR Mansion for the occasion, was stuck up here. And this led to another argument between her and Vansh.

As she continued to see the patients, she was suddenly interrupted by the nurse.
“Madam, your phone is ringing.”

“Who is it? Is that Sir calling me?” Riddhima asked looking up at her.

“Uhm…no. The caller ID says the call is from some Vansh.”

“I can’t take this call, I’m really busy right now,” said Riddhima pointing towards the patients.

“Okay. But Madam, he has called you 30 times since the past half-an-hour….”

Riddhima gritted under her breath. She had already messaged Vansh, then what was the need to disturb her with so many calls at once?

“Is that your husband?” the nurse enquired.

“Not my husband, but my soon-to-be husband,” Riddhima replied.

“Madam, just imagine if he is like this before marriage, what would happen after the marriage?”

Riddhima ignored her but thought to herself, “That’s something that worries me, too.”

Vansh was angrily pacing back and forth in his room. He had called Riddhima umpteen number of times, but she wasn’t recieving it.

First of all, he was furious with the fact that Riddhima, his to-be wife, wouldn’t be attending his beloved sister’s engagement. Apparently, Riddhima’s seniors had refused to grant her leave even for a day.

When he had insisted that she let him talk to them personally, she had plainly refused.

“If you ever interfere in my professional life, I won’t talk to you ever,” she had literally threatened him.

Why did this girl have to be so righteous? There were many people who used their powerful status and relations at so many different places, but Riddhima always refrained from doing that.
She had also refused when he said that she needn’t do her internship and rural service, and he’ll make sure to get her the required certificates even without that.

And now, this madam was angering him further by not lifting his call up.

Not knowing what to do, Vansh decided to call Riddhima’s friend, Ashima up.

Even though Ashima knew that Vansh was Riddhima’s fiance, but him calling her made her heart to skip a beat.

“Vansh….I mean, Mr. Raisinghania,” she said happily. “How are you doing?”

“Where is Riddhima?” he asked ignoring her question. “Why is she not picking my calls?”

Ashima came back to reality and mentally berated herself for even getting wrong ideas about her best friend’s fiance.

“Riddhima is posted in the paediatric department. And I guess she must be really busy that is why….”

“Busy? How is she so busy that she can’t even lift one of the numerous calls I made to her?” Even though Vansh was trying hard to control himself, but the temper was evident from his voice.

Now it was Ashima’s turn to get annoyed. They were medical interns for crying out loud, and only they knew how busy their day went in a hospital.

“So you think that Riddhima is just avoiding you without any reason? From yesterday morning onwards, she has been seeing the patients continuously. If you still don’t believe it, I’ll turn on the video and then, you can see for yourself how busy she is.”

Ashima upgraded the regular call to a video call and marched towards the paediatric department, where Riddhima was working at.

Vansh’s eyes glowed with happiness when he saw Riddhima in the video. It had been two days since he engaged in a video call with her, and almost two weeks since he saw her in person. Yes, two weeks back, Vansh had made a special visit to her, driving all the way from Mumbai to this village.

But Vansh’s heart sank when he saw how fatigued Riddhima appeared in the video now. He could see that Riddhima was trying really hard to keep her eyes open. He also saw the long line of patients waiting to show themselves up.

“Please stand in a single line all of you,” she instructed them.

“Do you see how busy she is?” Ashima asked Vansh.

Vansh felt a little guilty for bothering Riddhima like that with his continuous phone calls.

When Ashima was about to end the call, Vansh stopped her.
“No, don’t do that. I want to see Riddhima for some more time….”

“Aww, how romantic!” Ashima blurted out, earning a glare from Vansh.

She placed the phone against the table, allowing Vansh to get a better view.

Ashima sat beside Riddhima, helping her with the patients, while Vansh just kept admiring his lady love.

Finally, when all the patients were done, Riddhima finally rested her head on the table. She let out a groan when she felt a heap of bandage being thrown on her head.

“What the hell?”

It was Karan, one of her batchmates who was also posted along with her, Ashima and the others in this rural area.

He was a mischievous person, who never did any of his duties properly, and instead spent time in troubling his other batchmates.

He laughed heartily looking at Riddhima’s irritated expression.

Vansh who was watching all this through his phone, fumed in rage. How dare this guy behave with his Riddhima like that? He’d surely teach him a lesson, but without Riddhima coming to know about it.

“Don’t trouble her, she had her night duty yesterday,” Ashima told him.

“Lol, as if I care,” mocked Karan.

He sat beside the girls and started blabbering.
“The girls of this village are so good. I just can’t seem to get enough of them. You know, there should be a movie made on me, titled, “The Casanova Doctor and His Adventures with the Village Lasses”!

Riddhima looked at him in disdain. “Disgusting!” she said and stomped out from there.

With Riddhima out of the scene, Vansh ended the video call.

“How dare that guy speak such vulgar things in front of Riddhima! I surely won’t leave him,” he angrily grumbled to himself.

