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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 82 – Vansh & Riddhima

Episode starts with…

He heard a voice shocking him….. he was about to turn around but then he heard a piece of information and identified the owner of the voice

“Be careful while you go to meet her as Rudra Uncle and Chanchal Aunty along with Sejal are staying in AR Mansion for few days. But haa in their respective rooms though”

Vansh (whisper): Ishani!!!

He smiled as to how his sister guessed it where he was heading and thanked her mentally for giving him the signal about the presence of everyone in the house and left the house. He was driving reminiscing the past days and their pain when suddenly he saw a medical shop (24*7) and it reminded him of her burns on her feet and hands and stopping the vehicle abruptly, he decided to bring an ice pack. He reached her house and the security opened the gate for him. He parked his vehicle and was wandering around thinking how to enter her room as it was around 1 am

Vansh: I reached home now how do I meet her!!! I can’t even ring the bell as it may wake uncle and aunty and my presence in their home at this hour creates many doubts which I don’t want at present. So, what do I do!!! Vansh how can you come without any proper plan? (banging his head) I can’t even call Angre or Sejal asking them to open the door. If I do, I have to answer many of their questions which am not interested to answer at present. My only priority at present is to meet her and see her. Now, what do I do!!! Shall I call her? But if I do she’ll take my class on call instead of opening the door (making a face). Oh My!!!!! What do I do!!!

He was just wandering around the house thinking of a way and security was glaring him confused and he understood their glares and tried to avoid them and that’s when he got a plan to reach his sweetheart

Vansh (excited): Oh My!!! How did I not think of this!!! This is the only way to reach her and in this way, I need not wake anyone or answer anyone. Vansh you are a genius (mentally praising himself) (self-obsessed you see 😉 )

Riddhima was sleeping when he reached her room and finding her in front of him after 3 days was like finding the end of a rainbow, finding solace for his pondering heart, finding some stars on a dark night without a moon. Even in the dim-lit room, he found his solace. He smoothly moved towards her bed and caressed her hair strands, tucking them behind her ear he sat on the ottoman and was observing her features. Her eyes were definitely worried about something as her forehead turned into a frown and her button nose was inhaling the fresh oxygen, her lips mumbling something which was inaudible to him.

Then his eyes fell on her hands which had bruises of burn marks and then he realized he bought the ice pack for her. He steadied towards her feet and slightly moving her duvet, he bent near her feet, and slightly caressing her feet he observed her burn marks and the cruelty the duo (Kabir and Ragini) showed on his innocent sweetheart pierced him. His tears made their way and a drop fell on her feet and she flinched and he realized that his tears are disturbing her sleep so wiping them he picked her leg and started soothing her burns with the ice pack. As soon as the cool pack got in contact with her burns she jerked and woke up with a startle being afraid. And before she could shout out of fear she heard a husky voice

Vansh: Shh… it’s me relax!

She was amused and realized it’s Vansh and then she understood what he was doing there near her legs. He was caressing her burns; he was soothing her pain. She sighed and he caressed her feet gently for a while and then started doing the same for her hands. All this while none spoke but their eyes and heart were having some unspoken conversations which no normal human being could understand. Their eyes welled up each had their own reasons. Riddhima was having tears out of happiness to see him after days and his care is still the same. He still cares for her and his eyes depict the care, concern, love, and affection he has for her. It seems eternal. In between, she hissed due to the pain the burns were giving her but his love was helping her in coping with that, his soothing breath whenever he blew on her burns to soothe her pain. Vansh was going through emotional turmoil too. He was hurt seeing her in pain, the pain which she never deserved. Her feather-like hands and feet turned into a rotten banana. He felt sorry for not being with her when she needed him the most. He never stopped loving this angel in his life but just thought foolishly that he has to protect her by staying away from her which indeed proves him to be a lunatic. Riddhima saw tears in Vansh’s eyes and she could feel the pain he is going through and now it’s only she who can give him relief,

Riddhima (whispering) (crying): Vansh!!!

When he didn’t even respond, she placed her hand on one of his hands which was on her hand caressing her injuries. As soon as he felt her warm and smooth hand on his, he could feel the roller coaster of emotions encircling in his heart and mind. And then he once again heard his name in her angelic voice

Riddhima: Vansh!!!

