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At Srinivasans house

“ Even now I am not understanding why did Prachi hide about her sister being RJ Angel?” says Meenakshi.

“ Amma, they would have their reasons. Probably Shahana didn’t want anyone to know. You know how humble they are. Don’t think more and take some rest.” Says Ishaan.

“ Fine, I will not think about it anymore on one condition.” says Meenakshi.

“ What, amma?” asks Shashank.

“ See, I always wanted Prachi to become the elder daughter-in-law of this house but it didn’t go well.” Tells Meenaskshi.

“ So?” asks Ishaan tensed.

“ So…., I want at least Shahana to be my daughter-in-law.”tells Meenakshi.

“ what? Amma! How can you?” yells Ishaan.

“ relax, I am not speaking about you. I know it would be embarrassing for you to court the sister of a girl whom you have tried to court earlier.” Saying this she turns towards Shashank making him tensed.

“ Thank god, I am saved.” saying this Ishaan also turns towards Shashank with a teasing smile.

“ Amma? She is my friend. And I don’t know much about her.” replies Shashank.

“ then know about her. What say?” Ishaan smiles teasingly.

“Bro, are you taking revenge as I have supported amma and appa regarding you and Prachi.” Asks Shashank with a pout.

“ No, I really want your future to be good. ” saying this Ishaan laughs.

“ stop it, you both. I am serious. Listen both those  girls are very good. They have all the qualities to become a daughter-in-law of a good house. But Prachi doesn’t want to become Ishaan’s bride at least you try with Shahana.” Meenakshi requests Shashank.

Shashank remembers Mishti and thinks he doesn’t have a chance with her and sees his mother.

“ Amma, if Shahana has no problem then I am ready to marry her.” Shashank says this making Ishaan and Meenakshi dumbstruck.

“ what? What did u just say? Are you saying the truth?” asks an excited Meenakshi.

“ yes , amma” replies Shashank.

Ishaan feels something is wrong. Meenakshi kisses Shashank’s forehead. And thanks him for respecting her wish and asks Ishaan to find a bride soon for himself for which he sighs but remembers Rhea and smiles. Meenakshi asks them to keep it a secret from Mr. Srinivasan and others until Shahana agrees to which they both agree and leave from there. As soon as they come out Ishaan pulls Shashank aside.

“ what is wrong with you? I mean you agreed to marry a girl without knowing anything about her?I agree you both know each other but not that much as you should know being life partners. I know Shahana is a good girl but arrange marriage is not of your type. What happened? Tell me.” asks Ishaan.

“ Nothing, bro. It’s just that I don’t love anyone and Shahana is a nice girl. So I don’t want to miss the chance.” Saying this Shashank leaves from there faking a smile.

At the quarters

“ I never knew that it was dad’s concert.” Says Prachi.

“ How come you don’t know? You worked for the program, didn’t u?” asks Shahana.

“ Yes, but the thing is the singer wasn’t revealed to any of the workers. It was  a surprise for everyone. Of course it was for everyone except us” says Prachi.

“ Really?” asks Shahana.

“ well, I felt good seeing dad after so many days. And meeting Ranbhir too.” Says Prachi remembering their moments happened earlier.

“ Yes, I forgot to ask you, what happened between you both?” asks Shahana excited.

Prachi reveals everything.

“But I didn’t understand how did he know I was in the costume room?” ask Prachi with a suspicious look at Shahana.

Shahana gulps and reveals everything.

“ well, thank you. It was so good to meet and talk to him. After so many months, I felt good.” Says Prachi.

“ so are you gonna reveal Rhea’s truth to him?” asks Shahana hoping she would say yes.

“ No, actually I want to. But I can’t. you know right. But I want to see everyone very badly. ” tells Prachi.

“ Well, u can. As far as I know everyone has seen me on the stage. Aryan said me everyone came. So, if they got brains, by now they should have guessed that u are alive. Even if they didn’t Aryan and Ranbhir would have revealed the truth to them.” says Shahana.

