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Bound To You – Chapter 17 – The Final Face-Off

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@Mary Thank you so much. Yes, Vansh is a true patriot and an honourable man.
Unfortunately, many men still treat women like mere commodities. The society still needs to change a lot.
@Unnamed Thank you so much. What happened at the bar is the harsh reality. Firstly most of these bars and clubs are owned by powerful people who don’t give a damn about women’s respect and are only concerned about the money that keeps flowing in. And such people keep even the police in their pockets.
Some waitresses/dancers/pr*stitutes endure this torture quietly while some others who try to stand up against them, are taught a very good lesson. You can look up on the net about what happened to Jessica Lal.
@Priyanka Thakur Thank you so much. That really means a lot to me!
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@RiansHLoveR Thank you so much. You’ll get your answers in today’s chapter.
You can call me Nia and I live in Hyderabad. I see, there are many Bengalis here. Glad to know that!
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@Riaa Thank you so much. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned before, but I’ve always been fascinated by the Army, Intelligence and the likes. I know it sounds funny, but I had almost considered joining the Army at one point, lol.
Vansh is a true blue patriot and a really brave person, but he has his own set of flaws in spite of that. He is very egoistic. Whether he forgives and forgets everything, or instead lets his ego come in between, only time will tell.
Also, I haven’t seen Family Man, but would like to catch up on it soon.
I guess I only have 1 or 2 chapters more to finish this off.
Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say that. But honestly when I initially started writing this FF, I had ontended to write only 10-15 chapters. But it got prolonged to 17-18 chapters.
@Priyanshi_13 Thanks a lot. All the mystery will be disclosed in today’s chapter. Hopefully, all your doubts would get cleared then.
@AarushiSoni Thank you so much. I know you know everything from before itself. Smart girl.
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@Samistha Choudhary Here is the update
@Pomu Thank you so much. Yes, Vansh’s love for his country is evident from the amount of sacrifices he made. Whether your guess is right or not, you’ll soon find out.
@Parita Thank you so much. Really glad that you are enjoying this story. Tbh, Vansh and Riddhima need to sit down and talk everything out. None of them was wrong and both of them were correct at their respective places.
@Milee Thank you so much for the appreciation. I’m really happy that you enjoyed it.
@Gauri Pandey Thank you so much. Your appreciation really means a lot to me. I think we have such creative and amazing authors on board, that subconsciously even I get inspired by them in the process.
@Jayanthi Thank you so much for yet another beautiful insight.
Tbh, even my heart goes out for Vansh. But then, I realize that he’s only a fictional character, and we have so many unrecognized heroes, who died for us or who went through so many ordeals only to keep us safe.
Every second of peaceful sleep that we get, we actually owe it to them. I know we’ve a few black sheep even amongst them, but we cannot deny the sacrifices that they make.
It is absolutely not fair that they have to suffer so much even in their personal lives, but that is how it is.
Whether Vansh forgives Riddhima or not, only time will tell. But sometimes it’s better to forgive and forget, especially when none of you was completely wrong.
@Sahada First of all, welcome back! Good to see you after a long time. Are you on vacation again?
Thanks a lot. And yup, you guessed it right. Bingo!


“Shit, shit! How could I be so oblivious to all this throughout?” Kabir threw his hands up in frustration.

“What do you mean?” Riddhima and Vansh asked utterly confused.

“The traitor damn it! I know who it is. The one who sent me on this mission to nab you. The one on whose order I met these so-called IB informants, who in reality belonged to the Mafia!” Kabir said all this in a single breath. “AK Ranaut, Chief of Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB)!”

Both Vansh and Riddhima stood there dumbstruck.

“Have you turned mad, Kabir?” Vansh rebuked him. “That’s such a big accusation to make against someone as important as the Chief!”

Kabir tried to reason out, “I know, I know. But he was the one to assign me this mission in the first place. Okay, we can give him the benefit of doubt that perhaps Ranaut had no idea about you being a RAW officer, but what about those Mafia members photographed alongside me?
It was Ranaut who on one of his trips to Mumbai, had personally got those men introduced to me as fellow IB informants. Now you tell me, logically speaking, is it possible for the Chief of IB to make such a big mistake of misidentifying such dangerous people as one of your own?”

