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If you allow me to ..( Short story) Part 3

Please read till end okay,It took efforts

Episode starts with Riddhima standing in front all as a culprit with tea cup poured over vansh's white shirt.
She was trembling,exhausting,
Shikha: Riddhima...
Uma shouted on her.
Anupriya stood up and looked at her as if she had committed a big crime.
Tears made her way out of Riddhima's eyes,she turned even more red and breathed heavily, glanced at Vansh for a second,he was calm ,and a bit small smiling,
Riddhima's brother,rushed with tissue ,Riddhima rushed from there .
All stood shocked,seeing her running upstairs.
Vardhman (Riddhima's father): Riddhima...
Uma became extremely shocked,Vardhman looked at her asking from eyes ,that what has happened to her.Uma looked down.
Anupriya: What sort of girl..

Before she could say anything,vansh stood up and signed her not o speak anything such.
Shikha: I..I will just go and see her.
She was about to leave but Vansh signed her to stay,and with sign language asked his father,
Vansh : If you allow me to,go and see her?
He was saying this using sign language which made Riddhima's family even more shocked.
Anupriya cleared her throat,to lower the shockness of everyone,
Anupriya: Actually,I didn't men..
Vardhman: Please Mrs Raisinghania,you just sit for some time ,i will just call my daughter.
Anupriya: Actually,I want to tell you all ,that my son,Vansh Rai sighania,he is ,deaf and dumb.
All became extremely shocked,and Riddhima's mother and brother,started arguing that how they hid such a big thing,and how they could even think that they will marry off their daughter to a dumn?
Vansh couldn't listen to all this,but seeing them all quarrelling ,he understood that his mom had ied to him that she had revealed about it to them.He just felt,sad ,that his mom hid it from them.
Anupriya left from there with Vansh.

It was night,
Riddhima was still crying,her mom and bhabhi had come ,to ask for food,but she denied,
Riddhima: Why I am so God? Why you made me so? My phobia,my fears...why i did it.I have no courage to face off dad,he didn't even come once.
On the other hand,her dad ,was feeling sad,that he didn't even get to know about such a big thing and had brought alliance of a deaf-dumb guy for his daughter.
Riddhima then heard a thud on the window,she looked up,wiping her tears and rubbing her eyes to look clearly,she had switched off all the lights,which she was about to on now,to see what voice it was,but before she could,she again heard the voice.She moved towards the window,and opened it slowly,and got back with a shock when she saw a hand on window.She was about to scream,but before could,Vansh got more up,she saw him,Vansh signed her to pull him inside,
Riddhima was  extremely shocked,not knowing what to do,but seeing his grip falling weak ,she held his hand,and made him inside.
They both shared an eye lock,

Vansh could see even in the dark room,with just a dim glare of moon light,that as he thought,she was still crying,so he smiled a bit.
Riddhima broke the eye lock,and was about to shout,
but vansh signed her not to speak anything,he could not hear her,but as per a common sense ,knew that she would be screaming.
Riddhima: What made you here...who are you to come here,why you come..
All these questions were showered on Vansh by her ,when she heard a knock on the door.
She felt a jerk hearing that,Vansh realised her looking at the door,that there might be someone..
Riddhma: Why you came here..
Her eyes were questioning vansh,which he really wished to respond but couldn't .
He forwarded his hand to show her something,but she had no time,as her mom was knocking...she pulled him and made him hide beneath her bed,but then striked her head with hand,crying and panicking,as she had thought,he was so tall,he could not hide beneath that.She took out a pile of clothes from herwardrobe to cover his legs which were out of bed,but in vain.She then pulled him other side,meanwhile knocking was continously increasing,and she was cntinously saying that just a minute.She hid him in bathroo.
Then she opened the door.