“ But I can’t stay with them. And if I enter that house everyone will notice me and then they will not let me leave.” Says Prachi

“ well, there is a solution for that. Aryan is getting married day after tomorrow. So everyone will be busy in wedding preparations. Then u can go and see everyone.” Replies Shahana sadly.

“ Really? Aryan is getting married? To whom?” Prachi asks excitedly irritating Shahana.

“ Yes, to Mishti, Ranbhir’s sister.” Shahana replies with a mock.

“ what is wrong with u? what are you sad?” asks Prachi.

“ why? Can’t I be sad? Should I always be like laughing buddha?” asks Shahana mockingly.

“ Relax! Why are u getting hyper?” asks Prachi.

“ My best friend is getting married, so even I want to get married. But I can’t fins a suitable groom for my self. So, I am irritated. ” Saying this Shahana leaves from there and shuts the door with loud thud perplexing Prachi.

At Mehra mansion

In Aryan’s room

“ So, someone made Prachi promise that she should leave? As breaking promises is not of her type she will not return?” says Aryan

“ Hmm. I don’t understand what to do. I want to be with her. But if I choose her then I should leave my parents. I am ready to do that. But Prachi will feel hurt that I lef my parents because of her and I don’t want to hurt her.” replies Ranbhir

“ We should quickly think of a plan. First we should find that person who forced Prachi to make such a promise so that she will not be troubled when she returns. I really wish Arya di was here. She would have definitely helped us. Don’t know where she is.” says Aryan remembering her.

At a house

[ So, whoever guessed that Kiara was saved by Sunny are wrong]

Kiara wakes up in a house. She sees herself sleeping on a bed. Her head hurts. She gets down the bed and comes down the steps and sees a lady preparing food in the kitchen. Suddenly door opens and someone comes inside.

“ Mom, you came early? You said you would be…..late?” Sunny slows down his talk when he Kiara.

“You? What are you doing here?” asks Sunny.

Disha hears his voice and comes out and finds Kiara there.

“ You woke up. And you both know each other?” asks Disha.

“NO” Both Sunny and Kiara reply in unison.

“ well, I understood. So how did you both meet?” asks Disha.

Sunny and Kiara understands that their lie is caught and he reveals everything.

“ oh, she is that girl in whom you see Kiara. Not only you many people sees Kiara in her” Says Disha caressing Kiara’s face.

“ what? many people? What do you mean? And where did you find her?” asks Sunny.

Disha explains everything. Sunny leaves from there not understanding what to answer after knowing that Arya is King’s daughter.

“ I don’t know why you didn’t sing. But if Pragya di has supported you then you must be a good girl. I don’t expect you to tell any truth. But I just hope that you will learn what you did was wrong. ” Saying this Disha gives her a plate of fruits to eat and leaves from there.

Next day morning

At temple

“ Hello, aunty. Why did you call me here? You said you wanted to discuss something important. What is it?” ask Prachi.

“ Where is your sister?” asks Meenakshi coldly.

“ well, she is coming. She is buying flowers for goddess.” Replies Prachi.

“ why did you lie to me?” asks Meenakshi seriously.

“lie? About what?” asks Prachi innocently.

“ That your sister is RJ Angel.” Meenakshi replies sternly.

“ That… I am sorry. We didn’t want anyone to know. Is there anyway that I can make it up for you for my mistake?” asks Prachi.

“ This is what I wanted to hear. Now, listen you can make it up for me.” says Meenakshi with an excitement.

“ what do you want?” asks Prachi shocked by her sudden change and gets scared about what she will ask.

“well, I always wanted you to be my daughter-in-law. But I understood that you and Ishaan are not compatible. But, I like both you and Shahana. So, today I have come here to request your sister’s hand for my younger son, Shashank.” Says Meenakshi.

As soon as she says this Shahana reaches there. Prachi gets shocked seeing her but Meenakshi gets excited and expects an yes from her.







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