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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-43)

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Flashback Start:-

Time began from where everything started, Time began from where everyone suffered, and Time began when flower was blossomed first time, Time start where everything got destroyed, Time start when love happened for the first time

Year 2016:-

April 2:-

In Saint Teresa’s Institute, Darjeeling:-

At 10 pm:-

A voice echoed in the whole institute marking a new start

“A Very Good Morning to all my dear students. It’s a new beginning and a new start for everyone. All the best for your years ahead……”

A gang of boys were sitting in the canteen listening to the dean of the college

Boy 1- Vansh, New session began marking the entry of fresher’s.

Vansh- So Angre?

Angre- So fresher’s party

Boy 2- Really?

Angre- Yaa…. You know it had been a year since we had partied Kabir

Kabir- Forget about your parties, you know Aryan is coming as a fresher

Voice- Coming Kabir, I came

Vansh- Hey Aryan, How was the lecture

Aryan- How can be a lecture?

Angre- Boring?

Aryan- Don’t you have class, chilling out in canteen?

Vansh- We do have but after 15 minutes

Aryan- Ok then I’m leaving…..

Angre- Great…. Then I’m leaving now

Kabir- Me too… I need to go to library

All left

Vansh- Then what will I do here all alone, Lets go to class and wait for teacher

He took his bag and made his way through corridors looking on the basketball field, a ball came flying to him and he caught it in air and after a while a boy came to take the ball and said

Boy- I’m sorry Vansh. Are you ok?

Vansh- Yaa Vyom……

He threw the ball in the basket making it a goal

Vyom- Nice one Vansh…. Will catch up later…Bye

He left and Vansh made his way to the class room, as he entered he saw two girls were only sitting there. He was fully aware about one of them

Girl 1 (smiling) – Good Morning Vansh…

Vansh (smiling) – Good Morning Ragini….

She again got lost in her book while Vansh made his way to the other girl who was reading a book sitting all alone but on his seat

Vansh- Hey…..

No response

Vansh- Hey… Are you listening to me?

No response

Vansh- Hey…

Girl turned to him while shooting angry glares said

Girl 2- Can’t you see I’m reading a book

Firstly Vansh was lost in her cute doe shaped eyes then he didn’t noticed her face but before he could she turned her face….. Vansh sat beside her

Vansh- Btw You are sitting on my seat but now it’s ok I’m sitting beside you

Girl without looking at him

Girl 2- Congratulations

Then Vansh eyes went on the book’s title

Vansh- “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”

As he said the name of the book she closed the book and turned to him by which he got lost in her eyes and even she was lost making it an eye lock

Their eye lock was broken by bell’s ringing and within few seconds many students entered and even Angre and Kabir was their

Angre went to Vansh’s seat and saw him sitting with a girl and said

Angre- Hey… You are sitting on my seat

Girl 2- Oh Sorry I’ll leave

Vansh (panicking) – Nooo…..

All were shocked by his reaction and to calm the situation

Vansh- I mean you can sit somewhere else also

Angre left without saying anything and sat with Kabir. Vansh looked at girl who wasn’t even looking at him

Vansh- Hey…..I’m Vansh Raisinghania

Girl- Riddhima…. Riddhima Mathur

Vansh- Fresher?

Riddhima- Yaa…

Teacher entered the class

Vansh- Friends?

Riddhima- Aren’t you too fast?

Vansh- I know

Riddhima- Concentrate on the class

Vansh looked at her as she was the first one t0 make him quite but he ignored it and concentrated on the class

After 40 Minutes:-

Class was about to end and just before that teacher’s announced

Teacher- Students, May I have your attention please

And all the voices of the class was converted into dead silence

Teacher- As the new session had begun just now so we had fresher’s and college authority had decided to organize a fresher’s party after two weeks which will be organized by last year students. Thank you

As teacher left the class the dead silence was again got converted into just like a busy traffic Road as everyone was whistling and hooting and in that chaos Vansh didn’t noticed when Riddhima exited from the class

Vansh looked here and there but wasn’t able to find her and before he could leave the classroom a pat came on his shoulder and he turned back and saw Kabir and Angre

Angre- What happened?

Vansh- Nothing I was going to library

Kabir- Ok we are going for our second class… Bye

All left in their direction

In Library:-

Vansh entered and went to anyone of the sections but his eyes was wandering for Riddhima who had in her first glance took out all his senses

He came to stories section and stood before books and took out one of the books and just looking t0 its cover he kept back as his facial expressions were telling that he was not interested on it he pulled out another one and as he took he saw a face which was enough to bring a smile on his face

Vansh- Hey….

Riddhima- Hi Vansh

Vansh was amused as she haven’t even seen his face then too she had known him

Vansh- How you guessed me?