Riddhima: Mom,bhabhi...you here.
They made their way inside and as per her expectations,her bhabhi lit up the lights.
Shikha: What havoc have you created in your room?Its so messy..
Riddhima: Bhabhi let it be..I will just mend it up.
Shikha:And what about the thing you did today?Will you be able to mend up even that?
Riddhima lowered her eyes.
Uma: Riddhima,no need to be sad now.We are here to say sorry..
Riddhima looked up at them in amazement,why would they be sorry,,
Shikha: Riddhi..you dad and brother are sorry too,actually.
Uma:We have got the alliance of a deaf and dumb for you.
Riddhima became extremely shocked,she looked here and there in her room,to realise that why vansh was not saying anything when she was asking him the reason to be here.
Uma: No need to be sad forthat now.
Shikha:Yes..stay happy.we will get a good alliance for you,that was just a mistake.
Saying so her bhabhi and mother were to left,when she was just lost in thoughts that why Vansh is here.And if she should inform her mother about it?

Riddhima:I had not called him,,,then why should I hide him?
These thoughts were in her mind,but she was not able to inform them anything and they left,she closed the door from inside,and stood with back resting on the door,both hands behind and head up,looking at the ceiling,as trying to accept the reality,when she looked down and then moved to bathroom and took vansh out.
She knew that Vansh won't be able to reply her.
She looked in his eyes,which showed as he wished to say something.
He gave her a letter.Riddhima held it and as looked at him he had got down of window and left,she just stayed still for some minutes,looking at him going iin the street.
She then moved to her table,air was making way from her window,which she didn't wish to close at the moment,and she opened the letter,she had not heard Vansh's voice,but was feeling,as his soul is going to say something in the form of letter.

Vansh's letter,

" Wait,please read this till end.I know,you might be asking me at the moment,why i came to your room,how I dared to do so? I am sorry for saying,but I ,myself have no answer for this.I don't know,what forced me so much ,that even after knowing that this alliance is not going to happen,even after knowing that your family had denied to the alliance of this deaf dumb,hey,don't get me wrong.Your family did right,I am really sorry from my mom's behalf,that she didn't disclose it earlier to your family.She lied to me that she had disclosed it and yet your family is ready,I am not hurt that your family denied,even this is the same which i expect from a lovely family wuld choose for their daughter.So they did right,and I am okay with it that alliance is not fixed,still i dared to make a way to your room,I am myself not getting it that how,but i ..really wished to say something,for which I had no other option left,

Riddhima,we have no relation.But if you allow me to,then I want to say that ,please don't cry ,I,I don't think that there is any reason for you to cry.

As I am thinking,you might be crying.Ridht? Miss Riddhima,Its we all have some fears,some pains,some tensions,and some reasons,if you wrere not comfortable,i agree,that your family,might have forced you or for them you had to come forthe alliance? You know,your courage,that even after havingso much fears and pains,you did gather a lot of courage and came,you know that courage really matters.I don't know if the world is able to see that or not,but I know,that the thing that matter is that you tried.Today when you dropped tea on me,and became so restless,I felt calm for you that you finally got a way to rush away,because when you came,I could see,your innocent fear on your face,I felt warm,that yes you appeared ,I felt agreed for the alliance in that moment ,but now situations are changed,its completely fine.You just ,keep up the same power of yours,to try the things,and I know,next time,you are not going to drop the tea,so just smile.
Be the same.the same innocent girl,who is phobiatic for all,but from my perspective,the one who is really courageous to conquer over all the fears.

Best of luck for ahead,...
Vansh Raisighania,."

She kept reading that letter ,again and again,everytime,she was falling,more and more for his words,in just one glance,he learnt so much,he understood so much .How ...
She sat with head down,moon light falling over her upper cheek,and lower cheek on the letter.

Next morning Riddhima was sitting,still the words of vansh's letter were echoing in her mind.She saw her father leaving for his office,
Riddhima: Papa..
Vardhman: Riddhima,,,come beta.Sit.
Riddhima looked at her mother and father.
Uma: Want to say something Riddhima?
Riddhima: Papa,did you deny for the alliance,just because he was deaf,dumb?
Her mother and father looked at each other.
Uma: Why are you still thinking about that alliance?
Vardhman: Riddhima ,beta I really had no idea that he is such,else I would have not got that alliance.
Riddhima: Papa,is it a sin or crime to be such..if not,then why you dened.You could have come to my room,and took me down,by holding my hand,as you did in my childhood,you never allowed me torush from anything then why this time..

