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Kumkum bhagya (my one true love) CHAPTER 1

Two girls are are leaning in the car waiting for someone

They are

Prachi look

Sahana look

Sahana – when will they both come

Prachi – they should be here 20 mins before

Two boys come running

They are

Ranbir look

Aryan look

Prachi – aagaye maharaj

Aryan – sorry

Sahana – why are you both late

Ranbir – we slept late

Prachi – why you both slept late

Aryan – we were watching a movie

Prachi – I had told you yesterday to sleep early

Aryan – sorry now LET go

Sahana- ok wait did you guys notice something we all are wearing black

Ranbir – wow my sister from when from when did you beco so smart and observant

Sahana – I was but you didn’t notice

Prachi – now stop we are late we don’t want to become more late

They go to give a interview

Interviewer- so hello guys today we have PRAS with us so I will ask you 5 questions and you have to answers no. 1 why did you name the group PRAS

Aryan- We name it PRAS because p means PRACHI r means ranbir a means ARYAN I mean myself and s means sahana

Interviewer- wow what a unique idea second question whose idea is this

Prachi – ofcourse I am most intelligent among them this was my idea

Interviewer- third question why all of you are wearing black

Sahana – it’s a coincidence

Interviewer- are pranbir and arhana real

Prachi – pranbir is not confirmed but aryan and SAHANA are dating

Interviewer- CONGRATULATIONS now fifth and last question are you doing any concert or doing any songs

Ranbir – this we cannot tell it will be a secret

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