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If you allow me to ..( Short story) Part 2

Episode starts with Riddhima sitting in front of mirror,she was ready,in a beautiful lavender dress,her bhabhi came and took over the dupatta over her head,everyone was praising her beauty,she was not able to smile,althugh she tried a lot,but her fear,her phobia ,all the things were continously blurring her mind.
She was getting filled with the thoughts about marriage,her parents were lovely couple,herdad,although her mother never did anything as per her wish,her father’s wish was always her utmost priority,but they both,were happy together.
But her aunt,mother’s sister,she had been subjected to domestic violence,that used to fear her from her childhood,if thought over about love,then her brother’s marrriage was love marriage,yet they both were not so ideal couple.She herself never fell in love,because she ,had no clear definition of love and marriage in her mind,she just usd to ask herself,if this is really needed? Can’t i just live a life ,the way I am.With mom and dad?…She wasjust lost in all this,when she heard her mom calling her .
She felt fast heartbeats,she shivered,and with small trotting,she reached outside her room,but then her bhabhi came and told her,
Shikha: We have thought that you are so much scared ,that you will fall on stairs in front of them,so come,stay in kitchen till they come.
These words relieved her that they have not yet arrived.
Her eyes were searching for her father,she knew ,if she will tell her father that she is not ready and this much scared,then he will understand,but her mom,she had stopped her from saying anything about her phobia to her father,saying that its about her father’s pride.
Breathing deeply she started towards kitchen,midway she collided with her brother,
Arun: Can’t you walk by seeing?
He scolded her and left.She felt more sad,her fear was clear in her eyes,yet her brother couldn’t see that.
Riddhima: Bhai,even he is not understanding the situation of my heart,what can i expect from anyone else.
Thinking she reached kitchen,and at the moment door bell rang.
She turned ,her heart was about to burst,face turned red,goosebumps and heat were on level seven,she just,stayed still.
Her mother came out from kitchen and signed her to move inside.
She rushed inside,breathing from her mouth,she kept hand over her heart and closed eyes,tears ot filled in her eyes,
She could hear her family greeting them.
Then within some minutes,she felt hand of her mother over her shoulder.
She turned to her blinking her lashes to control her tears,
Uma: Why are you sweating so much?Touch up your face,hold this tray and come.
Riddhima(with choked throat): Mom,I am getting too much scaredplease try to understand…
Her mother looked at her furiously.
Uma: Stop this nonsense,can’t you see they have arrived,I join hands in front of you ,end this stupidity.Your father’s pride is on stake,smile and come.
Riddhima was speechless,she was a phobiatic child from childhood,but her family,never understood her ,they always used to cal this as drama.
With shivering hands she held the tray and started following her mother,breathing deeply,trembling a bit,with small steps as she came out of kitchen ,to hall,she could feel,everyone’s eyes on her.She had no courage to look up,she felt her legs jammed,notable to mve further,she was losing balance,as if about to get faint.her eyes couldonly see dark,then she tried to make a bit more balance,her mother voice took her a bit out of the situation,
Uma: This is our Riddhima,Riddhimma beta,offer tea to everyone.
She hardly glanced them all by looking up for a secon, and then looked at the tray,she with shivering hands kept tea in front of a lady,who she had a bit idea that it might be the boy’s mother.
Anupriyaa: Beautiful,I am Anupriya Raisighania,Vansh’s mother.
She then turned to Vansh,to offer him tea.To her calmness,he was not staring at her like her mother,her mother was staring her continously,but he gave her a normal glance,and just tried to held the cup of tea from her hand.But her fear came true,she dropped tea on vansh’s white shirt,Everone except vansh became extremely shocked.

Precap: Riddhima was standing in front of all,as if she is the criminal of year.Everyone was gazing at her angrily,but vansh was calm and smiling.

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