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Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Gungun hides Moksh for her plan

Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kalyani serving Poha to Gungun and Moksh. Gungun says it is my favorite. Kalyani says that’s why she made. Moksh says again poha. Kalyani asks him to eat silently. Gungun says even she will not eat. Kalyani asks them to eat silently. Anupriya smiles seeing Gungun’s pic and shows Sarthak that she has worn the dress bought by Kalyani. Sarthak says I thought Gungun will not wear. Anupriya says she is Kalyani and can do anything. Gungun is holding the dress and thinks Kalyani was happy that when I worn this. She is about to burn it, when Asawari comes there and stops her. She asks her to hurt Kalyani’s favorite thing. Gungun says she will bring her saree. Asawari says no and whispers something in her ears. Gungun goes. Moksh comes to the kitchen and asks Kalyani if her work is over. Kalyani says I have much work even now. Moksh asks her to play car race with her. Kalyani says I have to make food now, and asks him to go and study. Moksh asks her to play with him for sometime. He goes. Gungun comes there and insists her to play with her. Kalyani refuses. Gungun emotionally blackmails Kalyani to come and play with her. Kalyani says I will give milk to Moksh first. Asawari says I will give. She smirks and takes milk for Moksh. She asks if he didn’t go and play. He says Aai asked him to study. Asawari says your Aai is playing with Gungun. Moksh gets upset.

Kalyani and Moksh are playing at the pool side. Moksh comes there and takes the toy groom. Kalyani says Pillu. Anupriya tells Sarthak that they forget to take toys for Moksh. Sarthak says we shall go home now as Gungun is alone. Anupriya says she is with Kalyani. Gungun asks Moksh to give the toy groom, but Moksh refuses and blames Kalyani for loving Gungun more and ignoring him. She asks Moksh to give the toy. Moksh throws the toy in the pool. Gungun jumps in to get her toy. Kalyani tells that she will come. Sarthak tells that Kalyani can’t handle Gungun, due to Moksh. Moksh stops Kalyani from jump in the pool. Kalyani asks him to move. Moksh says I will break my head and hits his head with the pillar. He says you don’t love me, and gave my side of love to Gungun. Kalyani wonders what to do? She runs to Moksh and asks him to stop hitting himself. Moksh faints. Malhar comes there and jumps in the pool to save Gungun. He takes out and asks her to open her eyes. Moksh falls down. Kalyani shouts calling Malhar to see what happened to him.

Malhar comes back to Moksh leaving Gungun. Gungun gains consciousness and tries to fall in the Pool. Sarthak comes there and takes her in her hand. Sarthak says you couldn’t take care of your sister for 2 hours, and don’t see anyone infront of your son. Malhar asks what are you saying? Sarthak says I am saying truth. Moksh tells that his son was unconscious and your daughter was fine. He says Kalyani never differentiates between the children. Anupriya says you both are our children and tells that they shall not fight. Moksh and Gungun hug each other. Asawari comes there and tells that Sarthak and Malhar are fighting. Malhar says I took Gungun out. Sarthak says if Gungun is wrong then I will punish her. Asawari tells Moksh that mistake was of him, but I know that Kalyani will not take his name. Kalyani says it was Pillu’s mistake. Sarthak tells that when they have adopted a boy, then they shall teach him good values and punish him when he does mistake. Anupriya says what are you saying, they are kids.

Kalyani tells Malhar that she will punish Moksh and takes him to room, tells that he will be locked in the room and will not get any toys. Moksh promises that he will not do this again. Kalyani locks him and goes. Anupriya tells Sarthak that Kalyani locked Moksh in the room due to him. Sarthak asks do you think that I am enjoying seeing this, tells that if anyone hurts Gungun then he shall be punished. Gungun comes to the window and asks Moksh why is he crying, tells that it will be morning soon. She shows him car and says my Aai bought this for you. She asks him to play with it. Moksh says Meena kumara aai is good. Gungun says your kallu is bad and she doesn’t love you. Moksh says it is not like that. Gungun asks him to punish Kalyani for punishing him, and says it is a rule. Moksh asks what to do? Malhar comes to kalyani and tells that he will take him out and he will understand. He says if we make him understand then will understand. Gungun asks Moksh to hide, so that everyone searches him as the punishment. She says Kallu will know your value and secondly arrogant lady will leave the house. Moksh asks how? Gungun asks him to come out of window. Moksh says if we get caught. Gungun says nothing will happen. He comes out of window and asks where will I hide? Gungun says there. She asks him to get inside the barrel before anyone sees him here. She says she has to make his kidnapping video so that Asawari is out. She tells that they will send video to Kalyani from Asawari’s mobile and then Kallu will not leave her. She says everyone will not scold you and will love you as you are kidnapped. Malhar and Kalyani come to the room and call him.

Precap: Kalyani tells Anupriya that she is thinking from where kidnappers got in the house. Anupriya says she will check in the back side. Kalyani comes to the barrel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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