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The Twisted game of Destiny-His Savior ep.35 IMMJ2 Fanfic

His Savior

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Angre: What will he do now!! (scared) I can’t even tell boss! (turns to see them laughing) What do I do? (dilemma)

He went to the area where Vansh, the kids and Aryan were. Vansh had started narrating the story.

Vansh: Vansh: My family accepted her, but my dad was against it. And so was hers. Her family accepted me too but her dad hated me along with her brothers. We had such fights throughout (looked at Aryan and smiled) But deep inside me I had a small feeling of attraction. Both of us were going to join our dads’ business, and the course was for only a year. And due to all the rivals we were always in danger, like we are now. But there was a time when we both saved each other. And they say, the first step to love is friendship.


Riddhima was in VR mansion to complete the project. Suddenly they had heard gunshots and saw some invaders invading the mansion. Riddhima and Vansh quickly got up and went to the hall where everyone was gathered, but the invaders had all of them on gun point including Ajay. They saw everything from upstairs.

Vansh: Shit! These are….(Riddhima cut him)

Riddhima: Aftab’s men! (anger) These guys still didn’t understand.

Vansh: How do you know them Ms Hothead?

Riddhima: I guess you’re forgetting I’m Manav Raichands daughter. I know everything and moreover these guys tried attacking our place the day before yesterday. They failed, we defeated them. They are here to take revenge against me. Damn them!

Vansh: oh! Do one thing stay behind here, I can’t let them harm you. (thinking) What did I just say? Uhh anyway leave that for now! (to her) just stay here, I will handle them. They are so gone!! (angry and he left towards the hall)

Riddhima: This guy is so stubborn! I can’t stay here like this, I have to do something!

Vansh: (in the hall) Don’t you dare do anything to them! (removing his gun) I will shoot all of you!

Goon 1: Try to, here we will kill your family! (he pressed the gun on Ishani’s head) First will be your sister!

Vansh: Don’t!!

Ajay: Look you have enmity with me, leave my family!

Goon 2: No way! We are getting extra money for killing your family then why shall we lose this opportunity!

Riddhima went behind Anupriya who was not at gunpoint by any of the goons. She whispered to her trying to hide herself. She silently signaled Siya and told her what to do. Riddhima knocked the goon behind dadi and took the gun from him. She was a karate champion and therefore fought with everyone along with Vansh. He was shocked seeing her fight.

Vansh: (while fighting): Riddhima, you know how to fight?

Riddhima: Are you blind? Can’t you see? Yes! (to the goon) how dare you? (she punched him) (to Vansh) Never mess with me!

Some other men came and Riddhima decided to send the family outside for safety. So she told them to follow her and they went through the window and outside. Angre’s father was outside along with Angre helping them all.

Ajay: Riddhima you stay here I will go to Vansh.

Riddhima: uncle let me go, I will bring him outside no matter what! My promise to you. (she went back inside to help Vansh)

Vansh: (fighting) Riddhima why did you come back? Thank you for saving my family! Save yourself and go!

Riddhima: No way!

Goon 1: Oooh there she is! Finally we got her. (Running towards her)

Vansh: Don’t touch her! If she gets even one scratch you and your whole group will be dead meat!(angry)

Riddhima: (thinking) Vansh cares for me?? He is trying to protect me rather than protecting himself! He’s not as bad as I thought he was.
(to the goon) You’re trying to mess with me! Here for you! (she kicked him and almost knocked him out when she a goon terribly hitting Vansh) Stop hitting him! How dare you (she went there and slapped him) How dare you hit him! I’m not going to spare you! (she pushed Vansh aside and kept on hitting him, he hit her a couple of times leading to a few bruises on her faces and some blood)

Vansh: (in pain) Riddhima leave him! (saw the goon on the floor) Not bad! Now quickly leave, let’s go.

Riddhima: hmm let’s go. (she supported him) Are you fine?

Vansh: yes, go first (pointing towards the window)

Riddhima: don’t try to be a hero, just go you’re injured more than me.

Vansh: and you want to be a heroine? Stop being stubborn and go!

Riddhima: excuse me can’t you listen to me once! (noticed the goon with a gun pointing at Vansh)

Vansh: yea right you look for every opportunity to fight with me… (cut by Riddhima)

Riddhima: VANSH!! (she saved him and the bullet grazed through her hand) Ahh! (she winced in pain)

Flashback ends

Riva: Mom got shot? (terrified) While saving you?

Aryan: Yea she risked her life for him

Rivan: Your love and life story is full of action! (shocked) And your love story?

Vansh: (glaring at him) It started from this point now….

Angre: (guilt) Boss can you please give me a few minutes to talk to you? (in mind) I need to tell him

Vansh: Angre……

Rivan: But Angre chachu (sad) the story (mumbling)


Love story continues

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