Vansh pondered for a while. Kabir actually had a point. But he was still not sure.
“The position of the Chief of IB is a very important one. The men that are chosen for such positions are carefully done so, only after thorough background check and thousands of cross examination. Then how did our Government take such a wrong decision of making as corrupt a person as Ranaut as the Chief?”

Kabir explained, “Vansh, you should know that IB looks after the internal affairs of the country which also includes all kinds of political unrests too. It might be possible that one of the corrupt politicians who wants to ensure that he never gets caught, has assigned this position to Ranaut.
RAW, on the other hand, is more concerned with the external and foreign affairs, and no politician would want to even dare to mess in that area.”

Riddhima who was quietly listening to this discussion until now, decided to speak up.
“But Kabir, if Ranaut is a traitor as you suggest, and he is working against the country with deep contacts in the Mafia, then why would he want to get Vansh arrested, who himself is a supposed traitor and a powerful Mafia leader for the world? I don’t think Ranaut knows about Vansh’s real identity, then why does he want him to get caught?”

Kabir said, “Vansh is the number one leader in the Mafia, but you should know that wheb you are at the top, you’d be having more enemies than friends. After Vansh came to power, I’m sure he would have made many rivals who want to see him dead or want to grasp this position from him.
Perhaps one of Vansh’s arch rivals must have wanted Vansh out of his way, and therefore would have bribed Ranaut to catch him.”

Vansh threw a sarcastic look towards him. “Kabir, your theories are damn good, but you should understand that only a theory won’t be enough to get someone acquitted. The law demands only proofs. And we…I mean you have none.”

Out of the blue, Kabir took out his phone and started dialling a number.

Vansh warned him, “Don’t! You can’t contact anyone until you are under house arrest.”

“The house arrest has not yet begun,” said Kabir ignoring him. “I’m calling up Ranaut. We need to discuss about this.”

“Don’t be stupid, Kabir….” Vansh tried to say, but it was too late. Ranaut had already picked up the phone, and his shrill voice could be heard through the speaker.

“What is it Kabir? Why have you called me up at this odd hour?” Ranaut questioned annoyedly.

Signalling Vansh and Riddhima to remain silent, Kabir lied, “Sir, actually there’s a huge problem. Riddhima is missing and I think Vansh has kidnapped her. But I don’t know where he is. Can you send me a team to track down his location and rescue Riddhima? You can take the help of those ‘special informants’ you introduced me to some time ago.”

Vansh thought to himself with irritation, “What is this Kabir doing? Why is he talking to him like that? Ranaut is a smart man and knows Kabir well too. What if he gets the inkling that we have started doubting him?”

Ranaut replied angrily, “If Riddhima got kidnapped, that is not my problem! I can’t waste my time worrying about that girl when I’ve endless other tasks to do. Don’t trouble me for such stupid reasons.”

“But Sir, Riddhima has done so much for our mission. The least we can do for her is for us to ensure her safety,” said Kabir. He was trying his best to sound as calm as possible and cover the contempt from his voice.

Ranaut started blasting him, “What mission? We had sent her to get Vansh arrested, but she turned out to be a huge disappointment for us. She literally did nothing! We gave her one freaking task, and she failed even in that.
As far as my informants are concerned, they used to work for me in Mumbai. But since Vansh has gone to Manali, they haven’t been able to keep track of his movements.”

Vansh and Riddhima listened with shock when Ranaut admitted that those informants photographed actually worked for him.

Kabir was trying hard to extract further information from Ranaut on the phone, when he suddenly heard a voice in the background from the other end.

“How much to go to Dhungari Temple?’

Dhungari Temple was the most famous tourist location in Manali. Kabir realized with horror that Ranaut was currently in Manali, instead of his office at New Delhi.

“Sir, are you in Manali right now?” Kabir tried to confront him, but Ranaut had already hung up without even listening to him.

