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You are my love (Riansh) Sneak Peek (Upcoming)

Hey , guys i am sorry for not posting more updates actually I was busy and there are much work for me . So I cannot post more than 1 or 2 updates . I live in odisha and I am a odia and soon there is a festival coming name as Rajjo , I think you all must have heard about it , it is a festival of unmarried girls , they have to sit in swings , many more celebrations…., I will not be able to write ,  So I am giving a sneak peek .

Sneak peek.

Ragini – I will not marry aryan

Aryan-  me too

Scene shifts

Angre- boss ishani fainted

Ishani- I am ready to marry

Dadi – ridhima start the rituals

Scene shifts

Ishani – I think the newly married couple should go to honeymoon

Scene shifts

Ridhima- vansh , give your clothes

Vansh- take

Trip to shimla…

Ridhima-I love it

Vansh- me too

Scene shifts

Ishani – I think our husband’s love us more than themselves

Ridhima- hmm

Ishani- we should test it ??

Ridhima- let’s see what happens

Scene shifts

Ridhima- I love you vansh

Vansh- I love you too sweetheart

Scene shifts

Ridhima- vansh should not get to know about my past . My past is my everest enemy . This can affect my relationship with vansh , no no i cant risk it

Scene shifts

Ridhima- what do u want ?

Man – you Ridhima

Ridhima- just shut up and pls go from here .

Scene shifts

Vansh- sweetheart this is Mr… My new business partner

Ridhima- what

Man smirks

To be continued…

Thank you




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