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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Seema patches up with Mahi

[Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Renu and Shalu try to shoot. Pappu says you got your papers and cash. Let’s end this. Mahi says no I have to say a lot. He says don’t you get done with your lectures? Mahi says I took part in this competition because I wanted to help my family. I knew if I lost who would do this but I won this because of my two moms. Mahi says to Rupa thank you so much for teaching me to do the best with less stuff. She says to Seema and because of you. The anchal that always protects me and makes me feel like I can do anything. If you weren’t there I would have given you. If I won because of both my brothers, only they deserve the prize. Renu and Shalu can’t point.

Mahi gives 10 lacs to both of them. Rupa says what do you want to prove? That you’re very great and want to unite everyone? Do you want me to share this with this woman? Who hit my son and sent him to jail? She’s your mom and I am Jogi’s. And your MIL. Mahi is shocked that she has accepted. Rupa says and I am proud that I am your MIL and Seema should be proud that she’s your mother. Daughters like you make us want to forgive everyone. I had many complaints with Seema but you fixed them all. Seema can never find a daughter as good as you. Jogi can’t find a better wife and I can’t find a better DIL. This is your prize. You’re my Jogi’s partner for life. You’re amazing. You’re the laxmi of our house. When I got the priceless thing, why would I need this? Your family needs this money the most so give it to them. Mahi says I want you to give this to mummy and end the old things.

Rupa gives the money to Seema. Seema cries. Rupa says see the reality of your daughter. You are lucky to have a daughter like her. Forget all the anger, we are all one family now. Seema cries and hugs her. Seema says I feel ashamed taking this money from you. Mahi says I am your daughter. No matter what happens I will always be your daughter. Seema says I should be ashamed of what I did. I am living at one daughter’s place and taking money from one daughter. Mothers give to their daughters. rupa says what time are you living in? Today daughters support their parents. You are the mother who made your daughter the first lady driver in the city. She is ahead of her time. Seema says she became the best daughter of Ambarsar as well but I failed as a mother. Mahi says my win is yours. You taught me all of this. Seema says I won the day you were born. Mahi hugs Seema. Everyone looks at them in anger. Mahi says I won two mothers today. I don’t want anything today. Jogi says now take your thing back. Seema says what? You were just appreciating her. I know she fights and she had some problems with Rupa. She’s stubborn but she will learn. Jogi says now I realize you’re her mom. Let me speak too. You both don’t stop. Mahi says he isn’t talking about me. Jogi says I will fight anyone to keep Mahi with me. Only death can part us now.

Jogi brings something and says the jewelry Rai gave to Mahi for her wedding. These are yours. Seema says how can I take these? A mother would die before taking her daughter’s jewelry? Mahi says this is Rai’s thing. Return it to him. His deadline is close as well. Seema says you will kill me with all these tears. I can’t take these. Jogi says okay then I will give these to Rai. Seema says you can’t you’re my son-in-law. Jogi says you called me SIL and not son? I don’t differenciate. You’re my mom. He says give these to your mom, it’s your husband’s order. Mahi gives them to Seema. Seema says you have made me so proud. She’s lucky to have a husband like you. Mahi says he’s lucky to have a wife like me. Jogi says yes I am. Seema says I will fix all my mistakes now. I will do all the rituals I couldn’t. These bangles were given to me by Biji and I always thought I would give them to you. I couldn’t give these or the blessings. But now I will give you these with my prayers. She gives them to her.

Renu says mummy was I dead or Shalu? You kept these safe for Mahi? You always give everything to Mahi. Mahi has to pay for all of this. Seema says my daughter is just like her dad. She will bless every house she goes to. She’s naughty but very kind. She’s a diamond. Seema hugs her. Jogi says so you found your daughter and no love for me? It’s okay I have my bebe. Seema says no no you’re my son. Jogi says no no. Seema hugs him. Shalu and Renu point the guns at them. Seema comes in front of him.

Pappu says so much love. I am a timepass SIL. Seema says you’re everything to us but today is Jogi’s day. Pappu says in his heart his day to die. Seema says Rupa forgive me, please. I have done a lot wrong with you. Seema says serve us then. Seema says you’re my sister. She hugs her. Mahi and Jogi hug them. Pappu says why is no one shooting. I can’t tolerate this drama anymore. Akash says God protect them from the evil eye. Shalu says my family has put evil eye on my family. Mahi ruined my family and mummy is giving her blessing. The fire will be in your house.

Jogi sings. Mahi is shocked. She says the singer I had been looking for was Jogi?

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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