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My life got destroyed because of a drunk man. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is another os of mine. I wasn’t expecting to write another one now, but I want to get out of this state along with that my dearest Sidhi has given me an idea that got lighten inside my mind and made me so excited to challenge myself and see what I could get from this idea. Do tell me your opinion on the comments.
So let’s start:
Riddhima has got up from bed while all her body was paining her so much.
She wasn’t understanding what has happened with her.
She wasn’t able to believe that what has happened with her at night was a true thing.
She wasn’t able to believe that he has taken her forcefully.
She was being shattered so much.
She was crying so badly.
She has panicked when she has seen the blood that was scattered on the blanket of the bed.
Riddhima to herself: He has really done this!!!!! He has made me lost my virginity!!! He has taken me in the most forceful way!!!! He has destroyed my life completely. I hate him and hate my life. No no. I’m sure this is just a bad dream. This is just a stupid nightmare. My best friend Vansh could never do something like that. No no no no no.
Then Riddhima starts to see another shade of herself.
Riddhima’s self: Are you mad Riddhima?!!! You are still asking?! Do you aren’t remembering what he has done yesterday?!!! You aren’t remembering the pain that he has given it to you?!!!! He is a beast Riddhima. He has just ruined your life and you are still asking. He is a stupid drunk man who has just destroyed your life while he was unconscious. If you aren’t remembering what has happened, I could make you remember.
Flashback shows Vansh and Riddhima being at a party together.
They were enjoying and chilling.
They were dancing together and the mood was very good.
Vansh was drinking a lot at this moment.
Which is what Riddhima wasn’t liking it.
Riddhima: Vansh, please stop drinking that much. I don’t like you being drinking that much. It isn’t good for your health.
Vansh: It is a party Riddhima so let’s enjoy without those rules and if you want to apply such rules on someone you could apply it on your dearest fiance Kabir not on me. I’m just your best friend so go and apply your power on your lovely fiance.
Riddhima: As you wish my friend, but don’t forget that I have warned you. Drinking never ends the situations in a good way.
After Riddhima has finished her words, she has gone near Kabir and they started dancing together.
They were close to each other and they were enjoying their time.
Kabir: I love you so much Riddhima.
Riddhima: I love you too Kabir. I do love you so much. You are the only man who I wish to complete my life with him.
Kabir: Just one month left darling and we will be together forever. Just month left and we will get married my love. I’m super excited for our marriage Riddhu.
Riddhima: Me too Kabir. You are the only man that has entered my life as my lover and the only man who will have the right on me. You are the only man who will touch me.
He has hugged her a very long hug.
Kabir: I know that my love.
All of them were enjoying their time.
Then Kabir has decided to leave.
Kabir: I have to go guys as you know I have an important business meeting at early morning tomorrow so I have to be ready and be in a complete concentration. So Riddhima do you will come with me to drive you home or you want to stay for more time?
Vansh( starting to be drunk): Make her stay more as still the party is just on its start. You go Mr. Business man and I will drive her back to her house.
Riddhima: Yeah Kabir you go and Vansh will drive me when I need to go.
Kabir: Okay baby. Take care and enjoy.
He has putted a kiss on Riddhima’s forehead.
Then he has left.
Kabir was trusting Vansh a lot and he was always being happy and relaxed when Riddhima is with him.
For him Vansh is the most supportive person to Riddhima if he isn’t with her.
So he has left while he was being very relaxed and chilled about Riddhima.
At the party, Vansh starts to be drunk.
He was very very very drunk.
He wasn’t able to have the control on himself.
He starts to get very close to Riddhima in a way that has made her surprised.
Riddhima: Oh God Vansh!!!! I told you that you don’t have to drink that much. Now you have got very drunk!!!! What I will do now with this drunk man?!!!!!
She was trying to make him away from her in a gentle way.
She knew that he isn’t in his consciousness.
So she was trying to put him on his limits and make him wake up.
But Vansh’s drunk state wasn’t under the control at all.
He starts to be another person.
He was making Riddhima more and more closer to him.
He was putting his hands around her waist to make her very close to him.
