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INTEQAAM – A RiAnsh / RiHaan / RakSh + Kabutar FF : #2 – BREAKDOWN

Hey guys thanks a lot for immense love and support @scarlet flower – pl sis , don’t call me di , as I am not much elder than you


“vansh…….. , I wa…….n…….t….. t….o….sa……y………some……..th….. i……n….g……. ” riddima said while unable to bear the pain .

” yaar riddima , how could you ?? , let me say , …… ” kabir spoke .

” So vansh , what she till now said is the truth , actually , there is something more , I am actually anupriya’s son , I and mom wanted your property , so , she killed your biological mom , miss uma , next , mrs dsouza , as she known the truth of my mom , next ragini , even your sister siya got into coma by my mom , even my mom tried to kill your sister ishani and her child , but she got saved by riddima , you see , whenever I or mom try to harm you or your family , riddima stands like a shield and always protects them , now , coming to the point , I just used riddima , she is not at all at fault yaar ” kabir spoke whole – while , smirking .

Vansh now is in full rage , he can’t hold anymore , he holded his fists in anger ,

he saw riddima , who is struggling to breath , he felt guilty for not trusting her , he felt sorry for her , and then , riddima started highly breathing ,

slowly her eyes are getting closed , she got unconscious ,

and suddenly , kabir laughed hard ,

” oh , finally , she is DEAD .

And then , after listening kabir’s words , he got huge jolt , and fit in rage , he slapped kabir ,

kabir looked at him still smirking .

” I will not leave you for killing my wife
kabir” he spoke in anger .

” Before arresting me , first catch me yaar “
kabir said and ran away .

Vansh looked at riddima with moist eyes , he called the doctor , and an ambulance came near the cliff ,

they entered the hospital , just then , he called everyone , and said the whole truth to them , all are awestruck , they can’t hold up their , all came ,

vansh can’t bear anupriya’s melodrama and fake care towards riddima , so he went out and took his car , he came to the temple ,


” God , why did you done this to her , to my wife , to my lifeline , to my riddima , what wrong she did , she trusted you more than anymore , and you betrayed her , she is now in a critical state fighting for her life , whenever she is in trouble , she uses your name and gets saved , why can’t you save her now , she loved you a lot , she taught you as her mother and father , but what you did is , trying to takeover her life , she doesn’t enjoyed her , she lived a life of an orphan , still she stood on her foot , by your support , she is her strength , she is my strength too , you can’t takeover her very easily , she should have to be with me , till my last breath , she have to spend her life happily , her way should be bed of roses , not path of thorns , she should be like my riddima , she should always be with me in my everything , if you take her life , that means you even took my life , she is my heart beat , you can’t take her soo easily bappa , give her strength and courage to fight , she should not leave me , we both together should fight and serve the justice , for the deeds which are done by anupriya and kabir , we should have to take REVENGE , I promise you , I will not hurt her once again , believe me , and accept my prayers , give your blessings to her , make her recover , please god , please bappa , I request you , I doesn’t requested anyone in my life , now I am requesting you just for riddima , my riddima should be alive , please don’t take her away from me , please . ” he said sobbing and weeping .

He does aarthi with his palm lit up

He got a call from angre ,

stating him to come to hospital immediately , vansh does so , and left from there to hospital .


While he is going inside the hospital , while he was taking each step , it’s freaking him a lot , he is requesting god to not make him hear any bad news , when he came near riddima’s ward , he saw his whole family crying , just then , doctor came near him ,

” I am soo sorry MR.RAISINGHANIA , we can’t save your wife , she is DEAD!!!!!! .

Vansh is awestruck and holded doctor’s collar , with his fists , whole anger in him is visible in his face , doctor got scared .

” How dare you to say my wife dead ?? , look , don’t lie , I know well she can’t die , she is a lioness , she could fight the death”

He said in anger and pain .

He was about to collapse but two hands supported him , its angre .

” Boss please control yourself , I know it’s a heartbreaking truth , but you have to control yourself , you don’t have to lose hope on yourself , you have to fight the fear , you will always say right ?? , ‘ FEAR IS THE OTHER NAME OF DEATH ‘ , Bhai , please control yourself ” angre said while holding up his tears .

Vansh can’t bear it anymore , he went out,

whole family is trying to console him , while they are in an unconsolable state .

Just then VanGre got a smell , they got a doubt , just then both shouted at a time
” FIRE “

They saw the hospital catching up fire , doctors and nurses are trying their best to get out the patients , but they can’t get out the patients from the mortuary .


After coming to the mansion , vansh locked himself in the room , he don’t want to hold himself anymore without breaking down , he controlled himself all the while to not make his family worry , mostly dadi , as she is a heart patient , he went inside his room , and locking it , he sat beside the bed on the floor , he is sobbing and weeping inconsolably , he took out his phone from his pocket , he looked at its wall paper , it’s of riddima ,

” Why riddima why ?? , why you left me still knowing that I can’t bear the pain being alone without you , I am nothing without you riddima , why do you left me like this , why do you left me in the middle of the sea in a thunderstorm ?? , I loved you a lot with my whole-heart , I thought to give you happiness , I wanted to spend my whole life with you , I can’t be a second without you , how could you think that I can live without you ?? , you are soo cruel , you doesn’t have any mercy , so what you left me , please riddima , please comeback , I don’t want to lose you , I want you , god , why did you dies this to my riddima ?? , what wrong she did , trusting you ?? , or loving me ?? , bappa , you are merciless , atleast, you doesn’t make me even see my riddima , I left her alone in tough conditions , and I got the punishment which I deserve , bappa , give what punishment you want , but don’t send my riddima away from me , I love her alot , I can’t imagine my life without her ” he said while crying .

Holding his phone tightly he slept .


[ if you will stay alive , then my work will not be done ”

” what do you mean ?? ”

” I mean ……….”

” vanshhhhhh.…………………….., save me “ ]

Suddenly , he waked up in a jerk , all sweating and continuoslly chanting riddima’s name . He then got into the heartbreaking reality , that she is DEAD .

He went into the garden for fresh air , his mind is playing the cliff scene where riddima got stabbed , her last words ,

[ vanshhhhhhhhh………save me !!!!! ” ]

he is yearning for her mere presence , her one glimpse is enough to make him happy ,
his mind then strikes , the last words she uttered ,


Just then , a tap came on his shoulder , he turns back  , it’s of angre ,

” Boss , dadi is calling you for dinner ” angre spoke .

” I am not interested angre ” he spoke

” even dadi doesn’t eat bhai ” angre spoke and vansh went to check on dadi .


dadi  , why didn’t you eat ?? ” he spoke.

” then why didn’t you eat beta ?? ” dadi spoke .

” dadi , it’s different ” he spoke .

” it’s not different , come and eat ”

Angre and dadi somehow tried their best to make him eat , by their emotional blackmail , and for their happiness , he ate .


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