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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (episode 10)

Hi guys.  Hope u are fine.  I know I will get chappal for not posting but sorry. I have reason why I didn’t posted first a basher came and said harsh word in private on wattpad that made my mood really off like srsly.  Second I lost my interest in the story why bcs last part was of truth right but what were the comment amazing or awesome like srsly I need to know how do u like the twist but what were the comments when u guys don’t give ur views obviously the writer will loose the interest u guys never ever participate like if I ask any question or anything no response am not saying to give the right one but participate it encourages the writer and last which I always say was busy was free too but my mood was not there so I can’t.  So I hope u guys would participate from now on as the story is to it’s end yss 15 parts total and end so pls . Sorry for this long but it was needed. Let’s start with the episode

At Malhotra mansion
Ridhima akshay sejal and aryan were just pissed off by raisinghania presence. On the other hand raisinghania were sad and guilty with their actions. Aditya was trying the pacify those four pissed prsns.
Ad:- ridhima pls am sorry pls
R:-  keep ur sorry with you.
Ad:- okay no sorry and why should I say if I got my business friend here but behave nicely with them.
R:- Ya I know your so called friends and behaving with them I know how to behave with whom.
Saying so she went from there with a angry face. Soon it was dinner time and all were called for dinner downstairs. All were present there except the four pissed kids😛. Raisinghania were thinking one thing why the head seat is empty as aditya was the oldest in Malhotra’s and he was sitting on other chair. Akshay came down and saw all on dinning ignoring them he was going out but aditya stopped him asking where he is going at dinner time.
Ak:- you focus on your business friend  we will manage our.
Ad:- Akshay (angry)
A voice came from behind
Vo: what happened
And it was of our riddhu.
Ad:- nothing leave that now come for dinner.
R:- sorry to disappoint you but me akshay aryan and sejal are going out.
A voice from behind
Vo: as we don’t want to disturb ur friendship dinner. So enjoy yours and let us enjoy our.
It was of aryan.
Zo: ridhima u came after so long and now for dinner u are going out.
R:- ya I came after so long but I think bhai don’t have anything to do with me so called his business friends (looking at vansh) am I right or am right (mocking smile)
Vansh lowered his head.
R:- so now pls let us go and enjoy with ur friend..
Saying so all four went from there.
Late night
Vansh was still awake waiting for all of them to come back but there were no sign of them . He got worried abt them and went to adiya room.
Knock knock
Adi opened the door and saw vansh at late night and became alert.
Ad:- what happened vansh u here at this time is everything fine? (Worried)
V:- It was that ridhima and others have still not come and it’s late night they might be in some problem we should check for them.
Ad:- ohh abt that relax whenever they go like this mainly they come late so relax.
Vansh just nodded and went back to his room still in thoughts
In morning
Adiya vansh and ishangre was in hall.
V:- They still not have come where are they
Ad:- they might have come relax.
V:- Aditya I checked in aryan room he was not there(in mind) and in ridhima room I went to check but it was locked huh..
Ad:- relax relax they might be in ridhima’s study come.
Zoya glared at him and gave are-you- serious look .
They all went to her study and knocked. It broke the sleep of the four who were sleeping peacefully akshay at floor accompanied by ridhima, aryan and sejal at bed seemed like firstly they were on bed but later on floor. It was ridhima’s study no one was allowed there without her permission but at side there was one bed not so big which was kept for them when they came after night outs.  With another knock on door akshay went to open the door once opening he again went to sleep as he thought only of adiya(again telling adiya is aditya +zoya)to  be there but if only he knew that vansh and ishangre would also be there. Seeing them vansh and ishangre eyes widened where as adiya rolled their eyes on seeing them as it was normal for them. A huge wave like tsunami we can say of jealousy went through vansh body when he saw the trio position (akshay riddhu aryan) ridhima’s head on akshay stomach and legs on aryan and to add more the three buttons of aryan shirt were open and same of akshay and ridhima firstly toh he was stunned seeing her as she was in

(It actually took me time as I wanted a stylish but not so open like you know what I mean)
His thoughts were broken by some voices it was of them only saying to zoya to let them sleep more
Zo:- u guys always like this firstly come late and then wake late.
R:- bhabs pls chill(sleepy voice)
Zo:- nothing can happen of you all.
The four finally waked up and what they saw made ridhima angry someone was in her study without her permission.
R:- what the.. how dare u come in my study(angry)
Ad:- ridhima it was me who brought them as he was worried abt you(realizing) and others
R:- so now pls tell them to go.
Listening to high angry voices dadi and chachi also came there.
Dadi:- what happened
R:- noth..(she felt like vomiting)
She rushed to washroom.
Seeing her vomiting the trio(arjal and akshay gulped down and adi glaring at them)
Suddenly dadi exclaimed
Dadi:- is she pregnant maybe she is see how she is vomiting.
Akshay and arjal tried to say something but were cut by dadi.
Dadi:- u all don’t know u just keep quiet.
Here ridhima was vomiting and the trio ran to washroom to help her . After vomiting she came out.
Dadi:- kisi ki nazar na lage ridhima ab tumhein apne saath saath iss bacche ka bhi dhyan rakhna hai toh dhyan se hmm{no evil eyes on my child ridhima now u have to take care of this child too with urself }
R:- whatttttt
Ar:- dadi pls u don’t know anything .
Here vansh was in his thoughts that how ridhima is pregnant she can’t. His thoughts were broken by the voice of dadi who said nooooo when ridhima was going to take some medicine.
Dadi:- ridhima now only I said u have to take care and here u are taking medicine this can be bad for child.
R:- dadi pls.
She took the medicine.
Ad:- let me explain that madam yesterday might have eaten alot alot means alot and them vomiting right. (Angry)
Ridhima just ignore him.
Ad:- and you all couldn’t also stop her right (to akshay and arjal)
Trio:- sorry
Zo:- just quiet (shouting)
R:- bhabs don’t shout it’s nkt good for the child come sit here and no more arguments.
Making her sit on the chair she faces zoya.
R:- okay am sorry but don’t shout (to baby/tummy) princess say your momma to not shout hmm.
Zo:- again princess huh it would be my prince.
R:- princess
Zo:- prince
R:- princess
Se:- now we don’t know whose it so we will call it baby okay. Baby you know I will make so many designer dresses for you. Come fast jldi pls.
R:- and now I hope every is cleared abt pregnant and all so pls leave.
Vansh pov
When this pregnancy news came I was happy amd confused both happy that the child may bring ridhima back to me but confused that we didn’t had ‘it’ yes we never did it in glass house also ridhima was given pills by me which made her unconscious I wanted to show her that we did ‘it’ but if it is revenge too I can’t take her advantage never but now the confusion is clear that she is not pregnant. But the main thing is am hating the presence of this akshay and aryan near ridhima like so close what happened if we dive that don’t mean I don’t love her and they can be so close I have to do something to make them away.
Pov end
They all moved out and akshay riddhu aryan sejal went to freshen up.

Sorry for being late do tell ur views pls do tell and if any wishes to add that also drop in comments.

And also one more thing is yet to reveal in next chapters and u all are gonna get shock for sure😂😛

Till then take care . Wear mask and use all precautions.  Luv u all 💕

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