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RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 21. Vansh – kabir faceoff.


Hey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode. I wish you will  all enjoy.

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Episode 21 :

Vansh and Kabir’s faceoff.

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Kabir : vansh you could stop the storm 🌪🌪that is coming from outside.  But how will you stop the storm which has entered your life and standing infront of you.

Vansh  : Interesting very interesting.  But Vansh raisinghania jiskay jindgi main aata hai uskay jindgi ka rukh badal jata hai ( Translation- When Vansh raisinghania enters someone’s life , the direction of its life changes )

Kabir  : but this time your life direction will change.  I am Kabir Sharma , an CBI Inspector and You are under arrest for killing Ajay.

Vansh  : so you are an CBI Inspector,  kabir … I love two types of people who are daring and who speaks truth. So tell truth why are you arresting me .

Kabir  : your muscles are so strong which gym do you prefer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .Anyway,  i have come to arrest you for killing sub Inspector , my junior and my friend Ajay .

Everyone gets shocked , specially riddhima and Anjali.

Ishani  : what are you speaking about my vansh bhai.

Kabir  : yes , your brother Vansh Raisinghania has killed sub-inspector Ajay mathur .

Dadi  : Vansh , tell him that he is wrong my vansh can’t kill anyone.

Anjali  : kabir what are you saying?

Kabir  : Anju and dadi ji i know it’s difficult to believe but this is truth and I have evidences.

Kabir shows the cctv recordings in which Vansh shoot at Ajay and hide his dead body.

Everyone are shocked 😲🙄.

Riddhima  : (cries 😢😢😢) i knew that you are a monster but never thought that you could kill anyone.  You take a brother away from his sister . You made me brotherless 😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭 .

Riddhima sat down and cry . Anjali went near vansh and moved her hand up to slap vansh but she didn’t.

Anjali  : i don’t want to make my hand dirty by slapping you.

Vansh  : enough Everyone.  Ajay interfered in my life , he was the one who entered vr mansion first so i killed him . Yes , kabir is telling truth i killed Ajay.

Kabir  : that letter you got from ajay was the fear of losing his sisters because of this vansh.

Anjali  : tries to hit her . I am very bad that i am enjoying the party of person who killed my bro..brother 😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢.

Scene  -2

Someone is seen viewing the whole vr mansion matter through that fly 🪰shaped drone.

That person  : Kabir did my work easy . Now i don’t have to work hard to defeat vansh.

Scene- 3

Kabir shoot towards vansh.  Everyone are shocked.

Vansh  : A small bullet can’t kill me Kabir.

Kabir  : i don’t want to kill you , it’s not my style.  I believe in justice not death . And my target was not you .

Vansh : you didn’t shoot at me , then whom did you shoot .

Vansh moves back and saw the 🪰shaped drone camera lying down.

Vansh  : you killed a mosquito 🦟.

Kabir : yes , because I like mosquitoes .

Ishani  : therefore your face is like mosquito 🦟😑😒.

Vansh  : it was a drone,  and if it not yours kabir then who send it and when .

Kabir  : i don’t know but this drone has been send by you enemy . I will find it afterwards.

Vansh  : Angre find about this drone and inform me .

Kabir  : now vansh,  come jail is waiting for you.  You killed Ajay and i will urge the court to give you death punishment.

Kabir handcuffs Vansh and take him

Vansh  : Angre and Aryan ,  please take care of everyone.  Bye 😢😢😢😢😢. I love you sweetheart 💗😢😢😭😭

Kabir and Vansh both entered in kabir’s police car  🚔and went from there.

Everyone cries . Some for Ajay’s death and some for vansh arrest .

Angre went to find about drone.

Precap –  Kabir returns vr mansion with 2 bullets shoot on his hand and his entire shirt wet with blood .             Riddhima  : where is vansh ?                 Kabir  (smiles) : vansh is no more . We meet with an accident 😢😢😢.

The end.

So how did you like todays episode.  I hope that you liked it .

1) who was that person who was spying at vr mansion through that drone camera  ?

2) whom did KaVa had an accident with ?

3) Was that accident intentional and if yes who did it ?

Are you feeling thrilled wait for next episodes . Bye , take care.

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