Placing his phone back into his pocket, Kabir said, “Did you hear that? Ranaut almost confessed that those men work for him. I recorded the call, and this can be used as a proof. However, we do require stronger proofs.
And did you not notice that how casually he behaved when I told him that Riddhima had got kidnapped? It almost looked like he didn’t bother a bit. You tell me, is such kind of callous behaviour befitting for an honest and committed Intelligence member?”

“I heard all of that, but what caught me off guard was that Ranaut is in Manali,” said Vansh with a grim expression. “What is he doing here? And if he is here, why didn’t he inform you about that? I’m telling you Kabir, I think Ranaut has got a hint that you have started doubting him.”

“But why do you think so?”

Vansh exclaimed, “Because of your voice Kabir! It had that hint of sarcasm in it, and if I could read through that, then surely Ranaut might have as well. This has always been your weakpoint from the days of IMA itself and that is, unable to hide your emotions from your voice.”

Just then Vansh’s phone started ringing.
“Hello! Yeah Angre, I know that Riddhima has managed to escape. In fact, she has been standing right in front of me for the past half an hour or so, and you cared to inform me only now. Heights of carelessness!”
Saying this, he hung up.

“Vansh, who was the other man you were seen talking to in the jungle?” Riddhima asked out of the blue.

“He’s another RAW agent, whose only job is to transmit information between me and Goel Sir. You don’t need to know anything further about him,” Vansh replied.

“Fine. But what will be our next plan of action?” she enquired.

Vansh turned serious. “With Ranaut now having the intuition that Kabir knows his truth, he will surely try to harm him, or even worse, kill him. As of now, Kabir needs a lot of security, and for that, keeping him under house arrest would be fine.
On the other hand, I’d have to inform about my new findings to Goel Sir ASAP. To take down someone as big and important as Ranaut, we require bigger help. We can’t take him down by ourselves. And….”

Vansh suddenly turned quiet. “Did you hear that?”

“I didn’t hear anything,” said Riddhima, confusion etched across her face.

He brushed her aside. “That wasn’t meant for you Riddhima, but for him. Kabir, did you hear that?”

“What are they talking about? I can’t hear a single thing. Did they learn this in the Army as well?” Riddhima muttered under her breath.

Kabir attentively listened, trying to catch upon what Vansh had described.
“It’s the rumbling of an approaching lorry from some distance away.”

“Yes, but ideally there shouldn’t be any lorries travelling anywhere nearby, because heavy vehicles are strictly NOT allowed on this road,” said Vansh getting anxious. “There’s something not right.”

Riddhima tried to use her binoculars to see if they were right. Sure enough, she saw a lorry with a few men clad in black costumes sitting inside it carrying guns.

“Did Angre send some of his men over here to help you or something?” she asked.

Vansh snatched the binoculars from her hands and peeked through them.

“No, these are not my men!” he grunted. “If I’m not wrong, they must be here to get us. They are only two minutes away. We need to eacape from here immediately!”

“Into my car, right now!” Kabir shouted.

Vansh wanted them to get into his car instead, but Kabir’s car was blocking his car’s way, and there was no time to waste.

With Vansh sitting in the front seat and Riddhima in the backseat, Kabir started racing the car at a high speed.

Vansh kept peeping in the rearview continuously, when suddenly, he could see the said lorry appearing in the sight.

“Oh no! They are right behind us!”

All of a sudden, the men from the lorry started shooting at their car.

“Riddhima, duck down!” Vansh shouted.

Riddhima had barely lowered her head when she heard a bullet crash into the glass and nearly miss her head.

Kabir said panick-struck, “They are continuously shooting at us. Even if one of the bullets hits the tyres, then the car would skid and overturn! We need to dodge out of their sight as quickly as possible.”

Saying this, Kabir took a sharp right turn at the Y intersection, and continued driving ahead. But he was in for a shock when they realised that the road had come to a dead end.

“Shit!” Kabir hit the steering wheel.

Vansh pointed towards a huge boulder on the side of the road. “We need to hide there!”

They quickly ran out of their car and hid themselves behind the boulder. No sooner had they done that, the lorry with the goons had arrived. Thankfully, the boulder was shielded by trees, so it was kind of out of vision for the goons.

The goons became agitated when they found the car empty.
“Boss, we can’t find them.”

