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Here it goes……..

Vansh: I think someone wants to kill Ridhimma.

Angre(shocked) : what happened boss ?? What made you think this??

Vansh tells him what happened at construction site .

Vansh: the point is the bricks are kept far away from that area . There were no worker who could bring those bricks there. So I think it was a plan to kill her.

Angre: maybe boss , but we need to confirm it .

Vansh: do one thing bring me the whole day CCTV footage of under construction side of office. Lets see what we find.

Angre: okay boss

Angre left and Vansh leaned to his chair and closed his eyes when suddenly someone tied a black cloth over his eyes .

Vansh: who did this ?? (then he touches a hand) Ridhimma ??

Ridhimma: yes Vansh now get up I have surprise for you .

Vansh: but Ridhimma..

Ridhimma: Vansh zip your mouth and come with me silently

Vansh becomes silent and goes with her. Ridhimma brings him to terrace and opens his blind fold and Vansh opens his eyes to that terrace is beautifully decorated and there is couch in middle to sit

Vansh: Ridhimma what is this ??

Ridhimma: you were pissed off na so thought to surprise you and make you mood better. You like it ??

Vansh: no

Ridhimma makes a cute sad face .

Vansh: (puling her cheeks) I loved it so much

Ridhimma: really ( hugged him )

Vansh: okay now lets go to couch and sit to enjoy your surprise

Both went to couch and sat . Ridhimma hugged Vansh and kept her head on his chest . Vansh hugged her back and was stroking her head. Both were watching the night sky and relaxing in each other arms .

Just then Ridhimma saw a shooting star and folded her hands to wish. Vansh was watching her and smiling. After Ridhimma finished wishing Vansh asked

Vansh: so what did you wish??

Ridhimma: wish should not be told or its not fulfilled

Vansh: Acha baba okay now shall we go to room

Ridhimma: no we will sleep here . Under the sky please Vansh (making puppy face)

Vansh: how can I ignore your puppy face . Okay

Ridhimma : thankyou Vansh .

She again hugged him and slept hearing his heartbeats and Vansh was looking at her cute face and he also slept after some time.

At VR enterprises (morning)

Vansh was sitting in his cabin when Angre came .

Angre: boss here is the CCTV footage of construction side.

Vansh: very good Angre , here give it to me .

Vansh took the pendrive and inserted it in laptop. He started the footage. Both were seeing the footage when Vansh saw a RHP coming and placing bricks in such a position that it will fall. He paused the video and zoomed it.

Vansh: the face of this person is covered but here by seeing her ring I could say it’s a girl.

Angre: yes boss , but why will this girl try to kill Ridhimma .

Vansh: we have to find it out Angre . Go to nearby café and shops and check their CCTV footage of yesterday. She might have gone to there so there are chances that we can more lead in this.

Angre: okay boss .

Saying this he went while Vansh was thinking

Vansh(thinking) : who can be this girl who has enmity with Ridhimma. There can also be chances of enmity with me and they are targeting Ridhimma.

He was hell confused when Ridhimma came. She was carrying tiffin in her hand

Ridhimma: so Vansh here is your lunch .

Vansh: what was the need of this Ridhimma ??

Ridhimma: because I wanted to eat with you . Any other reason required ?? No so lets eat

Saying this she started serving food . After she finished serving it se called Vansh .

Ridhimma and Vansh made eachother eat food.

Vansh(after finishing food): thankyou so much Ridhimma

Ridhimma: welcome, you were hungry right ??

Vansh: ya super hungry, Ridhimma I want to ask you something

Ridhimma: ask then

Vansh: have you ever had a enmity with any girl in your past??

Ridhimma: no , but why suddenly this question ??

Vansh: nothing just out of curiosity , now lets go home

Ridhimma was looking at him with suspiciously but he pulled her with him and they departed home. when they reached home they saw dadi was seeing all the decorations for engagment .

Vansh: why are you doing this engagment decorations now it is day after tomorrow

Dadi: I know but I want everything perfect so I am doing it now .

Ridhimma: you get tired dadi

Dadi : no I will not especially when have you to take care of me.

Ridhimma hugged dadi while Vansh was making a face

Vansh: both forgot me. Ridhimma snatched my dadi from me . Not fair .

Ridhimma: its not my fault I am so sweet that I am everyone’s favourite

Vansh: okay then let me show you ( saying this he started running behind her )

Both were running behind eachother and laughing

Precap: Angre gets more information about RHP.

So here part 17 ends. I hope you all liked it. Please comment and let me know your views. Comments are decreasing since last few parts so if you all are not liking it I will wrap up this FF . so please comment

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