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Santoshi Maa 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Lovely takes away Girl child of planning to run away.

Santoshi Maa 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Indresh welcoming Singhasan while Swati trying to take blessings from him but he doesn’t bless her & Indresh asks him why aren’t you blessing your daughter in law & he says that unless it isn’t clear of her child whose is it I won’t. Swati expresses her wish of mother in law if she too had come while Singhasan thinks addressing her that it’s time for you to leave this world now.
Dev Rishi intimates Mata that to see Singhasan has come planning to kill Swati & her child but Mata tells him this is also happening due to Devi Polomi’s evil powers while Dev Rishi appreciates Mata holding a beautiful flower feeling due to some reason it seems & she gives him to give it to Swati & he gives it to Swati in disguise.
Devi Polomi says addressing to Dev Rishi that now Devi Santoshi’s powers also won’t work in which I have planned & shoots her sword in Chakravuh circle targeting the child held by Lovely.
Lovely is holding the girl child & thinks telling her that I won’t allow you to go to anywhere hence I will take you far away from this whole world tomorrow morning before your mother arrives.
Swati next morning prays keeping the flower received by Dev Rishi of Mata & Indresh also appreciates it & while Swati knocks the room of Lovely & Rinky informing Rinky to tell Lovely to come soon with the child but she intimates her that Lovely isn’t in the room & Swati doesn’t find Lovely along with child but tries to call her & Lovely cuts the phone & also switching it off.
Abhay is taking Lovely as per her wish & Lovely tells him to also switch off his phone too for not getting call from Swati but he asks her what are you planning & she tells him that I do not wish to send this child with her mother because it’s God’s given gift to me but Abhay is thinking otherwise by explaining her that her mother is somebody else & it’s wrong to take away somebody’s child this way but she is adamant.
Dev Rishi asks Mata that how come Lovely is behaving selfish with this child but Mata tells her this is also due to Devi Polomi because she is trying to restore her powers in such people to target. Devi Polomi comes to warn Mata but Dev Rishi interferes explaining her that you aren’t doing right by using powers against policy but instead she behaves rude towards him while Dev Rishi also tries to confront her but Mata calms him & Devi Polomi gives warning to Mata of destroying her whole positivity approach taking revenge of her destruction in that place & leaves.
Swati, Indresh along with all other’s are discussing how to search Lovely & Abhay due to their phone being off & no clue of getting traced while child mother also arrives asking them about the child but Swati tells her Lovely has taken but will bring back & Singhasan sees all this & asks what all this is happening while Swati tries to explain him but he gets bugged on them & leaves from there.
Lovely asks Abhay to stop the car to take some boiled water & milk for child hence he plans to stop & make Indresh & all alert. Abhay goes to the tea stall for purchasing milk & boiled water but also calls Indresh & informs him about Lovely’s weird behaviour towards child while Indresh tells him to stop at the same place till they arrive.
Mata Santoshi prays Prabhu Mahadev chanting his name to help her in this difficult situation.
Singhasan plans to kill Swati & her child immediately but Devi Polomi uses her powers to stop him from doing it immediately till Mata Santoshi’s boon gets destroyed while Singhasan feels if somebody is around him & he plans to delay killing.
Indresh & Swati along with Devesh & Samiksha too leave towards Abhay & Lovely to take the child from them for handing over to her mother.

Precap: Devi Polomi tells Lovely it was good you left that place but they are following you to take away this child. Mata alerts Devi Polomi to stop all this evil deeds while Lovely is trying to run away but falls in a pit shouting for help. Swati is praying Mata for help & Mata gets wild holding her weapon converting herself in her anger form warning Devi Polomi to stop all this or & shows her Trishul weapon pointing towards her who gets scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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