Riddhima( raising her voice): Vansh!! Stop it. You are making me uncomfortable. Please stop and leave me.
He wasn’t listening to her.
He was just pressing more on her waist which has given her a very huge pain.
Riddhima( being very strict): Vaaaaaansh. I’m serious. You are paining me. I said leave me.
He gets closer to her.
Vansh( in a very drunk tone): And what you will do if I didn’t left you?
He was very near to kiss her.
Then she has immediately slapped him a hard slap.
Riddhima: Don’t you ever dare. You really got mad Vansh. What are you doing blo*dy drunk?!!!!!
Riddhima’s slap has made drunk Vansh very angry.
Vansh: How dare you to slap me Riddhima?!!!!  How dare you??!!! I will make you pay for this slap.
He has lifted her and taken her from the party.
The party was on a hotel.
So Vansh has taken her to a room that he was already booked it.
He was lifting her so hardly.
So she can’t be able to escape from him.
Riddhima( raising her voice and being very angry): Get me down. Leave me Vansh. You aren’t in your senses. Please try to wake up. Get me down please. I said leave me now. Leave me blo*dy drunk.
Riddhima was very angry and she was trying her best to get out from Vansh’s captivity, but he was holding her very tightly which made her isn’t able to escape from him.
He has got her to his room.
He has closed the room perfectly.
Then he has surrounded her by his hands to not make her go anywhere.
Riddhima: Open the door Vansh. I need to get out from here. Open the door I said. Leave me!!!!!!
She kept screaming and shouting.
Riddhima: Help!!!!!! Anyone could hear me. Please help me and save me from this monster.
He has pushed her on bed.
Vansh( while holding her both hands forcefully to not make her escape): No one will save you from me Riddhima. You have said about me that I’m a drunk man so let me show you what this drunk man could do.
Vansh’s drunk state was very very very very high.
He wasn’t the same person that he is used to be it.
Being drunk has made him someone else that he himself wasn’t knowing him.
He wasn’t able to have the control on himself and his actions.
He was getting closer to Riddhima.
Riddhima was doing her best to get him away from her.
She was screaming and begging him to leave her.
Riddhima: Please Vansh leave me. Please Vansh don’t do this with me. Please Vansh. Please don’t do that. Please leave me. Leave me I said.
Vansh wasn’t listening to Riddhima’s words.
He was being like a monster.
His desires was what just being on his mind now.
He gets so close to her.
Then he starts kissing her allover her body.
He starts removing her clothes as if he is just a hungry animal.
He wasn’t seeing anything other than Riddhima and her body.
Riddhima was crying and shouting.
She was keeping and keeping trying to get out from his captivity.
She wasn’t giving up.
She was trying her best.
But he was holding her so hardly.
He was more powerful than her.
She wasn’t able to get out of him and his power.
She was crying so badly.
She was keeping begging him.
But he wasn’t listening to her.
He was just a monster.
He has taken her forcefully.
He has raped her while he was being in this drunk state.
He has destroyed her life while he was just drunk.
Flashback ends.
Riddhima starts crying badly while she was remembering what has happened to her yesterday.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I’m not dreaming.
He has really done that with me.
He has made me lost my virginity and he has taken me forcefully.
He was destroyed my whole life.
What I will say to my family?
What I will say to Kabir who we supposed to get married after just one month?
What I will tell him?????
How I could tell him what has happened?!!!!
He will never trust me.
He will never trust that it wasn’t my fault.
He will never trust that I got forced and raped.
No one blames the man for such thing.
They always blame the woman.
I will be just the one who be blamed for this.
They will blame me for being raped as if I’m the one who was doing that while being happy!!!
No one will support me.
My whole life got ruined because of that night.
And the one who has ruined my life is my best friend. The one who supposed to be my biggest supporter.
I didn’t have felt on myself when I have gotten out from the hotel without even concentrating on what I have wear it from my clothes and what I haven’t.
I have just kept running and running.
I wasn’t believing that this has happened with me.
I wasn’t believing that in just one night everything has got destroyed in my life.
I was crying so badly.
I wasn’t able to stop my tears.
