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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 7


The next morning

In Mehra mansion
The preparations are being made for Abhi, Meera, Ranbir and Rhea’s engagement.
Alia to servant – Do it properly and choose the best designs, it’s rock star Abhishek Prem Mehra’s and his daughter Rhea Mehra’s engagement.

Alia goes upstairs to check Rhea
Alia – Rhea be ready we need to go for shopping.
Rhea – I’ll not come buji unless Ranbir will not come.
Alia – Don’t u worry, Ranbir will be coming.
Rhea – But buji he said no for shopping then how will he come?
Alia – U know sweetheart Pallavi is Ranbir’s weak point. He’ll not come if we will ask him but if Pallavi asks him then he will definitely come.
Rhea – Buji u are the best.
Alia calls Pallavi and asks her to send Ranbir for shopping with Rhea. Pallavi ensures Alia that Ranbir will come with Rhea.

In Kohli Mansion
Pallavi – Ranbir, Ranbir come down
Ranbir – What happened mom, why are u shouting like this, is everything okay?
Pallavi – Everything is not okay. U hv to do a favor for me.
Ranbir – Anything for u mom.
Pallavi – I was expecting this only from u. U need to go to shopping with Rhea .
Ranbir – What mom? Mom I can’t go I hv some important work.
Pallavi- U need to go Ranbir, Rhea is ur fiance and nothing should be more important than her in ur life.
Ranbir – But mom..
Pallavi – No excuses u hv to go, I am calling Rhea be ready in 10 minutes. Now go fast .
Pallavi calls Alia and asks her send Rhea to Kohli Mansion for going to shopping. Alia informs Rhea . Rhea leaves for Kohli Mansion. Ranbir is in his room.

Ranbir’s POV
Now what will I do. How will I meet Prachi now, I need to inform her before engagement.
Pallavi calls Ranbir as Rhea reaches.
Rhea- Good morning aunty.
Pallavi hugs Rhea- Good morning beta.
Ranbir comes down stairs.
Rhea – Hii Ranbir!
Ranbir – Hello
Rhea hugs Ranbir. Then asks should we leave.
Pallavi – Wait a minute, Ranbir listen me carefully, don’t leave Rhea alone and take good care of her. I’ll be calling Rhea and if she complains anything to me then u see what I’ll do.
Rhea- Aunty u care so much for me but u don’t worry I’ll make sure that Ranbir will focus on me. Right Ranbir?
Ranbir( lost in his own thoughts realizes that Rhea is asking him something) – Ye, yess sure
Rhea – So let’s leave.

Ranbir- Okay.
Ranbir and Rhea leave for shopping mall.
In Ranbir’ s Car
Rhea is continuesly talking about her shopping list and her excitement for tomorrows event. While Ranbir is lost in Prachi’s thought and thinks how can he tell about his engagement and thinks how to deliver his message to her. Rhea and Ranbir reach the shopping mall and do shopping.
Meanwhile Ranbir tries to call Prachi but her phone is coming out of reach. Ranbir gets tensed and decides to call her in night.

In Pragya’s House
Pragya is worried thinking about Abhi’s marriage. She thinks that he’ll marry Meera and leave her forever. She decides to find some way to stop the marriage.
Meanwhile Prachi comes to meet Pragya. Pragya looks a little worried. Prachi hopes that Abhi will manage to get out of the situation and will be able to stop this engagement.
Rhea and Ranbir complete their shopping and leave from the mall. Ranbir drops Rhea to her house and decides to meet Prachi. He calls her and asks her to meet in the restaurant. She agrees and leaves from her house to meet Ranbir.
Meanwhile Rhea decides to meet Pragya.
Simultaneous scenes

In Pragya House
Rhea comes to meet Pragya. She rings the bell while Pragya goes to open the door. Pragya gets emotional on seeing Rhea.
Pragya- Rhea… Beta come in. Is everything okay?
Rhea gets emotional on seeing Pragya but controls her emotions and rememebers her real motive. She enters the house.

Rhea – Actually I came here to give u this engagement card of dad and Meera aunty. ( she does not tell anything about her engagement as it was a surprise for everyone)
Pragya – Why are you doing this Rhea? I know that u hate me but pls don’t this.
Rhea – I am doing this because I love Meera aunty and she also loves me. And I request u don’t try to stop this engagement, if u consider me ur daughter then pls don’t do it.

In the Restaurant
Prachi meets Ranbir and asks the reason for calling her.
Ranbir – Prachi I want to discuss something really important .
Prachi – Ranbir pls tell fast I am getting tension.
While in Pragya’s House
Rhea leaves the house. Pragya falls on her knees and cries bitterly on remembering Rhea’s words. While Rhea is leaving the house Shahana sees her and quickly enters the house. She gets shocked on seeing Pragya. She rushes to her and tries to console her and ask her about the matter. But Pragya in not in a state of speak anything. Shahana immediately decides to call Prachi.

In the Restaurant
Ranbir is trying to speak about his engagement but is not able to speak.
Prachi- Ranbir if u want to tell then pls tell fast. Why are u stammering?
Ranbir gathers courage and decides to speak everything.
Ranbir – Prachi actually … Woh I and….
Suddenly Prachi phone rings. She picks the call.
Shahana- Prachi.. Pls come fast.
Prachi- What happened Shahana? Why are u so tensed?
Shahana- Woh massi… You just come home.

Prachi- What happened to maa…
Shahana – You just come, I can’t tell it in phone.
Prachi leaves from there without informing Ranbir . Ranbir gets worried for Prachi.
Ranbir POV
Ohh God I lost this last opportunity also to tell the truth to Prachi. Now everything will be over (he gets sad)
But why was Prachi so much worried? Is everything okay. I’ll try to call her during night time and ask about the matter.
Ranbir leaves the restaurant. And after some time he reaches his home and decides to meet Aryan and then leaves for Mehra Mansion.


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