Vansh, Riddhima and Kabir continued to crouch low with bated breaths. Each of them had their revolvers ready and loaded with them, ready to fire if anyone striked at them.

“You fools! They must be somewhere around here only. Look for them properly.”

Kabir gasped when he heard the familiar voice. It was Ranaut!
“That means….”

“That means he had traced your location when you had called him up like a fool in spite of my warnings!” scolded Vansh.

Suddenly they heard Ranaut laughing maniacally.
“I know where you three are hiding at. Nothing can escape from Ranaut’s sharp eyesight. But before you guys get caught, I want to tell you my side of the story.”

Signalling his men to stand still, he started off.
“Like you both, I had also joined Intelligence with a dream to serve the country. But I realized that in spite of all the sacrifices I was making, I wasn’t receiving rich dividends. In order to fulfill my wishes of becoming wealthy and powerful, I joined hands with Lala Mirza, another powerful Mafia leader. I helped him evade the police and other Intelligence teams, while he gave me enough money to fulfill all my desires.
But trouble started brewing up when Vansh took over Kaali Thakur’s gang, and started expanding his kingdom at the expense of destroying other Mafia leaders’ kingdoms. Because of this, we began to suffer huge losses. That’s when we decided to remove Vansh from our way, so as to obtain the number one position in the underworld.”

“I hatched a plan to get him arrested. I decided to put IB officer, Kabir on this mission. And he in turn recruited Riddhima for this. After that, you all know how the story turned into. Kabir and Riddhima failed me, and Vansh got saved.
In order for Kabir to continue to trust me, I agreed to him to give Riddhima strict security from Vansh for all these years.
But on the other side, we continued to plan many attacks on Vansh, but nothimg seemed to work anytime. He was always one step ahead of us.”

“After coming to know that Vansh is in Manali, I also decided to shift my base here, so that I can keep a closer watch over him.
Everything was running smoothly, except for today, when Kabir called me up and started questioning and talking to me weirdly. I could understand from the tone of your voice that something was off. I realized with astonishment that perhaps you had come to know something about me. Tracking your call’s location, I reached here.”

“But when we reached here, what shocked me to the core was that even Vansh was seen escaping with Kabir and Riddhima in the car. What happened all of a sudden that Vansh was teaming up with them? That’s when everything started falling in place – Vansh must be an undercover agent, only disguising to be a rejected and suspended ex-Army officer turned Mafia leader.
What a master plan Vansh! Seriously, hats off to you. Ten years, ten years you spent in the Mafia, and none of us could ever decipher your real identity.
But I still don’t know which agency are you working for? Is it CBI, NIA, or….RAW?
But whatever it is, your game is over.

“Kabir and Riddhima, I’m sorry, but you both have turned utterly useless to me. It’s high time that you die by my hands.
Vansh, on the other hand, I wouldn’t kill you so easily. Because there is so much information to extract from you, and only after I do that, will you be receiving a peaceful death.
You three have exactly two minutes to respectfully surrender to me, after which, my men will come behind the boulder where you’re hiding right now, and catch you.
And your time starts….NOW.”

The trio panickily started discussing amongst themselves.

Vansh said, “We’ve exactly two minutes from now. We’ve to think of something. There are twenty of them, plus they have rifle guns, while we are only three here that too with mere revolvers. There’s no way we can defeat them.
Rather than all three of us staying back here and dying, isn’t it better that one of us stays back and tries to distract them, while the other two make a run for it?
Kabir, you take Riddhima along with you from here, while I stay behind and distract them from following you both.”

Riddhima stared at Vansh with fear in her eyes. She couldn’t bring herself to even leave him alone to die in this condition.

Kabir had the same thought. “If it is like that, why don’t you and Riddhima run from here, while I stay back to fight them off? Besides, you two have your children as well. Unknowingly because of me, you both could never enjoy a happy life together. Now is your chance. Go and make the best of your lives. You, Riddhima, Rhea and Reyansh – a happy family!”

Vansh and Riddhima gazed at each other, reminiscing their past moments.

