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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Ganapatibhatt’s wish is fulfilled by his Prabhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pujari telling Madhav this way Ganapatibhatt went to Jagannath Puri temple for achieving his wish of eternity.
Ganapatibhatt reaches Jagannath Puri while he gets confused where temple might be & Shri Ganesh also reaches at Jagannath Puri in disguise of Brahman to be behind him. Ganapatibhatt asks lot of people about Jagannath temple while he meets the same Brahman & he asks him that is this the place of his Prabhu where he’ll find eternity & Brahman guides him towards Jagannath temple for his wish to get completed.
Ganapatibhatt after facing lot of crowd finds Gods in Jagannath temple whom people are praying but gets angry seeing the Idols of other Gods hence shouts asking that where his Prabhu is & who is established here but all get shocked hearing him while the Brahman’s situated there explain him that these itself are Jagannath Gods in various forms but he instead gets bugged thinking that his Prabhu isn’t here & leaves the temple.
Ganapatibhatt thinks to leave from there due to not finding his Prabhu but again thinks how can he leave as he has left everything of his donating it to somebody hence he searches some place but finds a pot maker & discusses with him of giving him some work & he tells him to make a pot hence he sits to make pot but instead makes Shri Ganesh’s idol & sees the same image of God which he saw in Jagannath temple & feels wonders thinking what has he made but Brahman comes to see him while he tells Brahman that you fooled me sending here & not finding my Prabhu hence now I do not wish to listen to you but Brahman tells him it might be your wrong impression after seeing the Idols in Jagannath temple it seems & he asks him how can it be hence Brahman explains him of Prabhu’s various forms which reflects in temple detailing him the importance of it & leaves while Ganapatibhatt realizes his mistake of not understanding Gods form.
The pot maker appreciates Ganapatibhatt of his idols made & realizing his importance of true art.
Ganapatibhatt goes to see the Idols again but now he realizes the same Idol he made of his Prabhu which has the same features in this hence pleads Jagannath God for doing mistake while Prabhu Shri Krishna emerges to bless him in form of Shiv & he gets very delighted asking Prabhu about his wish & Prabhu fulfils his wish by giving him eternity.
Pujari tells Madhav that this way Prabhu gave blessings to Tulsidas emerging in form of his Prabhu Shri Ram & Ganapatibhatt in form of God Shiv. Madhav asks Pujari that why Prabhu is then taking so much time for completing my wish or is it may be I am not such a big devotee like you people or Tulsidas & Ganapatibhatt but Pujari tells him to wait & keep faith in him who might be testing you & Senapati also tells him what Pujari is right & also tells him that this is like a girl devotee of Prabhu who came for her unknowing her & Madhav tells him to narrate her story.
The girl devotee Bela sings prayers of her Prabhu while all people gather hearing her prayers & her Prabhu Shri Krishna also comes out of the temple hearing her prayers.

Precap: Bela goes to purchase a saree in exchange of her work done to decorate her Prabhu & perform pooja of him. Bela finds Jagannath Prabhu’s Idol in bad shape & gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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