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Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff- Estranged Family

Hey all so happy that you liked the previous episode. Here is next chapter. Hope you guys like it

Recap: Ridhimaa is drunk. The struggle has started with the ritual done. Haden loses Ridhimaa’s parents ie., the Sharmas. Shivaay reveals to be Ridhimaa’s brother.

Chapter 24 : Estranged Family 

Ranveer: What are you saying Adi?

Shivaay: Adi..thats what my parents named me Aditya Sharma. But everyone think that I was killed in the struggle as they found my clothes with fire traces. All protection went to Ridhimaa as my parents were taken away by that Nagesh. I was found out by someone else who put me in an orphanage. Later I joined the school of magic under the name given by the orphanage…Shivaay. Maya ji took the best care of me. But I had my love failed as Bani chose Veer over me. I left in anger. When I left from there I found out more about the mission of everyone in the plight that I was not selected for it by Maya ji. In that search I found out about my Birth secret. That I was none other than Aditya Sharma. 

Ranveer: But how did you?

Shivaay: I visited the ancestral home of Sharmas while on search. Its sealed on pure magic and only the heir of the property or the conjurer of magic could find it. This was what I heard from Gaurav ji once. I was able to enter easily and then I found certain things there and went to find the guy who put me in the orphanage. Everything confirmed my discovery that Im Aditya Sharma. Then I found out about Nagesh capturing my parents and his follower having them that time. I wanted to get help from everyone and returned to the school on the day of wedding of Bani and Veer. I got upset but…then…

Ranveer: Then what happened?

Shivaay’s phone rings

Shivaay: Sir..

Voice: Good job Shivaay. Haden was not able to do anything as Vansh and Ridhimaa weren’t here when he came

Shivaay: Thats good sir. You could have stopped them yourself right why did you want me to…

Voice: Well I did not tell you that right..on intoxication her magical tracings fall off so Haden cannot reach her anywhere now

Shivaay: Thats awesome sir. Sir Ranveer is here and I told him everything 

Voice: Ishitha Khundra’s son right..you saved him..

Shivaay: Haan yes

Voice: You need his help in protecting your sister and helping in the victory. Tell him everything except me

The call disconnects 

Ranveer: Who is it Adi?

Shivaay: You will know that soon

Ranveer: Fine. Then tell what happened next

Shivaay: Then I learnt about the curse of the parselmouth and the prophecy after I left from there

Ranveer: How?

Shivaay: Its a long story for some other day. After knowing the prophecy for Vansh and Ridhimaa I also learnt that Haden knows about that and has planned to kill them. That moment I realised that joining back with her is not as important as saving her. I used my love failure to create Faith in the mind of Haden that I want to hurt them all as I was not selected in the place of Veer. Now Im doing my duty of saving my sister and my friends. Ranveer I learnt about you and Aryan and your protective lineage. Now promise me not to tell anyone about my truth

Ranveer hugs him

Ranveer: I wont tell Adi . Infact I want to help you in this

Shivaay: If someone ask about me address me as Adi so that no one will doubt

Ranveer: Sure. Now what are you doing?

Shivaay: Vansh is with Ridhimaa so I need not worry I need to finish an important work. Im leaving for that. What about you?

Ranveer: You know about her na..

Shivaay: Haan I know what about her now?

Ranveer: Im going to her grave. Bye

Ranveer and Shivaay leave from there. The scene freezes 

Ridhimaa’s apartment 

A drenched Vansh and Ridhimaa get inside with Vansh carrying her. He locks the door and lets her down

Ridhimaa: Im sweating switch the ac on

Vansh: Ridhimaa you are not sweating dear..you are wet get inside and get changed

Vansh pushes her into the restroom and closes the door from outside after giving her clothes to change. He slowly walks towards her desk where he finds a diary. He slowly takes it in his hand

But before he could open it the restroom door opens and Ridhimaa walks out

Ridhimaa: Vansh…

Vansh turns to see her standing with her clothes changed and her hair let put loose and wet

Vansh: Ridhimaa why didn’t you dry your hair?

