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His Hostage in Love-Escaped? ep.4 IMM2


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His Hostage in Love-Captive ep. 4 IMM2

Episode Starts

The man: I injected Lidocaine! It makes the body numb for a few hours

Vihaan and Riddhima looked on shocked. Vihaan rose up in anger and approached the man and continuously hit him, leading the man to have bruises all over the face. The man tried his level best to get rid of his hold however Vihaan’s anger had no bounds and his strong arms continued their work on him. Kartik quickly went and tried controlling his brother by pulling him apart from the man. Vihaan continued shouting

Vihaan: How dare you give her that? (anger) You weren’t supposed to do anything…..just a simple sleeping drug! Damn it!

Kartik: Calm down!

Vihaan: Kartik do you know an overdose of this could lead her to a lifetime paralysis? (anger, concern) One mistake and everything finished!

Man: Vihaan stay in your limits (breathing heavily) What is she to you huh that you’re siding her? What is she to you? You have an answer?

Vihaan: You still dare to talk to me like that! (anger) And who is she? She’s an innocent!

Kartik: Both of you calm down…please.

While all this was taking place, Riddhima was totally baffled with the fight and the stand that Vihaan took for her. The question “Who is she to you?” ran through her mind while she thought….who actually was she to him that he’s caring for her? Vihaan turned to her and went close to her

Vihaan: I’m sure you’ll be able to move soon (assuring)

Riddhima: (nodded) But why have you kidnapped me?

Kartik: One last time we’re telling you….your dad is the reason. Because of his doings you have to suffer!

Riddhima: (anger) He’s not my dad get it? I left him and his world long time back! (sad) He just never listened to me, he did something that’s unforgettable! And for that I hate him! (yelling)

Vihaan: (thinking) What did Randhir do?

They didn’t talk much after and the place was totally in silence. The other two men had left the place keeping Vihaan and Kartik in charge of her. Riddhima was just in her own thoughts. A few hours passed by and Riddhima’s family had no clue on her. Everyone headed for RS mansion and settled down to think about the actions they should take.

Aryan: It’s been around 5 hours and we have no clue about her!! (worried)

Rihanna: Mr Shah, if this has anything relating to your business which I’m 100% sure it is then I won’t spare you! (anger) I wonder where she is?

Aryan: (anger) Dad if it indeed is related to your Underworld then this time I won’t be forgiving you either!

Randhir: (guilty) If it is then I don’t know what I would do! Who can do this if it is from the underworld?

Sejal: Don’t you think we should inform the cops about her disappearance? It is a kidnap!

Uma: I think you’re right! (crying) Please save her from wherever she is and I don’t see any other way apart from this.

Aryan: (comforting her) Mom don’t worry, our Riddhu is a fighter!

Siya: Absolutely, di is brave! She’ll be fine!

On the other hand Kartik and Vihaan had dosed off in their positions after a long time of hassle. Riddhima soon could sense some movement in her body which cheered her up. She carefully thought and got a way to escape from the place.

Riddhima: (whispering) I’ve got to find a way for sure, I have to take advantage of this time. It’s so weird that Vihaan doesn’t want to hurt me but has kidnapped me, ironic! (chuckled) But how has this guy tied my ropes? It’s so lose (freeing her hands) It’s like he wanted me to run away or (thinking) rather not wanting to hurt me. Whatsoever it’s an advantage to me!

Riddhima untied her hands and bent down to her legs and untied the ropes that tied her legs together. She quickly got up but because of the dose, she stumbled a bit. She stood at a fixed position to get back her strength and senses and quietly, tip-toeing started moving around the room, trying to find some opening. She searched here and there, not clearly able to see in the dark she stumped her toe on a stool kept there. She winced in pain but covered her mouth to stop her cry to disturb the two men.

In RS Mansion everyone roamed around in worry and impatience. Aryan had too much of the wait and he left for the Police station not caring about the time, leading Rihanna and Randhir to follow along, leaving Siya, Sejal and Uma behind.

She continued searching; limping. She soon found a passage where she could sense a few doors and followed the path as quietly as she could. A pair of eyes watched her go and the person sighed, shaking his head in negation. She went on ahead and tried peeping into each door to see where it would lead her. She checked in to two rooms where she found the other two men who had held her captive resting while the third door was the passage to her freedom.

As she passed the two rooms, the darkness spread around compelled her to hit the vase on the side leading the men to wake up in a startle. Riddhima cursed herself under her breathes and ran to the third door. The men saw a shadow running and they tried following it. Riddhima ran at her fullest speed and jumped outside the door, where she could see some street lights showering some light.

Riddhima: (panting) I’m finally out! Yess! Well done Riddhima! I need to go a bit further from her so that they don’t catch me.

She started walking a bit further on the solitude road when she sensed someone, she turned around to see and remained aghast. She was picked by a sudden force….



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