The entire VR Mansion was decorated with numerous lights, making it look even more beautiful in the evening.
All the important guests had arrived, including the groom’s family as well. Everything was perfectly arranged as per Vansh’s tastes, but yet he had a gloomy expression on.

“Today is only Sia’s engagement. There is still time for her bidaai. So keep this sulken face for then,” Urvashi told him.

Vansh did not say anything but how could he explain this to his heart? That very heart which kept yearning for Riddhima, every little second?

“It is impossible for me to stay happy when she is not around,” he concluded sadly.

Soon Sia was wheeled over to the main hall by Ishani. She was all decked up in a beautiful pink lehenga and matching jewellery to go with it.

Gayatri applied the kaala teeka on her to ward off the evil eye.

Vansh became overwhelmed to see his baby sister getting engaged. He bent down to kiss her forehead. He realized he had indirectly vented out his frustration on her in the morning and felt guilty about it.

“I’m sorry for my rude behaviour,” Vansh apologized. “I shouldn’t have behaved with you like that, considering it’s your engagement today.”

“It’s okay, Bhai,” she replied. “But don’t be angry on Riddhima, too. It’s not like she’s avoiding this ceremony on purpose. She has a lot of work pressures, and if you also don’t support her in this, then this will just add to her troubles even more. And I know Bhai, that you can never see your Riddhima in trouble.”

Vansh simply nodded and led her towards her groom, Avinash.

“You look beautiful,” Avinash complimented her.

Sia blushed and quietly turned her eyes down.

All of a sudden, all the lights went out, startling everyone.

“What the hell is happening over here?” Vansh started scolding his men.

A lone spotlight moved towards the entrance of the hall. A groovy dance number started playing in the background.

Before they could know it, they saw Riddhima dancing her way into the hall. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see her, especially Vansh. He was extremely overjoyed to see his sweetheart back in front of him.

“Riddhima!” Sia squealed in delight.

Riddhima ran and gave her a warm hug.

“I thought you wouldn’t come,” said Sia happily

“Today is my best friend’s engagement. I couldn’t miss it for the world!” said Riddhima squeezing her tightly.

Riddhima went upto everyone, giving each of them a hug.

When she finally saw Vansh in front of her, she almost hugged him too, out of her excitement. But thankfully, she caught herself in time, becoming weary of everyone watching her.

“Good to see you back after a long time, Dr. Riddhima,” Vansh said with a wide smile.

“I feel the same too, Mr. Raisinghania,” she said fluttering her lashes. “By the way, you look really nice while smiling. You should try to do this often.”

Vansh stepped closer to her. “If you teach me how to do that, I’m more than willing to learn…”

“Come on, let us begin the ring ceremony then,” Gayatri announced.

Everybody formed a huge circle, while the bride and the groom stood in the centre, exchanging the rings.

As Riddhima was about to walk towards the couple to congratulate them, Vansh tugged at her dupatta from behind. She reflexly moved backwards towards him, clutching her dupatta securely against her neck, in a bid to prevent it from falling.

“What do you think you are doing, Vansh?” Riddhima let out a gasp.

“Maybe trying to romance with my beautiful fiancee,” Vansh grinned, his fingers still playing with her dupatta.
“By the way, I must say that you really got me with your surprise. But I’m a little upset that all my anger on you for not attending the ceremony was literally for nothing.”

“I learnt giving such surprises from you only,” said Riddhima.

“And when will you learn romancing from me?” he whispered bringing his lips close to her ears.

Gayatri appeared before them out of nowhere, causing Vansh to abruptly let go of Riddhima’s dupatta from his hand.

Seeing Riddhima’s dupatta draped over her so unevenly, Gayatri adjusted it with her own hands.

“Come along with me, beta. I need to introduce you to Avinash’s family and some of our other relatives too.”

Vansh felt disappointed to see his Dadi take Riddhima away from him. He had barely even spoken to her or spent any time with her. She was his fiancee, for heaven’s sake, and at least this much privacy must be given to them.
However, he realized with annoyance that his family did not think along the similar lines. They always had to act like literal villains in his love life.

And what made Vansh even more upset was how cheerfully Riddhima was greeting everyone, as if he didn’t matter to her at all.

He decided to text her.

Dadi took you away from me. Not fair. Why don’t you try to make an excuse to get away from there?

What are you talking about? Nani will feel bad, and I can’t hurt her feelings.

And what about my feelings, sweetheart? Do they mean nothing to you? *cries in pain*

Now you’re exaggerating…. And stop staring at me like that. People are watching us. What will they think?

It is not my mistake that I’m staring you. It is your mistake that you’re looking so pulchritudinous today, that I can’t take my eyes off you….

So what’s new in that? I always look beautiful to you, no matter what. Tbh, I’m bored of this same conpliment again and again.

Well, that’s very rude! I can never understand girls enough. Sometimes they complain that we men never praise them enough, and when we do, they say that why don’t we come up with something new and better.

Riddhima was giggling to herself while reading Vansh’s texts, when one of the guests tapped her shoulder.

“Beta, you did not answer my question yet. Where are you lost?”