Everything got ruined.
Riddhima’s life has got ruined because of you Vansh.
I hate you so much.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I’m not able to understand what I have done and what has happened yesterday.
I’m just trying to remember and everytime I remember something I start to hate myself more.
How I could do something like that?!!!!!!
How I could give this pain to Riddhima?!!!!!!!
How I could break her trust and Kabir’s trust?!!!!
How I could be that monster?!!!!?!
How Vansh?!!!!!
How you could do something like that with your best friend??!!!!!!!!!!
You have raped her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have taken her forcefully!!!!!!!!
You are a beast and a monster Vansh Rai Singhania.

Vansh Rai Singhania is a rapist!!!!!
I have to take my punishment.
I’m a stupid drunk man.
She was right.
I’m a blo*dy drunk man.
How I could do that to her?!!!!
Even if I’m drunk, how I could forget all my morals?!!!!!!
I hate myself and I hate drinking.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Kabir’s POV starts:
I’m shocked.
I’m not able to understand what Riddhima has told me about now.
How she could do that?!!!
How she could betray me like that?!!!!
I have trusted her so how she could cheat me?!!!
I have trusted Vansh so much.
How he could cheat me like that?!!!!
I wasn’t able to hear anything from Riddhima.
I’m not trusting what she is saying.
She is a liar.
I hate her and I hate myself for trusting her.
She was trying to make me be convinced from her words.
Riddhima( crying): Please Kabir listen to me. You know me well. I can’t cheat you. I can’t do such thing. He was drunk. He has forced me. I tried. I tried so much to get out from his captivity, but I wasn’t able. I was so weak. He was more powerful. Please Kabir don’t think on me in that way. I do love you please understand.
I have got out from my place in a strict way.
Then I have looked at her parents who were shattered as well.
Me: I’m sorry uncle and aunt, but I call off this marriage.
I have said those words and I have left their house while I’m shattered.
I will never get to see this stupid girl again.
Everything got ended now.
Kabir’s POV ends.
Riddhima was being at the garden of her house.
She was crying endlessly.
Riddhima to herself: Everything has got destroyed. I have lost everything in my life. I have lost my virginity, my fiance, myself, my parents, my respect, and my best friend. I hate myself and I hate Vansh and I hate Kabir. I hate this society who never support the girl in such a case. They always blame the girl and they forget that she is the victim not the rapist. I hate them and I hate my life.
At that moment, Vansh has came to Riddhima.
He was shattered and being very guilty.
When she has seen him, she got panicked.
She got so afraid.
She starts to remember what he has done to her.
She starts screaming and shouting on him while hiting him.
Riddhima: What you have came to do it here?!!!!! Do you have came to complete what you have done yesterday?!!!! What you want from me???? You have destroyed my whole life. I hate you Vansh. I hate you. Get lost.
Vansh: I know that anything I will say it will never minimize your pain. I know that what has happened is just the behavior of a monster not a human being. I wasn’t on my senses. I was very drunk. You know that Vansh your best friend could never do such a thing while being in his senses. I’m really sorry Riddhima. I know that there isn’t any apology that could clear what has happened.
Riddhima: Sorry?!!! Really?! What I will do with your sorry?!!! Does it will return me like before?! Does it will return to me my self respect back?! Does it will make be able to look at my parents’ eyes without being embarrassed?! Does it will return my fiance back to me?! Hell with you and with your apology. My life has got destroyed because of a drunk man which is you Vansh Rai Singhania. I hate you. I hate you so much.












The end of the os. I hope you like it. I don’t know what is happening with me nowadays all what I write is emotional. I will just try to stop this stuff. Just bear me guys, but yeah unfortunately this is something that is found on our society which I hate it so much. I hope you have liked my os and do tell me your opinion on the comments. Will be waiting for all of yours comments. The respond here is what will make me know if I will write another os or not. I’m happy to challenge myself and get os like that. So please guys tell me your opinion. I do want to know how it was. I request silent readers to comment here as it really encourages us. I hope that you all could comment so many comments here. Let’s see if you all could make me write a new os or not. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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