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RadhaKrishn 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Alakshmi’s Demand

RadhaKrishn 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna describes Lakshmi and Alakshmi story to Mahadev and Devi Gauri. He goes into flashback where Lakshmi is born after samudra manthan and touches Narayan’s feet after having a gandharva vivah with him. Alakshmi emerges and says she is Lakshmi’s shadow and wherever Lakshmi goes, she will be present there; she has first right on Narayan as she touched Narayan first. Lakshmi tells Narayan that Alakshmi cannot give first right on him as Alakshmi is just her shadow and there is no entity of shadow. Alakshmi says light is weak and has a very short span, so shadow has a more significance as its darkness. Lakshmi says she has right on Narayan. She asks Narayan to give her the right she deserves. Gods says that right belongs to Lakshmi. Narayan says definitely that right belong to on Lakshmi and she will be with him and sit on his throne with him. Alakshmi says this is injustice. Narayan says light is more powerful and shadow doesn’t have any identity of its own. Alakshmi argues with him and challenges to snatch her right at any cost. Out of flashback, Gauri tells Krishna that this incident was between Lakshmi, Narayan, and Lakshami, hence its an injustice if she fights with Alakshmi. Krishna says she is right but who can protect the world from Alakshmi’s wrath. Gauri says Radha has to fight with Alakshmi. Mahadev says Radha doesn’t know she is Lakshmi. Gauri agrees to support Sri Krishna and give her powers to Radha to fight Alakshmi, but Krishna has to make Radha realize that she is powerful and can defeat Alakshmi. Krishna says he will do that. Mahadev asks him to do it soon before Lakshmi harms Dwarka more. Krishna says he will transfer Lakshmi’s powers into Radha.

Radha offers help to injured Dwarka citizens. Citizens blame Radha that she injured them and now came to help them, they don’t need her help. Balram says Alakshmi harmed them and not Radha. Sam asks Radha to leave as he will handle situation by giving money to Dwarka citizens. Alakshmi thinks Narayan kept Lakshmi with him as Radha, she knows how to enter Dwarka now. She calls her monster aide Jwarasur and orders him to make Dwarka citizens ill and put the blame on Radha. He does same. Radha gets concerned seeing citizens getting ill and asks how to protect them. Balram says only Krishna can give the solution and orders guards to call vaidya and ask them to prepare medicines. Krishhna walks to him. Balram asks him to end this monster. Krishna says he cannot and only Radha can. Balram says she has gone to temple. Krishna says let her pray.

Radha prays Mahadev and Gauri and seeks their help. Krishna walks to her and says only she can help citizens. Radha asks how can she and asks him a solution. He says she can help them by devotion and he means by serving Dwarka citizens and they both will serve the first Dwarka citizen they see first. Radha agrees. Alakshmi thinks if Narayan had given her right, his citizens wouldn’t have suffered like this. Krishna walks to her. She touches his feet and says at last he came give her right to her. Krishna says right is gained and not snatched. She says he kept Lakshmi with her disguised as Radha, so he should ask Radha to leave and let her with him. Krishna says he is not himself without Radha. She asks if she wants Radha to fight with her, he should know that Radha will lose the battle and even Krishna. He says Radha cannot lose Krishna. She says he will risk his life as Radha will die. Krishna says if she understands Radha Krishna’s love, she will realize there is no selfishness in it and the world will benefit with their love.

Precap: Krishna tells Alakshmi that Radha always benefits others. Alakshmi says time will tell who will lose. He says Radha’s woman power will end Alakshmi.

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