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Worst and best part of my life #Riddhima’s pov Os

Hello guys!! Well I got so much of scolding. Now I promise I will never think of ending it. Bolna to dur ki baat😂. Anjali solly yr😘😘itna gussa sehet k liye hani karak hai. So ajj double upadte Pragya k liye because she told me that she will not talk with me if I don’t update. So let’s start. 


Hello guys!! You all know me very well, yes your guesses are correct, I am Riddhima Malhotra. Now I studies in Class 11. We all have different types of memories of our school life. I also have some sweet memories but there are some bad memories also. Though I think some bad memories are good because it gives us strength, we also gets to know about their true face.

I don’t know for others but I really changed a lot after that situation. Earlier I used to cry so much if anyone says something to me like this but now I don’t care about that.

So let me start with my first school journey. I have a best friend whose name is Sejal. We are friends from Upper Nursery in our school. Before we used to be friends only but from class 1 we are best friends. There was one teacher who made us sit together and today we are still best friend. Even today also we thank that sir., because of that sir only we are together now.

We used to fight but very less. We used share our projects also. One day I made an art and craft project. I had shown it to my techer and she gave me full marks. But Sejal totally forgot about the project. So she took my project and shows that to mam. And luckily mam didn’t understand our plan and we got save!!

It was not the end one day I forgot to bring my drawing book. I was really very scared. Sejal understood my condition and gaves her book to me. And she took another copy from me. When teachers asked me Are you Sejal. Then I quickly answered yes mam. That day we changed our name. I still remember that incident and even now also it brings a smile on my face.

(Jese mene or aayu ne name change ki thi😂).

So this was my happy part. Now my life takes a new turn. In class 4 another teacher changes our seat again. Now she has other friends and I also has other friends. Upto class 6 all were fine. I have one friend her name is Ishani. Our house is near only. Though we say we are friends but she is always jealous of me from small only. She always tells bad things about me to my other friends. In this way I am always alone.

Well I don’t used to care about it much but in class 6 I have two new friends their name is – Siya and Ahana. Siya is a type of girl who makes friend with someone from whom she will get profit and Ahana is also same but short tempered. For this angry nature we uses to have lot of fights. But you all know fights are very common in friendship.

But the problem is with Ishani. She used to say bad things about us to Ahana. In which they grew friend. As I told Siya is selfish so she also goes in their team and I was all alone. You often heard that when people’s height is less they hear tantrums. But my height was more, it means my height was more than usual one, though it is fine now. They used to say ” why you are so tall? ” ” you must drink horlicks complan ” and many more.

I am not a beautiful person. My face is not so beautiful like them so they say me ugly and whatever. It really hearts me alot. But now I don’t care about it. But before it hurts me. I used to cry everyday. I used ask god ” Am I so bad? “. When I remembers those days I still have tears.

One day I ask a boy he has done his homework or not as we study in same tuition. But Ishani, Siya and Ahana thought I likes him. Like seriously!! They do not stop there they used to say very bad things. I hope you all can understand about what I am saying.

Like these my days passed. I got into depression. Then my mom said to leave them and get back to Sejal again. And believe me she accepted me and give me more love and care so that I can forgot those. Slowly slowly I came out of those stuffs.

So basically this is a point of view of Os and it really happened with me. My friends said me all those in truth. When I read gauri’s upadte tomorrow I lost control in myself and cried whole night yesterday. Aswathi di you might know I went off yesterday suddenly. Though I make myself strong then before but still it hurts. You only tell me if I am not good looking then is it my fault? God made me like this then what the hell I can do huh? Acha chodo vo sab. Good night all of you and take care. And stay tuned for next episode of my ff😉😉 💕💕. 

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