Riddhima cleared her throat, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Actually, I was busy attending some work related messages,” she lied. “Pardon me, Aunty, but can you repeat the question for me, please?”

“I was asking about your further plans after your internship gets completed.”

“Uhm well, I want to apply for post-graduation. I’ve already written the entrance exam for that, but the results are yet to come out,” said Riddhima.

Now it was Gayatri’s turn to sing praises in Riddhima’s name.
“Our Riddhima is very intelligent and able. I’m sure that just like how she secured a good rank for her UG, she’ll manage to do the same for the PG as well. And she’s such a sweet natured girl who has mingled with our entire family in such a short span of time….”

Ignoring her, Riddhima’s eyes frantically looked for Vansh throughout the party. When she couldn’t find him anywhere around, she realized that he must be miffed with her perhaps.

Under the pretext of using the washroom, Riddhima excused herself from the party. She knew exactly where Vansh would be at – by the poolside.

Sure enough, Vansh was there, his back still turned towards her.

Riddhima snuck up and hugged him from behind.

“Did you miss me?” she asked.

Vansh caught her hand and pulled her in front of him.
“There wasn’t a single second when I didn’t miss you at all,” he said looking into her eyes.

“Well, there’s a good news, then. You don’t need to miss me anymore. Because, today was the last day of my rural service. And with that, even my internship has come to an end.”

Vansh beamed, “That’s a very good news, indeed. Don’t you think that calls for a celebration?”

“And how do we celebrate that?”

“Perhaps with a kiss….” Vansh murmured.

Riddhima smiled and put her arms around his neck, while he pulled her close by her waist.

Angre, who had some important work with his Boss, came towards the poolside. But when he saw the couple about to kiss each other, he started coughing to bring their attention back to their surroundings.

Vansh and Riddhima moved away from one another and both of them appeared clearly flustered. But more than that, they felt annoyed at this unwanted intrusion.

“What is it, Angre?” asked Vansh irritatedly.

“Boss, had it not been important, I wouldn’t have disturbed you both like this,” Angre answered looking here and there.

“Wait for me in the study,” Vansh ordered him, and he readily abided by it.

Looking at Riddhima’s displeased expression, Vansh assured her that he’ll be back within ten minutes.

“No need for that. You continue your work with your dearest Angre,” she snapped at him. “But just tell me one thing, will he follow us into our bedroom after marriage, too?”

Saying this, Riddhima stormed her way out from there, while Vansh could only shake his head at this.

When Vansh returned to the party after his work was done, which took almost an hour, he mentally prepared himself for a good amount of scolding from Riddhima.

But instead, he was surprised to find that all the guests had left, and even Riddhima and her family were planning to leave.

He understood that in order to get more time with Riddhima, he’d have to stop her from going. But for that, he’d have to speak to her father first. And God knows why, but even today, he found it increasingly intimidating to talk to Sushant.

“Papa, why are you guys leaving so soon?” he asked.

Sushant appeared a little confused. “It’s almost twelve now, and you are calling it soon?”

“Oh my bad,” said Vansh running his hand through his hair sheepishly.
“You are right. It’s already too late. So, why don’t you three stay back at VR Mansion for the night?”

Riddhima tried to stifle a laugh, looking at Vansh’s antics to stop her.

“But our house is only a mere twenty minute ride from here. Plus, there won’t be much traffic so late in the night, thus we’ll be able to reach home relatively earlier.”

But Vansh wasn’t discouraged even now. “Yes, but you look so tired, Papa. How will you be able to drive in this state?”
He turned to Gayatri for some backing up. “Dadi, why don’t you say something?”

“Yes, Vansh is right. Riddhima has returned to Mumbai after so many months. The younger lot can chit-chat and have fun throughout the night,” said Gayatri. “Plus, there’s so much even I want to share with her.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s not possible,” said Sushant turning serious. “Staying at my daughter’s to-be in-laws’ place is against my principles. Plus, I don’t deem it right either for Riddhima to spend the night here before her marriage. She can visit you all whenever she wants, but staying here, is out of question.”

“But Papa…” Vansh tried to say.

“Vansh, I think that calls for the end of discussion,” said Sushant sternly. “Let’s not stretch this matter for long. Plus, we’re really getting late and we need to leave at the earliest.”

Vansh felt upset at this. When they were about to leave, he pulled Riddhima behind a pillar and held her tightly within his arms.

“Why don’t you talk to your father that you want to stay here for the night?” he suggested.

“You’ve already spoken to Papa, and he plainly refused for it,” she said.

“Yes, but he loves you a lot and if you speak to him, he might agree,” Vansh said.

“Vansh, how can I speak to him about this? What will he think about me? He will understand that I’m doing all this just to spend some time with you. How embarrassing!”

“What’s so embarrassing in that? He knows that you love me, so what’s the big deal?” Vansh angrily freed Riddhima from his grip. “You know what, it’s absolutely waste to expect anything from you. I don’t understand, when will the time come when you would actually take a stand for us and our relation? When?”

“Vansh, listen to me….”

But he ignored her and furiously headed towards his room.

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