Vansh came back to his senses, “Don’t be stupid Kabir! You have been working under this Ranaut for so many years, he knows each and every move and tactic of yours. It won’t take a second for him to defeat you. Moreover, didn’t you hear him say that he doesn’t need you and would kill you off at the first opportunity he gets?
As for me, he won’t kill me so quickly. Not until, he extracts some information from me.”

Kabir cried, “Yes, and I know you well Vansh. You will endure all the torture, but you won’t open your mouth in front of him. He’ll cage you to a life even worse than death. And I cannot let that happen to you!
Besides, I had taken the oath at the time of joining the Army, that I’d never back away from a battlefield. I can’t break that oath now!”

“If you remember, Kabir, even I had taken that oath along with you. Then how can I break it?” said Vansh. “But we need to think about Riddhima. She is not part of the army, and she needs to be taken back to her house safely. Looking at the danger around, I can’t take the risk of sending her alone. There must be someone to accompany her. And you are best for the job….”

Riddhima who had been listening to their arguments quietly, decided to speak now, “No, I am not going anywhere!”

Vansh ran his hands through his hair in exasperation. “Stop acting stubborn. Can you once listen to me for once at least?”

Kabir added in, “Yes, we can’t endanger your life like this. If anything happens to you, then what will become of the kids?”

“There are many people to look after Reyansh and Rhea. There’s Roshan, plus now we also have Vansh’s family too,” said Riddhima defiantly. “And Kabir, weren’t you the one who always used to say that nothing comes first before the country? So how can I place my children above my country right now?
Even if I get saved today, would I ever be able to look myself in the eye knowing that I was the reason for one of your deaths? Knowing that I could have helped you both, but still didn’t do anything?”

Vansh and Kabir looked on, partly proud of her, and partly worried for her.

Riddhima said, “After all, nothing comes before the country….”

“Not even family, friendship and love….” said Vansh looking at her with pain in his eyes.

“In fact, not even one’s own self,” completed Kabir.

The trio joined their hands, with the determination to do anything for their country, clearly visible in their eyes.

“Today is the day to do or die!” said Vansh.

Ranaut looked at his watch and screamed. “Time up! Go and get those rascals out of there and bring them before me.”

He sent two of his men to go behind the boulder. Vansh, Kabir and Riddhima stood steady with their revolvers in their hands.

Vansh found a wooden stick on the ground. He slid it in the path of the approaching goon towards them. As soon as the goon tripped over, Vansh shot him in his chest, and stole his rifle away. Kabir did the same thing too and managed to get another rifle.

Throwing the rifle in Riddhima’s direction, Vansh said, “You know how to use it?”

She nodded.

Ranaut became mad seeing his two men dead and ordered his other men to kill them.

But before they could do that, Riddhima and Kabir started shooting continuously at them. Riddhima killed one, while Kabir killed two.

Vansh on the other hand holding two revolvers in both his hands, also equally participated in the shooting. He managed to kill two, and seriously injure one.

The goons were finding it increasingly difficult to approach closer towards them, because of the non-stop cross fire from the trio’s side.

With eight of their men dead, only twelve more remained.

Vansh realized that they were running down on ammunition. They couldn’t keep shooting further. He found a narrow way running down into the jungle. He said,

“We need to rob more rifles from them. But they are grouping up, and standing at such a far distance from us, making it nearly impossible for us. However, if we lure them into following us into the jungle, they’ll split up, and then, we’ll be able to fight them on a one-on-one basis.”

Kabir agreed with him. “You take Riddhima along with you into the jungle, while I give you guys cover.”

“But Kabir…” Vansh and Riddhima tried to protest.

Pointing towards the dead bodies of the two goons laying close to them, he winked at them, “Don’t worry, I have these two morons with me.”

Using one of the dead bodies as a shield, he started firing at them mercilessly, killing two of them in the process.

Vansh and Riddhima, heading low and hand in hand, made a run for the jungle. The goons tried to fire at them, but Kabir had got them covered very nicely. Once he was sure that Vansh and Riddhima had safely made it into the forest, he also ran towards it. Just as they had planned, the goons followed them inside, but they had split up.

