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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #Sneak peak


Hello everyone i m not in right mood to give epi suddenly i m feeling so demotivated i even thought to call off the ff but tanishka’s thoughts are forbidding me..

I lost my charm in shyri also..i m unable to pen down even single shyri..like before..

Even your response is comparatively low..

I need your support guys and some time also to i wil be back once i m fine but..your comments will means alot..

Scene 1

Same day of golden jublie

At night

Vansh is sleeping

Imagine him sleeping

Riddhima strokes his hairs

Riddhima – I am sorry vansh but i love u..so much..

May be u will fine my act invalid but it’s for ur benifit only

Scene 2

Vansh (angry) – Mujhe nhi pta tha riddhima tum mere pyr ka uh najayas fayda uthaogi..

Riddhima(crying) – Plz maaf krdo vansh i won’t do this again

Scene 3

Riddhima (angry) – I helped u enough vansh

Now it’s totally upto u where u want to focus on us or your revenge

Deal is on Mr. Raisinghania..

Vansh- Sweetheart plz.. Don’t give me this punishment

We..will start again plz.. u can’t go like this

Riddhima – I am not going vansh you have time..think wisely


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