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Riddhima and Vansh reach home. Everyone was asleep so they both headed to their rooms. Next morning, Riddhima came downstairs and started arranging breakfast on the table. As it was Sunday, mostly everyone was at home. She started plating with a smile when she got a call.
Riddhima: Hello?
Voice: Hi my girl….
Riddhima smile vanished and face turned pale. This was all noticed by Ishani. Riddhima ran back to her room and closed it from inside.
Riddhima: Yes..
Voice: Get back to your house! Don’t be scared, they will take you back.
Riddhima: How can you say so?
Voice: You know, I want you desperately. So today night. AT YOUR ROOM.
The call declines. A tear drops from Riddhima’s eyes. She wiped it and takes a deep breath, smiles, and reaches down again.
Ishani: Who was it?
Riddhima: Nothing….It was Bhai.
Vansh: What did he say.
Riddhima: Mom and Dad feel guilty. I think I should go back.
Ajay: It’s good that they want you back. But if they misbehave, you can come back.
Riddhima: They are my parents. They won’t do anything.
Chanchal: We all can see.
Vansh: I will leave you.
Riddhima: No need Vansh. Bhai is sending the driver.
Vansh: Right now?
Riddhima: Yes.
A car comes and Riddhima takes a seat. She waves to Vansh. Vansh waves at her sadly. The car leaves. Ishani pulls Vansh to a side.
Ishani: Bhai she lied.
Vansh: What?
Ishani: When the phone came, her face turned pale of fear.
Vansh: I will ask her.
Ishani: Sure.
Vansh texts Riddhima
You alright?
Yes, why?
Riddhima if there is any problem do share.
Of course Vansh. Love you.
Love you too.
Vansh smiles at the little conversation while Riddhima wipes her tears. She reaches her home. She hugs her mother and brother, but didn’t even looked at her father.
Asha: I am sorry baby, I was so so confused I don’t even knew what I said.
Riddhima: It’s ok mumma. It’s all fine. I am back na? I was missing your food so much!
Ramansh: What will happen after her marriage?
Jai: She is not getting married there.
Riddhima: I will choose that. Mumma please come.
Ramansh was happy seeing Riddhima standing for herself.
At night
Riddhima was lying on her bed, window open, as she knew someone must be coming. She stood up and turned to the door when someone blindfolded her.
Riddhima: Who?
Voice: Of course me.
Riddhima started shivering.
Voice: Aren’t you too eager? But I don’t want any molestation charges on me. Lay down on the bed.
Riddhima: Please….
Voice: You know what will happen…
Riddhima silently lay down on the bed with tears shedding continuously. She felt a his hand drooling on her face which made her felt disgusted. His
reached near her ear and he starts circling.
Voice: Who is winning?
Riddhima:(shaking) y…you.
Voice: good.
He came near her and inhaled her smell. Riddhima became a statue. He rubbed his hands on the back of her neck.
Voice: If I do something I will not be able to control myself. I am going you can sleep.
Riddhima opens her blindfold. He was gone. She was crying silently. She washed her face and went to bed. She slept with tears in her eyes.
Precap- Person revealed!

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