She blinks and he realises that she is drunk as he sees her dress buttoned unevenly. He places the diary on the desk and walks to her. He carefully makes her dress proper and dries her hair. She suddenly stops him and hugs him

 Vansh: Ridhimaa…let me dry them for you..please cooperate 

She snatches the towel and throws it away

Ridhimaa: Nahi..I dont like it 

She pushes him away and walks out to the living room. Vansh follows her

Vansh: Acha okay..now come and sleep. Its late

Ridhimaa: If I sleep you will leave me. I wont sleep

Vansh: Why will I leave you? I wont leave. Please come and sleep

She enters the kitchen and takes a knife in her hand and points at him

Vansh: Ridhimaa..what are you doing?

Ridhimaa: If you try to leave Ill use this knife on you 

Vansh is dumbstruck by her act

Vansh: I promised not to leave na sweetheart then why do you need this?

Ridhimaa: You wont keep your promises thats why

He struggles and finally gets the knife from her

Ridhimaa: Give it to me

Vansh: No.. you are going to bed right now

She starts to cry

Ridhimaa: You dont love me you are scolding me..so bad Vansh…leave from here

Vansh has no other way to stop her cries so he turns to leave. She hugs him from behind

Ridhimaa: See you don’t love me thats why you are leaving..I said na you are breaking your promises

Vansh is confused whether to laugh at her cuteness or cry at her behaviour .

Ridhimaa: You wont bother even if I die. You will..

Unable to take this anymore Vansh turns around and closes her mouth with his hands

Vansh: What nonsense are you talking. Enough is enough 

He drags her to the bedroom and makes her lie down

Ridhimaa: You too come

Vansh: My clothes are wet. They will spoil the bed. You sleep sweetheart 

He covers her with the blanket and walks to the desk. He picks the diary and sits in a chair near her as he slowly flips the pages

Ridhimaa in diary: Hey Diary Im feeling so lonely and as a result I ate all the chocolates I stocked for the month. My teddy bear has also become very old so that I had to throw it out. I have to buy a new one soon. 

Few pages later

Hey Diary Today I confessed my love to Vansh. I don’t know how and why but I really love him. He is the only one whom I can call mine. I just wish fate doesn’t snatch him from me like it snatched Dadi , Maa and Papa. My heart beats faster whenever I think of him. When he is with me I feel safe and secured. 

Suddenly Vansh gets to reality as he hears some sound. He places the diary on the desk and walks to Ridhimaa who is murmuring in her sleep. He bends closer to hear her 

Ridhimaa: Vansh…you were so cute when you got jealous. I loved you like that. Dont leave me Vansh..I wont bear that …if you leave me Ill…ill die..thats for sure

Vansh is surprised to hear that Ridhimaa is talking of him even in her sleep. He realises that she loves him much deeper that what she has expressed to him

He sees tears dripping from her eyes and wipes it. He slowly kisses her and

Vansh: I promise to never leave you sweetheart. Its a promise on me. I love you

Ridhimaa: I love you too Vansh

He smiles at her cute reply and sits the admiring her. The scene freezes 


Shivaay reaches the tunnel with food parcels. He walks in to find the couple sitting silently 

Shivaay: Maa …Papa…I have brought food for you

He takes the food and gives it to them

Lady: Harish……Im scared

The man: Dont worry Avantika they won’t kill us…they haven’t done till now

Avantika: Then why are we here?

Shivaay’s eyes drip with tears as he sees his parents’ eyes with fear for him. He bends down to them

Shivaay: Mom …Dad…..dont be afraid of me…Im your son…

Shivaa in mind: Oh god..help me to restore their memories…please…

Shivaay breaks down crying. The scene freezes 

Next Chapter : Ridhimaa’s long time desire

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