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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 51- seperation reason revealed

Sorry everyone for keeping you all wait for a long time but it is past revelation so it took me time to think this one. I don’t know what is happening to my mind.. a number of stories are roaming in my mind yrr😂😂! But poor me it’s very difficult for me to handle even 3 ffs..so I can’t start new one😬!

I was not in mood to post today but for the ones who always comment and support me I am posting this❤️!

The episode starts with:

Riddhima was shocked by vansh’s words. She quickly got up from vansh and started running.

Vansh: Riddhima(tears)

He walks to his room. Riddhima runs from there and was aimlessly running on the road. She was continuasly crying.(kapde to geele (wet)the fir road pe kaise bhag rahi hai?? Acha sookh jaenge bhaagne se!!Lol emotional moment ke beech mein merko joke sooj raha hai🙂)

Riddhima(crying): I love you vansh. I love you! But we can’t be together! Never ever!

Toota hai bohot ye dil mera
Aasoon hai badi tanhaai hai
Jabse teri baahon mein humein
Aane ki hui manaai hai

Vansh came to his room and locked it. He sat on his knees and started crying.

Kuch yaadein jo teri baaki hai, jo dil ko bohot satati hai
Kate se nahi katata lamha, kyun dedi tanhai?
Kuch yaadein jo teri baaki hai, jo dil ko bohot satati hai
Kate se nahi katata lamha, kyun dedi tanhai?

They both remembered their beautiful moments. Their date,their proposal,their Maldives romance.

Wo hath jo kal tak hath mein tha
Ab chhune se katrata hai
Har lamha kal tak sath mein tha
Ab milne tak nahi aata hai

Vansh: Riddhima why ?? Why can’t you ever trust your love? (crying)

Ye soch ke neend na aati hai, aur dil mein ek udasi hai
Kyun tune kiya humko tanha? Kyun dedi ye judaai?
Hothon pe hasi na aati hai, aankhein bhi nam ho jaati hai
Acha hi nahi lagta jeena, kyun dedi ye judaai?
Iss ishq mein tere hathon se, yahi cheez humein mil payi hai
Kyun dedi tune judaai hai? Kyun dedi tanhaai?

Riddhima: I never ever in my worst nightmares thought that you could this to me and my family vansh. I love you but I hate you for doing all this(crying)

Tanhaai hai humsafar, tanhaai hai har dagar
Tanhaai hai har pehar, tanhaai saamon shehar
Tanhaai hai har taraf, tanhaai hai had-e-nazar
Tanhaai hai arsh tak, tanhaai hai ab farsh tak

Vansh: Riddhima how can you ever think I would this to you and your family! (Crying)

Mere hisse mein, hisse mein gham hi aaye hai
Tere hisse mein, hisse mein khushiyan
Meri ankhon mein, ankhon mein ashq aaye hai
Tere hothon pe hothon pe hassna

Riddhima: I hate you vansh and your family! I never expected this from your family and you(crying)

Toota hai bohot ye dil mera
Aasoon hai badi tanhaai hai
Jabse teri baahon mein humein
Aane ki hui manaai hai

Riddhima sat on her knees crying. The rough stones on the road hurted her knees. But that pain was less than the pain of her hurt. Vansh broke the mirror of his room and the glass pieces hurted his hand and foot.

Waqt sheekha deta hai ishq mein tanhaai ko sehna
Par zindagi mein kisi ko bhi rab tanhaaiyan na dena.

(I can’t get over this one!! This is my favourite)


Riansh remember the painful reason or their seperation and cry.

Flashback starts: (bohot socha hai iske baare isliye pljj comment kar dena🥺🥺)

Riddhima was in her room when she heard fighting sounds. She quickly rushed downstairs. She found ajay was fighting with Aayush.

Riddhima: dad..why are you both fighting!!

Aayush: riddhu don’t speak in between (anger)

Ajay: why..tell your daughter everything!

Riddhima: ajay dad.. what are you saying?

Ajay: you know Riddhima..me and your dad sighned a contract with each other.

Riddhima nods.

Aayush: it was a business deal between us! But this ajay betrayed me(anger)

Ajay: I haven’t betrayed you! It was you who betrayed me(anger)

Vansh also came there. Ajay and Aayush started to fight. Riansh tried stopping them but all in vain. In their fight mistakenly ajay hit Riddhima on her forehead.

Riddhima: ouch(pain)

Aayush and vansh: Riddhima..

Aayush rushed to Riddhima.

Aayush: riddhi are you fine (worried)

Vansh was about to come but Aayush stopped him with his palm.

Vansh: but Riddhima..

Riddhima: vansh..

Vansh: I know there are misunderstandings between our dads Riddhima! I know my dad can never do this!

Riddhima: vansh my dad can also not do this(anger)

Vansh: Riddhima I am not saying he did this..but my dad can’t ever betray anyone(anger)

Riansh got into a fight.

Vansh: Riddhima..why are you hell bent in saying your father is correct! I know my father is correct! Maybe your father only betrayed him(anger)

Riddhima: how could you even say this(shouting) I hate you vansh! Go away from here.

Vansh was shocked but leaves.

Flashback ends.

Riddhima: how could you blame my dad for everything (crying) maybe after some days we would have be together again but what happened after it was something that I never thought!

Flashback starts: (dusra flashback hai ye don’t get confused):

Days passed. Riansh didn’t talk to each other. Riddhima was in her room when she heard gunshots. She was shocked and afraid. She went downstairs.

Aayush(shouting): riddhi..go upstairs!!

Riddhima’ no dad I can’t leave you alone(crying)

Aayush: Riddhima go up! These men are sent by Raisinghanias to shoot us.

Riddhima got shocked. She was not able to believe it. Then a man shot Aayush.

Riddhima(shouting): dad!!

That man dialled a number while Riddhima rushed to Aayush.

Man: mr. Vansh rai Singhania your work is done!

Riddhima got shocked.

Riddhima (thinking): my vansh can’t do this..he can’t hurt my dad..no!!

Riddhima: who sent you!!

Man: vansh..vansh rai Singhania. His whole family had planned to destroy your family (laughing evily)

Riddhima(thinking): how can you do this to me vansh! I hate you and your family!!

The man hitted aastha on her head and she fainted. He hitted Sejal and anika. Everyone was lying like lifeless bodies.

Flashback ends.

Riddhima started crying. Vansh was also crying.

Vansh(crying): Riddhima after that shootout when you confronted me that I did all that..I was hurt! I was very much hurt that my love don’t trust me! I was not able to take it anymore. When I told this all to my family they all asked me to just marry Ahana. Although I can never think to marry Ahana but I have to because I was hurt by your words so much. Now we both can’t love each other again. We both have become enemies and our families too!

Finally I revealed it! It took me lot of time to think about the past so plz guys do comment!! Hope you all like the episode!







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