The episode starts with everyone waking up the next morning. It is the first day of college and all the students in the dorms are getting ready and all of them are coming out of their rooms and going to the auditorium.

Rohan enters Siddharth’s  room

Rohan: Hey good morning, ready?

Siddharth: Oh wait I will be ready within minutes. Oh I forgot. Go and call mom. She told me to call her before the college starts ok.

Rohan: Ok done and be fast. See you bro.

Siddharth: Haan goo..

Rohan goes to call his mom

At Sahni mansion;

Poornima: Oh my god why didn’t they call.

Just then her phone rings and she picks it up.

Rohan: Mom

Poornima: Arey beta theek hai na.?

Rohan: Yes mom and what abt u

Poornima: I am fine beta and where is siddhu?

Rohan: He is not yet ready mom, so slow.

Poornima: Never mind, he is like that and ur friends.

Rohan: I met them yesterday and also ur future bahu Nita. (and he laughs)

Poornima: U r making fun of ur future bhabhi ok

Rohan: Ooo ok mom and tell me where is dad, Riya,Didi and everyone.

Poornima: Virenderji went early to office and Riya is still sleeping and shristi went to temple to pray for u all.

Rohan: Good (just then a student comes and calls him to end the call as the meeting is going to start in the auditorium) Oh my god mom I need to go will call u in the evening ok bye.

Poornima: ok baccha take care, bye

Rohan ends the call and rushes to the auditorium. Just then he collides with a girl and she is abt to fall and he holds her. He sees her face and becomes dazed and they both have an eye look. (music plays)

After sometime they come back to their senses.

Rohan: R u ok.

Girl: Yeah I am fine and I am sorry and I  need to go.

And she rushes

Rohan: Who is she? So beautiful..

And then he runs to the auditorium and he sees siddhu waving at him and he goes and sits near to Siddharth.

Siddharth: Where were u? Did u call mom?

Rohan: Yeah

Siddharth: What r u dreaming now?

Rohan: Nothing

And the hall becomes filled and the programme starts by the introduction of the dignitaries and others.

But Rohan was still lost in the thought of that girl.

Rihaan: Hey bro what’s up buddy?

Rohan: o no nothing just not well.

And the programmes continue and when it was over everyone went to their respective classes.

Nita: Hey Kya Hua?

Rohan: Oh my god.. nothing just leave me.

And he goes and sits on his place.

All his friends look at each other with doubts.

Maya: Something happened to him.

Priya: Yes and something serious.

Siddharth: Let us find it out later.

And the class hours starts but Rohan was thinking abt the girl only.

All his friends try to know the reason but he didn’t listen to them.

In the evening everyone gathers in the cafeteria.

Shailesh: What is ur problem?

Rohan: Today I met a beautiful girl.

Everyone (screams) : REALLY

Rohan: And she is the most cute girl that I had ever met in my life.

Maya: Oh my goodness finally he found a girl  ya….

Siddharth; Oh I am so happy,

And they all start to make fun of him. And Rohan gets irritated and goes to his dorm and dreams about the girl.


Precap: Rohan again meets her. She says I am sorry  for yesterday’s happening. Rohan gets more attracted to her.


Hey friends sorry for boring episodes and I hope u will keep on reading my story and just wait for new episodes. And if u have doubt with character’s name plz go and see intro episode ok so bye friends..


Miya or Meow.




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