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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu and Rajjo went for their honeymoon

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Manager to say few words for her and exchange ring with her. Manager says a beautiful girl is marrying me, I can’t believe..and most importantly bringing 9 kids with her. He swears to take care of Amma and will never let the kids miss anything. Ranbir sings Papa, the great. Chamchi and hritik also sings. Haseena holds happu’s hand. The kids clap calling him new Papa. Happu asks Manager to move as he is making Rajjo wear ring. He asks what are you doing? Rajjo asks from where you came? Amma slaps him and calls him Shankar Dada. Happu says he is Happu Singh. Amma says my son is this Manager. Happu says I am your son. Amma says you have left 9 kids and went after the dancer. Happu says if anything happens to this dancer then I will lose job and you all will be blamed. Beni asks if he is doing duty. Rajjo asks really? If duty is done like this. Happu says yes. Haseena says I saw Seth Hazariya’s murder happening, when I contacted Police, they sent Happu Singh for my protection. Happu says it is my duty to take her court for the statement and asks Rajjo, what she saw in this manager. Rajo says brother. Manager asks what are you saying? Amma asks him to go. Manager says he will take the extra bill. Happu says it is paid by the govt. Chamchi, Ranbir and others sing Papa, the great. Manohar comes there and tells that the attacker was about to attack Haseena, whom I caught, now there is no danger to her life. Happu says nice. Haseena hugs Happu. Happu says Mission. Haseena realizes and moves away.

Later Happu tells Rajjo that he has fulfilled her dream. He says she is feeling that she didn’t go to hospital since many years. He talks about romance then? Rajjo asks why his romance wants to make her tummy fat. Happu says he is joking. They go out and dance on the song Zara zara…

It turns out to be Rajjo’s dream. Happu and Rajjo are in the car. Happu says hotel came. Rajjo says I was seeing the dream that you was dancing with me. Happu says I have fulfilled your dream, we will go inside and complete the dream. Rajjo says I never thought that I will come with you for honeymoon. Happu says I have promised you and brought you here. Rajjo says after having 9 kids, left 6 in house and brought 2 with us. Happu says we are unique. He says he is restless now. Rajjo asks why did you tell that my Mausi died. Happu asks if Amma had agreed to send us and the kids might have come along with us. Rajjo says why did you kill Mausi? Happu gets a call from Amma. Rajjo pretends to cry for Mausi. Happu ends the call. Rajjo asks him to hold the baby and walks inside the hotel. Manager is thinking about Rajjo, when she walks inside. Manager says your age is more, I was remembering you only. Happu comes there with the triplets. Rajjo asks why you was remembering me? Manager says I always remember good customers. He asks Rajjo about their booking in the hotel. She says she is Mrs. Happu says room is booked on my name. Manager checks and says honeymoon suite. Rajjo gets happy. Manager asks if they want temple facing room. They tell no. Manager says he will get the room ready. Happu tells that he wants rose. Manager says Rajjo like orange flowers. Rajjo says you remember so much.

In the room, Happu tries to romance with Rajjo. Rajjo asks him to freshen up first. He says she is making him tired. Rajjo tells him about her idea of real romance. Happu says my romance idea is failed, we will walk in the lawn holding hands. He says if you go to garden area, then who will take care of the triplets. Rajjo says I forgot about them.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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