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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 13

Hey everyone!! Hope that you guys are safe at your homes..

Riddhima : There’s not much about why I became a MAFIA, just that I wanted to be strong and to have my own identity in the world..It’s not that by doing good works, you can’t but I was interested in these all works, so yeah..I’m a MAFIA..But I never knew that I’ll be so successful and will be called “Queen of Underworld” Moreover, Vansh and Dad were also in this field so I also tried and luckily, got success. 

As she finished, Nia  got a chance and she stabbed Vansh. 

Nia : I’ll kill him, Riddhima! Listen all of you now, just do what I say..

Riddhima : Don’t you DARE

Nia : What will you do, haa? So much love for this Orphan? 

Riddhima : DARE you call him ORPHAN , I’ll rip you..He’s the most important part of my life! 

They all listened to the last line but they didn’t just focus on it as it was a tense situation. Nia held the knife very close to Vansh’s neck and Tara had tears in her eyes.

Riddhima saw that, within a second, she took out her gun and very quickly yet carefully shot on Nia’s hand and the knife fell down..She grabbed Vansh’s wrist and pushed him gently towards the other side. Nia, without any other thought, freed Abhianshu to run seeing Riddhima’s red shot eyes..As she was freeing him, Riddhima shot on Abhianshu’s knee. Hence, they had no option left instead of pleading. 

Nia & Abhianshu : We’re sorry! Please forgive us…We agree we did bad, but we deserve a chance, don’t we? 

Riddhima : No you don’t but still, being a kind person, I’ll give you one last chance, just leave this country forever or I don’t know what I’ll do.

Both brother and sister joined their hands before Riddhima and left. Suddenly, all of them except Riddhima started clapping. She turned to them.

Riddhima : What? 

Arohi hugged Riddhima and said,”You deserve it, Riddhima! You’re such a brave girl..We never realized till now when you grew up..I’m proud of my daughter..” 

She placed a kiss on her forehead and she smiled. 

Arohi : Today, I’ll make your favorite dishes..

Riddhima : Yay!!! I’ll go and freshen up..

She said licking her lips. After she went, they all also departed from there. 

Riddhima’s room :- 

She came wiping her face with a hand towel when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and saw Vansh there. 

Riddhima : Yess..? 

She said with a wide smile but instead of replying, he locked the door and pinned her to the wall..She was surprised by the sudden action. 

Riddhima : What are you going to do? 

Vansh : What did you say? 

Riddhima : When? 

Vansh : Accha ji! Don’t pretend..The rest might have left it unnoticed but I didn’t..

Riddhima : What’s that?

Vansh : Let me remember you..”DARE you call him ORPHAN , I’ll rip you..He’s the most important part of my life!” Remember now? 

Riddhima tries to divert her gaze, he cages her in his arms. 

Vansh : Now, did you remember? 

Riddhima : Did I say this?

Vansh : Yes you did..

He said in a husky tone teasing her and suddenly giggled seeing her expressions. 

Riddhima : Now, what?

Vansh : See, the Queen of Underworld is scared of me..

Riddhima : So, you were teasing me? Huh! 

She pushed him. 

Vansh : You got angry?

Riddhima : Leave from here, please..

Vansh : Lis-

Riddhima : Leave, Vansh! 

Vansh left with a sad face. Riddhima was thinking something and an idea came to her mind..

At night, Dining table :

Riddhima’s favourite dishes were made..In soup, it was Manchow soup..

In, main course, it had Dal Makhani,

Malai Kofta,

Shahi Paneer,

Butter Naan,

Tandoori Roti

and in desert it was, Spongy Rasgulla 

along with Rasmalai..

Riddhima was amazed seeing all the dishes. She hugged and thanked Arohi and Tara. They all started eating. 

Riddhima : Dad, I want to go on a trip  to Goa with my friends..

Deep : Go, enjoy!

Riddhima : But, one more wish..

Deep : What? 

Riddhima : Vansh along with his friends should also join me..

Deep looked at Vansh, who looked at Riddhima and she looked at Deep. 

Tara : What, you trio are looking at each other? Vansh, yes or no?

Vansh : Yes mom..When are we leaving?

Riddhima : Day after tomorrow and you’re going shopping with me..

Vansh : No shopping, please!

Riddhima : I know, you hate to, but at least accompany me, please..

She looked at him with puppy eyes. 

Vansh : You know naa, I can’t say no to your puppy eyes…

A wide smile appeared on Riddhima’s face. Vansh went to take water. 

Deep : Riddhima, sudden plan of Goa? 

Riddhima : Dad, how can you forget? Mom, you also? 

Tara : What is there?

Arohi : I remember! It’s Vansh’s birthday after two days..

Deep : Oh yeah!!! 

Riddhima : So, I’ll give him a big surprise..(in her mind)This time, it will indeed be a big surprise, Vansh! You’ll love it! 

Precap : He checked their id’s properly and made a confused face.

Riddhima : Oh Mr. VR, I’ll do what I wish..You don’t need to be jealous, okay? 

Vansh : Jealous? My foot..I was just showing concern to you..

Riddhima : Now, you showed? Byee, Good night!

To be continued…

Hope you enjoyed the food items!! Many more exciting chapters coming up! Stay tuned!! 

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