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Chale na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq par zor nahin) Part 2

Hey guys.. am back with the second episode, earlier than my anticipated time.. as many of you were asking to to update the second part .. so here it is

This part is dedicated to my dearest Liji, she became my  friend here on TU when I was following Ishqbaaz and commenting on it. Almost 5 years back. We are still in contact and discuss every episode of Ishq par Zor nahin. In one such discussion, she had said that she wished that after the leap, it was ahaan who was searching and desperate for Ishqi.. so this episode is based on that…


Karthik came to the balcony of his home and saw his brother at the same place as every night. Which was at the swimming pool. He was staring in the water, as if seeing Ishqi and himself there. It has been six months since they last saw her. Initially Ahaan hated her because she broke the marriage. But when she proved that it was Mayank’s bad character that made her break her wedding and waked out of their life, Ahaan had been missing her. Though he hardly ever said anything, Karthik knew his brother missed her.

Three months ago, he broke up with Riya, the reason is unknown to any of us. They were going to get engaged soon, but no one knew what happened three months back that made Ahaan break up with Riya.

Karthik came down to his brother.

“Bhai.. kya horiya hai “he said… his famous infamous joke. Ahaan gave him a look which said shut up

“How long are you going to be like this bhai, you know you miss Ishqi, why don’t you search for her”?

“you don’t think I have done that Karthik”

Karthik gave a big smile “it means you searched for her, but didn’t find her”

Ahaan gave a sad smile.  They both stood there just looking at the still water, inside it was all havoc though.

“Bhai.. why did you break up with Riya”

Ahaan looked at Karthik, he was serious.

“are you going to ask me all the questions today only”?

“ok, ok I won’t.. would you like to taste this new coffee Bhai. It’s a new brand but awesome”

“No Karthik… I am going to sleep, Good night”

“As if you are going to sleep bhai, you haven’t slept properly in the last 6 months… “Karthik murmurs to himself

That night, unable to sleep, Ahaan walks into the kitchen. He sees a coffee bottle on the table and thinks about what Karthik told him. He makes it and takes a sip of it. It reminds him of something, but he couldn’t remember what. The coffee had a taste of his favorite hazelnuts.

He remembers his conversation with Ishqi when they had missed their train and she had pretended to be pregnant to get a lift…

“What coffee is this” he had literally spit put the coffee he had in one of the restaurants

“Its nice, what’s wrong with it” ishqi drank hers happily

“Its not… coffee should be something like… having my favorite hazelnuts in it”

Isqhi started laughing “If everyone starts putting their favorite dry fruits in coffee… toh bus hoagaya”

He gave an angry look and had sipped the remaining coffee…

A smile graced his lips… how he missed her. She had pretended to be pregnant and named their child nandram. If he ever got a chance to be with her again, he would make sure that comes true, he thought.

“I need to buy more of this coffee he thinks” he sighs and leaves.

This time once he hits the bed, he sleeps… a calmness inside him, as if he found what he was looking for.

The next morning, he will be having breakfast… when Sonu comes to meet the family.

As soon as Ahaan sees her he walks away to his room.

The whole family will be tensed, seeing this behavior of Ahaan.. it had been three months since Ahaan had spoken to Sonu.. nobody knew what happened then… the same day Ahaan had broken off with Riya as well as stopped speaking to Sonu.

Sonu felt very bad because her brother behaved like this with her, her brother was her whole life. Raj tries to console her, but she can’t accept this. What had she done wrong she wondered? She didn’t have enough guts to go and question her brother.

But today she thought she would ask him. She came to his room

“What have I done wrong Bhai, that you have stopped talking to me. Please talk to me” She cries

He looks at her and gets angrier… but angrier on himself. Is this how he bought up his sister, if yes then he had failed miserably. He thought and walked out of his room to leave for the office.

When in office, he couldn’t remove the face of the crying sonu from his eyes. He held his head and put it on the table. How had everything gone so wrong… he trusted his sister so much, so she didn’t keep that trust, he had started hating himself now…

“Sir, there is an invitation from the business association for their 60th anniversary. You have been missing their every party from the last six months… but I think you should attend this one” his secretary told him

His secretary was right, it’s been a long time since he attended these… It will be a good change for him too, as he will have to travel to Delhi for it. And he can stay there for some days then. He asked his secretary to make the necessary arrangements.


So guys, why do you think Riya and Ahaan broke up?

Why did ahaan stop talking to Sonu..

Will Ishqaan meet in the next episode.. stay tuned..

Let me know if you have any such wishes as to what you want next.. I will spin it into a story

Please leave your comments..

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