Riddhima looked at him while smiling

Riddhima- Common sense, In this college I’m new although I entered in second year only my friends knew me who are girls and your voice were enough to recognize you

Vansh- Ok….

Vansh eyes went on the book she was reading, it was “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Vansh- Fan of Sherlock Holmes

Riddhima- No had crush on him

Vansh- Oh Really?

Riddhima- Yaa…

Vansh passed through the section and came face to face to her and said

Vansh- All set for fresher’s party

Riddhima- I won’t come

Vansh- Btw You didn’t replied

Riddhima looked at him in amusement as if asking “What”

Vansh- Friends?

Riddhima- Not to fast

And she looked at him and made her way to the table

In hurry Vansh took a Biology Book, and came to her and opening the book sat besides her not even glancing at the book

Vansh- So from where you are?

Riddhima- Mumbai

Vansh- Great even I’m from there

Riddhima just hummed not even here

Vansh- So how come you here?

Riddhima- By plane

Vansh- I’m not asking from which transport you came what’s the reason to come to Darjeeling I mean Mumbai do have best colleges

Riddhima closed the book and looked at him which was enough for Vansh to smile wholeheartedly

Riddhima- You know my dad is an IG Officer and even my Bhai is studying for police officers. So we do have so many enemies there so dad me and my sisters cum friends here for our protection. But why you came here same goes for you?

Vansh- Yaa… Actually my dad is a business tycoon so even we do have rivals so same goes for me even my cousins brothers cum Best friends are here and my sister is in Dehradun

Riddhima- Hmm…. So you are going to arrange our fresher’s party

Vansh- Yaa… Whole last year and don’t worry you will remember this day ever, I promise

Riddhima- Hope so…..

Vansh- Vansh Raisinghania never breaks his promise

Riddhima- Really?

Vansh- Really

A pat came on Vansh shoulder once again and turned around to see Angre and Kabir and even Aryan was there

Vansh- Hey… You all here you had class right?

Aryan- Mine got over right now?

He saw Riddhima

Aryan- Hey Riddhima di, you here?

Riddhima- Aryan please don’t call me di

Aryan- Ok sorry

Riddhima- Btw I’m here for books

Aryan- Ohh…. Where are rest?

Riddhima- They must be in class or canteen

Vansh- Wait wait… How do you know her?

Aryan- I met her and her sisters at the time of that boring lecture of dean

Vansh- Ohk…

Angre- Btw… Vansh As far as I remember you took business studies right when you took Biology as the subject

Vansh looked at the book and bit his tongue

Kabir- And I guess you got a new talent to read a book upside down

Vansh- Woah… I didn’t noticed

All laughed at his foolishness

Riddhima- Anyway I had a class after 20 minutes need to leave for canteen

Vansh- Even I do have class….

Riddhima kept the book but her stole got stuck with the nail on the book shelves making it to shake a bit

She was about to move when she felt a grip on her stole and pulled it a little slow but when it didn’t came back she saw it was stuck on the nail She pulled it hard making her and the book shelf about to fell on her

But in a nick of time, someone held her waist from one hand while from another hand he held the book shelf in the middle of the air making all the documents and books fell on the floor and one of the book fell on Riddhima’s leg and when everyone had seen the scene before them they held the shelf and made it straight

Riddhima had closed her eyes all this while in a fear to get hurt but when the book fell hard on Riddhima’s feet she winched in pain and opened her eyes which were moist and her hazel brown eyes met a dark black orbs who was all this while holding her

Riddhima (whispering) – Vansh

Vansh without thinking anything took her in his arms and made their way to medical room while all the students on the way was looking at them in Awe…..

Indeed they were looking the most adorable couple but they were the couple’s yet

Vansh took her to medical room but got disappointed on not finding anyone there

He made her sit on the stretcher and he took the first aid box from the drawer and sat on his knees in front of her and took her sandal out of her feet and put the injured feet on one of his knees and as he touched her a shiver ran down her spine and she gasped at the touch

Vansh looked at her eyes which was closed, she slowly opened her eyes and met his and he asked

Vansh- May I?

Riddhima nodded

Vansh lifted her jeans till her legs and then applied the antiseptic with slow hands not hurting her and then put the bandaged as she had sprain

As he did she slowly stood up and was again about to fell but Vansh held her shoulder

Vansh- Floor isn’t willing to hug you this much but if you are willing to hug someone I’m there

Riddhima smiled but didn’t let him notice her smile and then stood and was again about to fell and before that Vansh lifted her and said

Vansh- Take rest

Riddhima- I have class

Vansh- Which and how many?

Riddhima- Last one of Accountancy

Vansh- Great Same class

He lifted her and was about to open the door

They were about to leave but then……

Episode ends

Precap- Punishment

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