Uma: What are you speaking? He would have got you if that boy would be fine.We are not here to discuss about sin or sacrements,main thing is we can't marry our daughter to a man who can not even listen to her.
Riddhima stayed quiet,she had no courage to look in her parents eyes because she feared that they would sense the dampness in her eyes,,so she just came out of room.
Riddhima: How to tell you mom,even after not being able to listen to me,he is the only one,whom I found,understanding me so much.
For some days ,she was just restless,she knew,her family is looking for anoher alliance,maybe Vansh's family might also be looking for another girl,this thing ,used to make her desperate to see vansh once,she once again wished to see in his eyes,that night,there was no light,yet in the dim light when they saw in each other's eyes,she found so much understanding,that she never got in anyone's.
She decided to meet Vansh once again,she had no courage to ask her parents about it,she knew her mother would create world war in the house.

she was just thinking about the way to meet him,when the thought of the fact,that if she would not have got scared that day,then vansh would might have been here,it made her even more panic,but then she  calmed herself reading his letter again and again.
Riddhima got the idea to meet him in his office,
she got her scooty out of garage,she had not used it for months,she had no friend,whom she can visit,she was an introvert sort of personality who was just happy in the four walls of her room,it was her life,for the irst time ,she was daring to step out for someone.
She reached the VR Business residency,,and looked above at the multistoreyed building,
She was again turning red,getting fast heartbeats and goosebups,
she held vansh's letter in her hand,
Riddhima: Comeon Riddhi,Vansh came at the window for you...can't you just go and meet him.Comeon,if not today then never.
She got inside the building,

Receptionist: How may I help you mam?
Riddhima: (Gathering courage,she had no idea how can she say that she wants to meet their business head,somewhere she had the idea that she would be denied but she dared to ask once): I ...want to meet ,Vansh Raisinghania for some minutes.
Receptionist: Okay mam,please show te meeting conformaion card.
Riddhima: I...I don't have it.
Receptionist glanced at her as she is awkward.
Receptionist: So you want me to confirm a meeting with him?For that you will need to fill this form mam,in which you have to clearly mention the reason of meeting him,and that too with your complete identity ,for secutiry reasons,we would review you form,and tell you about the conformation,waiting is for six months.
Riddhima became shocked,:Six months,Riddhima,six months is a huge time,in this time your mom would marry you off thousand times,and what reason can i write,that I just want to see him?
She left the form and left out ,sadly sat on her scooty,air was blowing,her eyes got wet,she was really desperate to meet him once,but there was no option left.

She then sat there for almost three years,
then as she had thought,the great business tycoon finally got out of his building,but he was gathered aroung,by some staff members,bodygaurds,and may be some family members tooShe tried to glance at him,but in vain,when she saw his gaurds opening the car gate for him,she in hurry stood up on her scooty,
Vansh was about to sit in car but then turned for a moment,and saw Riddhima standing on scooty,she was so lost in trying to get his glance,that she had no idea ,where she was standing,and where she was.She came out of her trials,when she felt a jerk.
Her scooty stand slipped,and she was about to fall,but at the moment,Vansh held her.She became amazed that he had reached her and she didn't know.His sunglasses got removed,and they both shared an eye lock.
He made her stand.
She could see him,asking from his eyes,that if you are fine,what are you doing here,why were you standing on it..
She was just diving in his eye talks,but then realised that she had no way to reply,then to just give a small smile.

