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Will be friends forever episode 4

Hai friends , I got time . So , I quickly updated it. This episode is for kaira , avneil . Next episode for kuku and Mishbir. No images.

Episode Starts ,

Singhanias come their . Naksh and naira too .

They all get happy seeing akshara waking up.

Akshara wakes up .

(It will be little astranged , as after waking from coma , it takes time too recover , but here , she is directly well in this ff world ) 

Akshara – Aree , chhoti maa , badi maa , naira naksh . Kya hua . Why are you crying ?

Naira – Nothing mumma. (Hugs her) We will go home and tell .

Akshara – Ok . Where is Naitik ?

Naksh- we will tell everything , but first , let’s go to Singhania sadan .

Akshara – Ok .

(Naitik is in mumbai . )

They all reach home . Dancing , aarti . Naksh and naira tell about the happening that happened 1 yr back .

They all rejoice and get sad missing Naitik . They tell the news to Maheshwari . Maheshwari get happy and decides to come back to Udaipur .

Meanwhile ,

Naitik enters the house which shocks all.

Naitk – Surprise ! I ‘m back bhabhi maa , choti ma . Naksh ,naira How are you ?

Fb starts

Naitik – who are they bhabhi maa? (Pointing to naksh and naira )

Bhabhi maa – (stammers) They are our relatives . They are staying here until their graduation .

The trio bond well .

Fb ends .

Naitik sees Akshara and feels a connection with her.

Naitik – Have we meet before ?

Akshara – Umm , Maybe . I am akshara Maheshwari . ( Cause Singhania can cause problem )

All rejoice seeing the duo .

(Naitik to marry Antara is a wrong promo . , Sry , my typing mistake . You all will know soon )

Meanwhile ,

Avni – Sir ,my job is over . I think so I should go now .

Neil thinks of something to stop her .

Neil – Uhh , my head .

Avni gets worried and helps him lay on bed . They both share eyelock .

Avni – Are you ok , Sir?

Neil – You can call me Neil .

Avni – ok Neil .

Neil gets happy with Avni’s care and her smile.

Avni sleeps on sofa . (The hospital is off now , as their is break and no cases )

Neil aslo sleeps .

They both dream of romancing each other and wake-up .

Avni blush while , Neil is staring at her smile .

Neil gets a call .

Neil – Dr neil speaking .

Akshara – Thank you for taking care of me and my husband, doctor . I wanted you to invite for a dinner . As a patient and family friend .( His father and rajshekhar are friends . 28 yrs. )

Neil – we ‘ll come for sure .

Neil – Avni , meet tomorrow at afternoon .

Avni – Yes sir .

Neil gives her cheque and she goes happily thinking about Neil .

In her room,(naira)

Naira- I am feeling so happy . I am feeling to call Kartik . Should I call him ?

Naira calls Kartik .

Kartik – thank you krishna ji .

Kartik – Hai naira.

Naira – Hey their Kartik . I am feeling happy .

Kartik – What is the reason.

Naira tells about the happening and he gets happy .

Naira – Oh ha , patil sir has sent bio project. Would you come for the project as it is too big for me to handle alone . I didn’t ask preesha as she is stressed.

Kartik is on cloud 9.

Kartik – Naira , Let me talk na . Yes I will come to help . And that’s a news for celebrating .

Naira- I like your speaking .

Kartik – why ?

Naira – because you speak like a mendak .

Kartik – What .

Naira – Yes tar , tar tar .

Kartik – Then you aree … Sherni . As you were fighting like a bold lioness .

Naira – thank you Mr mendak .

Naira – bye mendak .

Kartik – Bye sherni .

Keerti comes in Kartik’s room.

Keerti – Bhai , why are you happy . Koi bhabhi mili kya (teasing)

Kartik – Ha (reality) no ,no. Yes dadi . Coming. Bye.

Keerti – Let me meet my bhabhi .

Parallel scene ,

Naksh – naira , who is mendak.

Naira – Kartik , whom I told to you .

Naksh – Too fast . You have finded jija ji . He is in a problem now . Because of you 007 .

Naksh teases her and she runs after him.

Akshara comes.

Akshara – Stop your fight and come for dinner

Naksh thinks to meet Kartik .

London ,

Kuhu and Mishti got the news .

Episode Ends.

Precap- keerti naksh meet ( as saale saheb and Brothers sister) , Neil ‘s shocking Move . Mishti Abir argument . Rusha scenes . Kaira moment . Mahima forgive preesha.A shocking entry .

I will try to update soon .

Hope you like it. Don’t forget to comment your views.

Stay safe


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