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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 38 (LOVE WINS)

Glad to receive such wonderful response from you all 🙏 Lots of love as we are nearing towards the end of this FF!

Episode starts with:

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

Next morning Riddhima got up only to find the whole room messed up with Pregnancy books all around and Vansh sitting in the corner reading them. Riddhima stood from the bed and back hugged him and asked..

Riddhima: Vansh what are you doing?

Vansh(lookin at her): You? What are you doing here? Go and lie down.

Riddhima: Vansh relax. Just now I got up and tell me what are you doing.

Vansh: (lifts her) You toh won’t lie down yourself. I’ll make you do so.

(He lifts her and makes her lie down and sits besides her, while she says..)

Riddhima: See now I’m lying down as you said, now tell me what are you doing making our room a complete mess?

Vansh: See this pregnancy book and all that I’ve here. I’ll read this all and then you see!

Riddhima: (laughing hard) And then you’ll become a Gynecologist 😂😂😂😂

Vansh: You think it’s a joke. I’ll read all these books and then I’ll take care of your health perfectly.

Riddhima: 😯 ohh!

(There was a knock on the door and Shreya and Aarav enter..)

Aarav: How are you Riddhu?

Vansh(murmuring): Aa gya Riddhu ka baccha 😑

Riddhima: I’m fine how come you here?

Aarav: I was missing you 😘

Vansh (in mind): I was thinking of killing you 😒

Vansh: (smiling) Shreya please sit down.

(They both sit, while Shreya says..)

Shreya: I’m Sorry!

Riddhima: What? What did you say?

Shreya: I’m Sorry, I behaved rudely yesterday. But you know na your health is that matters the most right now. I was worried.

Riddhima: I know. It’s okay.

Aarav: That’s like my girls.

Vansh (murmuring) His girl? I’ll surely kill him.

Vansh: Even Riddhima was missing you alot since yesterday.

Shreya: That’s the relation we share. Right?

Riddhima: Right. If I have all of you around me, nothing could happen to my life.

(All four share a group hug.. days pass with all of the family members, even Riddhima’s dad visiting her and taking care of Riddhima, Vansh did’t look after business also till three months, his day started with Riddhima and ended with her, he used to keep her Happy and healthy during days, made her sleep peacefully during nights and kept crying silently thinking of what will happen after three months. Riddhima felt really weak but her still happy as she had Vansh and Everyone around. She kept writing diary for her baby everything that happened and happening since Vansh and Riddhima met..)

Three Months Later..

(It was the day for the Specialised Sonography, all the machines Vansh had set up in their room itself, everyone was worried, Shreya came, Vansh insisted to stay inside the room during the Sonography, she agreed, Shreya completed the process, everyone came inside and saw Riddhima unconscious, and Vansh and Shreya crying, Angre asked..)

Angre: Boss, Dr. Shreya? Why are you both crying?

Aryan: Bro relax, you need to handle Bhabhi.

Ishani: Whatever game Destiny has played we can’t change it but with time left we can cherish it (crying)

Siya: Bhabhi 😭😭

Aarav: I can’t believe we have only 6 months left with Riddhu 😭

Vansh/Shreya (unison): (Shouting) Shut up! What are you all saying 😤

Vansh: My Sweetheart is absolutely fine 😘🥺

Shreya: Actually Miracle happens. All the love, God’s blessings and especially Vansh’s dedication has saved Riddhima today. She’s perfectly fit to carry the baby and risks during Delivery have reduced alot. It’s normal now.

(Everyone was very happy and emotional, then Aarav asked..)

Aarav: But then why were you both crying?

Vansh: I really don’t know What Shreya saw in you Mr. Raichand?

Shreya: You idiot, these are happy tears. That finally our Riddhima is safe.

(Everyone shared a group hug marking their victory of saving Riddhima, they broke the hug and Vansh said..)

Vansh: Thanku, without you all this wouldn’t have been possible.

Shreya: Exactly, but Vansh, her Body physically and internally both is still weak. It’s still not a simple pregnancy because in last three months she has been battling alot, physically, mentally and emotionally. So take care of her the same way. Rest everything is perfectly fine.

(Then Riddhima slowly started gaining concious, seeing her awake everyone was about to hug her when Vansh stopped them saying..)

Vansh: Stop! don’t touch her! She’s weak. Don’t bother her.

(Everyone was shocked, Vansh came to her, Wrapped Riddhima in his arms, covered her face my his palm, hiding her from everyone, All present in the room started laughing. They all congratulated her for fighting bravely, she could weakly just say Thank you to them. Everyone departed to their work leaving RiAnsh alone. They looked at EACHOTHER, nuzzled their head with EACHOTHER’S.)

At Night: Author’s POV;

After dinner, Riddhima went to the washroom, when she came out, she was shocked to find the room completely dark, Suddenly Vansh held her from back and said..

Vansh: A sweet surprise for my Sweetheart.

(Lights were on, the room was decorated with candles and flowers, their photos all around. )

Riddhima: Wow Vansh it’s so wonderful ❤️ I loved it 😍

Vansh: I’m glad you liked it😘

Riddhima: But why all this?

Vansh: To celebrate our victory. Finally after three months I’m not at all scared as my Sweetheart will be with me for Eternity.

Riddhima: our love won even defeating the death.

Vansh (keeping finger in her lips): 🤫 Shh don’t say anything about death now. I’ve something more for you!

(He brings a box and asks Riddhima to open it, she opens it and finds a beautiful pink gown, she holds it and says..)

Riddhima: Wow Vansh, it’s such a pretty dress! Thanku ❤️

Vansh: Will you wear it for me?

Riddhima: Ofcourse and vaise bhi I won’t be able to fit in this dress from next month 😝

Vansh: 😯 Yeah!

(After sometime Riddhima comes out dressed beautifully, Vansh gets mesmerized seeing her, she asks..)

Riddhima: What happened Vansh? Why are you staring at me?

Vansh: Naa! I’m adoring you Sweetheart not staring.

Riddhima: Ohh really?

Vansh: Interesting.. very interesting! I’m just thinking how can someone look this pretty. I fall in love with you every time I see you.

(Riddhima blushes, Vansh knelt to the ground and gave her a rose saying..)

Vansh: To the Most Beautiful Woman.

Riddhima: Thanku 😘

Vansh: Riddhima tomorrow there’s a press conference at home, your pregnancy need to disclosed now, as from next month you won’t be able to hide it.

Riddhima: I understand Vansh, then I’ll be going to office also na!

Vansh: You are not going office anyways. Going out means when I’ll take you for a drive or something.

Riddhima: Haiwan!


Riddhima: So what’s next?

(Vansh plays a song..)

Na hai yeh pana

Na khona hi hai

Tera na hona, jaane

Kyun hona hi hai

(Forwards his hand and twirls her, she hits his chest)

Aankhon mein aankhein teri,

Baahon mein Baahen teri.

(They share an eyelock and hug Each other)

Mera na mujh mein kuch raha,

Hua kya

Baaton mein baaten teri,

Raatein saugatein teri.

(He makes her sit and she starts talking and he was jusr adoring his lady love)

Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya,

Hua kya

Mein kahin bhi jaata hun,

Tum Se Hi mil jata hun.

Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi.

(They both remember their past meetings)

Shor mein khamoshi hai,

Thodi si behoshi hai.

Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi

(She hugs him tightly and he kisses her forehead 🥰)

Episode Ends!


Hope you all liked it! Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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