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The reason of my ecstasy Chapter — 44

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Chapter :- 44….” Confrontation “….

Scene 1:

The episode starts with Vansh going towards them but he felt something in his head. He turned to saw that Riddhima is standing pointing a gun towards him. It was aimed at his head directly. He was shell shocked to see this. He saw that her eyes were burning in anger. He don’t know what is going on. Though he got negative vibes from morning. He was trying to digest the fact what happened just now.

She puts her gun down and says with fierce.

Rid:Come in YOUR room.

She strechted more in the word your. No one knows what is going in her mind. Why she is behaving odd like this. Everyone is tensed for them.

Riddhima leaves the his room. Vansh also follows her to know about everything.

Dadi:What happened suddenly between them?

Vik:I am also thinking the same. It was perfect yesterday also.

Ang:I think she get to know all the truth.

Kab: (fearful) About what truth you are saying?

Siya:We all know about what he is saying very clearly.

Vikram to Sejal: Do you know what they are talking about?

Sej:Nope. I don’t know what they are saying about.

Ish: I heard you two, even I also don’t know. I think Dadi, Anupriya aunty, Kabir, Angre, Siya knows about it.

Vik:Maybe Aryan also because he used to stay with them before.

Sej:Then let’s do one thing we can hear from him only. Titiksha you aksed him.


Titiksha calls him.

Ary:What happened? ( tensed).

Tit:You very well know about what they are saying right?


Vik:Please don’t hid anything and say.

Ary:Ok so listen. The matter is…

Scene 2:

Van:The matter is..

Rid:Stop giving me excuses Vansh.

Van:First listen to me.

Rid:What is there to listen more huh? You hide that thing from me why? Actually you are a mafia!! My husband is a mafia? Why you hide it say?

She holds her collor and starts to question him.

Rid:You love me right? You know I hate all this then why? You betrayed me!! You are a liar. I hate you Vansh. I hate you!!

She pushed towards the wall. She sats down on the floor crying.

Van:(crying) I love you so much sweetheart but I hide it from you due to one condition. I don’t came in this business in my will. You know my dad was a middle class man. He used to do job in a simple complany. I made this company in my own hands. He died when I was only 21 years old. I setup this VR Enterprise. At first when I used to get loss in my business this Chang helped me. I thought him as a good person. He used helped me a lot. One day I gave him a party as he was behind my success. But that day he told me the worst thing. He told me that he is an illegal businessman. The profit I got in my business is because of that only. If I refused to join hands with him then he will kill my family. Tell me what I will do at that time? He thought I don’t know anything about business so he used me as a puppet. Though I know everything now but I can’t come out from all this now. How can I risk all of your lifes? He threatened me that he will do wrong things with you!!

Rid:What he will do if you are beside me? Huh? Why are you scaring him? He can’t do anything Vansh.

She gets up and cups her face.

Rid:I can make him fall in my trap, he can also get jailed for life time. Then why are you scared?

Van:No sweetheart I can’t risk you for anything. You are my everything. He knows very well about my weakness.

Rid:You think me as your weakness? Don’t you think me as your strength? First think this answer. Then come towards me. If your answer is strength then you will get me by your side for your whole life but if not then you know the consequences very well. This might be our last meet also!! It totally depends on you.

She leaves from the room.


He was totally shattered from inside. He was screaming loudly. He throws all the things in him room. He sats on his knees crying.

Van:Riddhima..I love you please don’t leave me. I can’t leave with out you.

On the other side Riddhima sat down on a bench in the garden. She don’t want to tell those words. But she had to!! Those words were like poison for them.

Toota hai bohot ye dil mera
Aasoon hai badi tanhaai hai
Jabse teri baahon mein humein
Aane ki hui manaai hai

Kuch yaadein jo teri baaki hai, jo dil ko bohot satati hai
Kate se nahi katata lamha, kyun dedi tanhai?
Kuch yaadein jo teri baaki hai, jo dil ko bohot satati hai
Kate se nahi katata lamha, kyun dedi tanhai?

How can they live without each other? Is it very easy to live without your love? Is love means only weakness? Can’t this love change into strength? Can’t love win over everything? Is love is not the medicine for all pain?

Vansh was crying when his conscious part appear in front of him.

Van2: Hey dude!! You are crying for your weakness?

Another Vansh arrives.

Van3:No no, he knows that Riddhima is his strength am I right or am I right?

Van2:Sorry bro but I think today you are wrong. She will leave him now.

Van:No, I can’t live without her!! It’s impossible.

Van2: You himself say that nothing is impossible for you then?

Van3:I know Vansh will bring her back.

Van2:No don’t bring her. What you will do bringing her? Your business will end!! You will face loss. Your end will be near then.

Van3:Love means a new beginning, it means sacrifice. Can’t you sacrifice this much for your love? For you money is more important or Riddhima?

Van:You two just stop it…!!

He saw that no one is there. Thousands of questions arrive in his mind. What he will do now? Which one he will choose.

He closed his eyes and reminds all the moments he share with her. Their first meet, their quarrels, their marriage, their confession, their love and every special moments.

Precap: Van: I can die for you also. 



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