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Hello guys I’m back with new update. So let’s begin without wasting time.

Riddhima was walking on the road absentmindedly and she was crying silently.


Maine ishq kiya tujhe sohneya
Tune di hai judai ve
Maine di hai tujhe duniya ve
Tune di hai tanhai ve…..

Tune dard diye hai itne
Ambar pe sitare jitne
Jag jag ke raaton mein
Meri tarah aankhon mein
Mahi aansuon ke dhaage tu piroyega….

Tu bhi royega mahi tu bhi royega
Meri tarah tu bhi ikk din kisi ko khoyega……

She didn’t realized that a car in full speed is coming in her way. The driver of the car was horning but she didn’t listened it.

And at last the car hit her with full speed and she fell on the road with blood oozing from her head.

She took VANSH’S name and started closing her eyes.

Vansh came there with Arav and sees that she is laying on road lifeless. He ran there and took her in his lap and started crying.

ARAV: Riddhu please open you eyes. Look your Aaru bhai has came.

SIMAR: Took her to the hospital.

They both nodded and Vansh took her to his car and layed her on the back seat with her head resting on SIMAR’S lap.


Riddhima was lying on the hospital bed with many wires attached to her body.

All Ooswal family came there and was crying for their daughter.

Vansh was standing on the door looking at his Riddhu with teary eyes.

He was blaming himself for the state of Riddhima. He without wasting time rushed to the temple of the hospital.

And prayed for her..

VANSH: Please save her, please give her to me. Please!!

He was praying for her just then Arav came running there and told her that Riddhima is asking for him.

Vansh rushed towards the room and she smiled  looking at him with teary eyes.

Tune chhod diya yun tanha
Jaise waqt se bichhda lamha..
Mahi ve! Mahi ve! Maahi ve!!!!!

Dekhi teri khudgarziikk chali na meri marzi,
Mahi ve! Mahi ve! Mahi ve!

Main hoke rahi bas teri
Tune kadar nahin ki meri
Jag jag ke raaton mein
Teri tarah aankhon mein
Mahi aansuon ke dhage tu piroyega

Tu bhi royega mahi tu bhi royega
Meri tarah tu bhi ikk din kisi ko khoyega…..

They were staring at each other. They were not talking but their eyes saying everything. Their eyes were showing love, affection and care they were holding for each other.

Vansh went towards Riddhima and said

VANSH: I’m sorry Riddhima, because of me you are lying…

Before he could say any thing she kept her hand on lips.

RIDDHIMA: Nothing happened because of you Vansh. So stop blaming your self okk.

He nodded his head….

VANSH ( To himself ): it happen because of me Riddhima but I promise I will give you every happiness you deserve. I will propose you tomorrow.

He smiled looking at her.

PRECAP: Vansh proposed her, their moments, and a new danger…

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it. Keep supporting guys. I don’t know why I chose that song TU BHI ROYEGA. I was not getting any idea for the song so choose this.

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