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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan protects Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with everyone waiting for Ahaan. Riya comes. They ask her about Ahaan. Riya says he has gone to talk to the manager. Dadi says he could have sent Kartik. She says he is coming. Dadi thinks I know Riya is lying. Sonu thinks poor Ishqi, she is tolerating this because of me. Kartik says I will go and meet Ishqi, will you come. She nods and says I hope she is fine. Ishqi sadly comes to her room. Maasi sees her. Ishqi acts normal. Maasi gets her husband’s threatening message. She asks Ishqi to go.

Ahaan goes. He hears Maasa ji asking for Ishqi. Maasa asks Ahaan to help him. Ahaan scolds the manager. Maasa says I asked Ishqi to let her Maasi stay with me, but she didn’t listen. Manager says don’t tell anything. Ahaan says they stay in that quarter, you can go and take Maasi with you. Manager thinks Ishqi asked me not to tell anything to her uncle. Ahaan thinks Ishqi shouldn’t ruin her own family. He comes for the engagement. Ahaan and Riya exchange the ring. Everyone dances. Kartik gets a drink for Ahaan and says congrats. Manager calls Ishqi. He gets busy with Mehta. Dadi says I m very happy that Ahaan and Riya get engaged. Ishqi and Maasi get shocked seeing Maasa ji. Riya gets pics clicked with everyone. Kartik asks Ahaan to go to Riya and take pics. Ahaan thinks something is wrong, I should go to Ishqi. Dadi asks him to sit with Riya.

Ishqi asks Maasi to go inside. Maasa scolds her. Ishqi says you want money, you will get money, go from here. He scolds her. He pushes Ishqi away. Ishqi gets hurt. Maasa gets a stone at throws at Ishqi. Ahaan comes and saves her. Ahaan sees her hurt. He asks how dare you hurt her. Maasa asks so what. Ahaan scolds her. He says they are your family, its your responsibility to protect them. Maasa says I can do anything with them, I have a right on my wife, I can do anything, I had stolen Ishqi’s engagement ring, she didn’t change, so I broke her head and made her reach the hospital. Ahaan gets shocked and recalls everything. Maasa says I will not leave Ishqi. Ahaan slaps him. Ishqi says leave him, its my family matter, I will see him, you go. Ahaan says I can’t tolerate anyone hitting you, I will stay here and protect you. Ishqi asks by what right, you don’t have any right to fight for me, Sir, its your engagement, go and enjoy, no need to talk in our matter. Maasa and Maasi leave. Ahaan asks why are you tolerating this. She says I have tolerated a lot. He says stop this drama. She says its the truth, you are the guest, I work here, I need this job. Ahaan asks why did you do this, if you had married Mayank, then you would have not tolerated this poverty and insults. She says its better than marrying Mayank. He says its not good to handle all the problems alone, please don’t go there alone, trust me.

She says I can’t trust anyone except myself. She goes. Chachi asks Kartik to go and find Ahaan. Ahaan comes. Dadi asks where were you. Ahaan says we will click pics, come. Sarla says I think something is wrong. Ginni says I will keep an eye on Ahaan. Dadi says tell them that it was a phone call, come. Ishqi scolds Maasa and says I will call the police. Maasa says call the police, I will tell the resort man that you had been to the jail. Ahaan stops Chachi and says don’t tell this to anyone, I have some work. Ishqi slaps Maasa. She says I don’t need the police to protect Maasi. She asks him to leave. Chachi comes there and scolds Maasa. He goes. Ishqi hugs Maasi. She thinks I know who had sent you here. Chachi says I know you are tolerating a lot, I m feeling helpless, but I will save you from this man, it was a promise to myself. Ahaan drinks and says Ishqi cheats people, I helped her, what did I get.

Riya says Ishqi went away, but Ahaan isn’t with me. Her mum pacifies. Ahaan says Ishqi didn’t lose the ring, she didn’t say and wanted to protect her uncle and aunt, I misunderstood her and just fought with her, I didn’t understand why did she broke relation with Mayank, when Ishqi and I came close to each other. Riya comes. He says I have work stress. He asks Riya to sit. He apologizes to her. Riya says its okay. He says I will always support you Ishqi, I will protect you, I will always be there for you. He sleeps. She thinks maybe he doesn’t know how much he loves Ishqi, but sorry Ahaan, I m helpless, I can’t let you both unite.

Mayank tells his entire evil truth. He catches Ishqi. Ahaan comes and beats him. Mayank goes to hit Ahaan. Ishqi gets hit on her head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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