Anupriya came to both of them,
Anupriya: What are you doing here? What drama are you creating?
Riddhima became shocked,and soon realised that everyone were gazing them,she felt vansh's grip on her wrist loosening,and again ,she felt herself shivering,made her scooty eect and left from there with full speed,when Anupriya was just shouting that why are you running,tell me ,what brought you here...
As she had thought,when she reached home,her family,were all sitting in the hall,and as soon she entered,the storm of questions gulped her,
Uma:Why you went there
hikha:That too without informing us
Arun:i told you na..this girl is not that innocent,arey what was the reason of going to that dumb
Shikha:That day you just rushed up,from where you got the courage to go there today
Riddhima just stood still,crying,seeing that no one here ,is understanding her from her eyes.
She just rushed back to her room,when all were still speaking.She closed the door of her room,adn closed her ears ,to just avoid the voices.She was crying hard,not knowing herself that why she reached there...
whole night she was just gazing at vansh's letter,waiting that he might appear at her window,but no he didn't.But htis time,she was not going to leave any table unturn,she had decided,only Vansh is the guy,who understands her even  without her speaking.
She avoided her family's suspicious eyes and questions,which they were just dumping because her father had ordered them to stay quiet.

After 5 days,she got in the vR Mansion,
As she knew,gaurds would not allow her to went inside,so she had got the stereo system with a mic,
Riddhima spoke in mic,
Riddhima:Vansh Raisighania,come out...
She knew that he won't be able to listen,but his family would definitely take him out to make her leave them.And so they did,after seeing that she is stubborn enough to not leave them,they got Vansh out.
Meanwhile Riddhima's family ,media reporters,everyone were gathered .
Riddhima was standing in front of vansh,
Vansh was questioning from his eyes,that what is all this,
Riddhima started replying,by sign language,as well as in mic,so that everyone could hear,and vansh too could ,
Riddhima: I don't know,that what magical wand is in your hand.That girl,who used to hardly speak in front of her own family,is stading in front of whole world,and daring to pour her heart outThis courageous Riddhima,you have created her.I was just a phobiatic girl,you saw courage ,een in that.
What everyone could not even understand by my words,you understood that without words.
I used to just wander aroud,trying to find someone,to share my views,my thoughts,you shared them ll in just one glance."\
Vansh smiled.

Riddhima: " I used to believe,that there should be someone ,whom i can speak my heart out,then ,I found that soulmate,in you.People might ask that how would i share with you? but thy don't know,language and speech,is just a way to convey our thoughts,that we conveyed ,on the very first day,with out eyes,our souls shared everything within some moments of eyelock,still ,to get one step above,I learnt this language,sign language for you.I believe,that this will work as the way to make our bond even more stronger.Thankyou vansh,for creating a new Riddhima,for being my courage,my power,for understanding y fears,for that lovely ,calm smile on my every stupid deed,
my dad,he is standing over there, i know,he might be shocked to listen to me at the moment,but he does not have any idea,that how much i have waited and died ,to say it allin front of you,

She sat on knees,
Riddhima: "Vansh,I think,that I ..i can't wait to spend my life with you.I can not wait now,to share everything with you from my eyes,i can not wait anymore,to find yourself standing besides me,I can not wait anymore,to be yours.If you allow me to,can i become yours,forever?"
Vansh's eyes were damp,he never got that  much love in his whole life,he had faced much everywhere,everyone used to make him believe,that he is disabled,lacking a huge capability,even his mom,never tried to learn any language to talk to him,but what he was seeing in front of him,he could not believe,still ,she knew,that Riddhima,used to respect her family much.
Vansh replied back by sign language,: I am ready,to be yours and make your mine.
Riddhima started crying happily,but then as was to get up,
Vansh signed more,: But first ,I think you should get the permission,of your mom-dad.
Riddhima got up and moved to her parents,she closed her eyes,as she feared her father will slap her,but he kept hand on her head.

Vardhman: Riddhima,you are going to take a really huge responsibility,life will not be that easy bacha.
Riddhima smiled,: I will ,live in the very best way,if you allow me to.
Her dad nodded.Her happiness had no bounds,she turned to vansh,both smiled looking in each other's eyes.
After 2 years,
Riddhima was sitting in Vansh's lap,with violin in hands,and both were trying to play it together.
Vansh could not hear,but was trying to listen music,through Riddhima's eyes.
Then as he closed his eyes to feel the music,through her breath,she kissed his throat.
----The END.

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