That’s it…. Nothing else is needed for him as the emotional turmoil which was happening in his heart now burst into tears and instantly he hugged her crying his heart out on her chest and trying to immerse himself into her. She was literally shocked to find the strongest Vansh Rai Singhania broken into pieces and weeping in this manner which was next to impossible even to think for anyone. She hugged him tight giving him the solace he has been finding for days. In fact, even she was finding her solace in him for which she was desperate for days. He hugged her trying to soothe her pain. She was stroking his hair trying to calm his weeps. They stayed in each other’s embrace for a while before backing out touching each other’s foreheads with tears still flowing. He wiped her tears and kissing her eyes he cupped her face when she inched her body a bit to his level and then kissed his forehead. They once again hugged each other immersing their lost days.

It’s 1:45 am, AR Mansion,

Vansh sat on the bed with his back leaning on the headboard and his left shoulder was occupied by his love. She leaned on his shoulder entangling her fingers with his while he was caressing her hair and capturing that moment with his heart. Silence filled the atmosphere none spoke, the only sound audible was the hoots of owls, the refreshing fresh air mingling with the wind chimes on her window, and the tingling of the clock. Finally, Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: Vansh!!!

Vansh: Hmm

Riddhima: Why didn’t you come to meet me?

And he could feel his heart getting heavy and breaking his thoughts he realized that his left chest getting wet and understood those were the tears of his love. Riddhima was weeping.

Vansh: Sweetheart…. (his voice was breaking)

Riddhima: Shh…. I know the reason

Vansh (shock): Wh… what do… you mean?

Riddhima loosened her grip on his shoulder and sitting straight facing him, she held his hand and

Riddhima (crying): You were blaming yourself right!!

Vansh’s eyes widened in shock and he couldn’t face her, he couldn’t stare into those hazel eyes which had many expectations from him and he couldn’t stand by them. Riddhima inched closer to him, cupping his face in her tiny hands, she made him face her

Riddhima: Vansh why do you always blame yourself for whatever happened? It was not in either of our hands. It was fate. Maybe the fate wanted to test our love. Maybe it wanted to see if we could sustain this test of love being away from each other. And see… see we did it Vansh. We were away yet together and now we are together in each other’s embrace living our life’s most beautiful night. Whatever happened couldn’t be changed but why do you want to hurt yourself and me by distancing yourself for my so-called protection? Do you know I feel safe and secure in your arms, in your embrace? I find my life in your heart. That heart that beats for me. That heart which has only my right on it. Why do you want to take my right from me? Why do think that the solution for every problem is you distancing yourself from me? Vansh you are my strength and pride. Whenever I think of what all you might have faced for your family and friends I realize that now am a part of that circle of yours and I feel enthralled. I who always felt alone in my life after losing my whole family years back and from then I had only Sejal, mom, and dad as a family but after coming to your house I got dadi, sisters, another family whom I could call mine and most importantly I got my Bhai and you, my love, my better half, my soulmate. You distancing yourself from me is making me lose the whole family am afraid I’ll lose them Vansh. I can neither lose you nor your family. They all became a part of my small life and living away from them is something which I can’t even think of. Vansh you aren’t aware of what you mean to me. You are my everything and there’s nothing that would hurt me if you are by my side. I can sustain any pain if you are by my side. Nothing matters to me until and unless you are by me. Will you leave me this mid-way? Won’t you travel by me in exploring this life till our last breaths?

Riddhima was in tears seeing Vansh going through the same pain she’s going through. He hugged her tight trying to ask for forgiveness for his foolishness

Vansh: Riddhima…. Am… am sorry for all the foolishness I … I portrayed in these days. I thought …. I thought am saving you but today I realized that am hurting you and myself to the core. Am indeed foolish to assume everything my way. But… but today am here to assure you that your this Vansh will never ever back out again no matter what the situation is. I’ll always stay by you in all your phases. And dare… dare you to call yourself alone once again. My family is not only mine. It’s yours too. You have us all most importantly me and I am not going to let you go away from me even for a moment. You are my soul, my heartbeat my everything, and this Vansh can’t even breathe without his Riddhima. My sisters are hellbent to kill me if I hurt you, so technically you are important to them more than me. And today Vansh Rai Singhania makes a promise to his sweetheart that his this heart only beats for her and he belongs to only her and would never ever leave her till his last breath and if possible even after that.

He hugged her once again and engrossed in each other’s arms they forgot the existence of the world. Vansh realized that he has to tell something, breaking the hug, he cupped her face who was glaring at him in confusion

Vansh: Riddhima I need to tell you something



So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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