One of the goons stood next to a tree, keeping a lookout for the trio. But Vansh, who was hiding nearby, sprang up to him and slit his throat open. Riddhima felt repulsed at this sight.

“This is what you get for not listening to me,” Vansh scolded, pulling both of them behind a bush.

Riddhima was so close to Vansh, that she could feel his breath over her. She kept staring at his face, realizing how she had always misunderstood him.

Vansh caught her gazing at him. Thinking that she might be scared, he tried to reassure her with a nod.

“Don’t know, if we ever get a chance to come out alive from this mess today,” she said tearing up. “But I don’t want to die without confessing to you that…..that I love you, Vansh. In fact, you’re the only man that I have ever loved in my life. And I’ll keep loving you till my last breath….”

From outside, Vansh tried to keep a neutral expression, but from inside, he was feeling very emotional. He wanted to hug her and pull her into a long, passionate kiss then and there but there was something that was stopping him from doing so….

Just then, they heard a group of three goons walking in their direction. Since Vansh and Riddhima were hiding behind a bush, they weren’t visible to them.

As soon as they came close enough to them, Riddhima pinned one of them down to the ground and shot him right through his chest. Similarly, Vansh killed the other two as well.

“Fourteen are dead according to my calculation. God knows how many more Kabir must have killed. We need to find him and help him immediately,” he said, leading the way, while Riddhima closely followed behind him.

On their way, they encountered two more goons, whom Vansh killed effortlessly. Having killed so many of them, they had managed to rob many more rifles from them.

When Vansh and Riddhima reached the site where they had been earlier, they were shocked to see Kabir and Ranaut fist fighting with each other. Vansh ran to help him, but Ranaut managed to catch hold of a gun and pointed it at Kabir.
“I’ll kill you,” he said.

Kabir also took hold of his gun and warned Ranaut to put his gun down. But instead, Ranaut started laughing and was about to pull the trigger, but before that Kabir had already shot him. The bullet pierced right through Ranaut’s chest, and he slumped down to the ground, lifeless.

“What did you do, Kabir?” Vansh shouted at him. “He’s the Chief of IB! Do you know the kind of repercussions you’ll face for killing such an important man? Your fingerprints are all over him, you’ll get caught within no time!”

“I just wanted to shoot at his arm, but by mistake I shot through his chest. Moreover, I’m not sorry for killing this man. He was a blo*dy traitor!” said Kabir furiously. “Under the guise of carrying out important national duty, he was betraying the country? Just imagine the amount of lives he must have spoiled for his greed. Just imagine the amount of secret level information he must have disclosed to our enemies. I know, I will get punished for this, because I have no proof against this filthy man as of now. I might even get executed for this. I’m ready for this, I’m ready to surrender myself!”

“No, Kabir. I won’t let an innocent man be executed. Especially, not when he had once been my best friend,” said Vansh, getting emotional. “We will sort this out together. We need to burn all these dead bodies as well as all the weapons, so as to destroy any of the fingerprints or other evidence that can implicate you or us in this. Come on!”

Vansh emptied the petrol from the car, and poured it onto the twenty dead men as well as all the weapons that were used. He threw a burning matchstick onto the wet ground, and soon, everything had caught fire. The trio looked on as the rising flame burned everything within it’s reach…..

Fifteen days later

Kabir was called over to Indian Intelligence Bureau’s headquarters at New Delhi for an emergency meeting. He knew the reason behind this meeting, but nonetheless, put on a brave face to attend it.

The Special Director of IB, presided over the meeting.
“Officers, you know that Intelligence team is going though a very huge crisis. Our Chief, AK Ranaut, had gone missing fifteen days back. Yesterday, his completely charred body was found in a lone jungle of Manali. Nineteen other bodies have been found, and some of them have been identified to belong to the Mafia. What was our Chief exactly doing with so many Mafia goons, we have no idea. But rumours are doing the rounds that perhaps Ranaut Sir wasn’t as simple and patriotic as he seemed to be. There is something more to him, which will be known on further investigation. But until then, I want this piece of news to remain confined within these walls only. You may leave.”

Leaving the office of IB, a very much relieved Kabir, headed straight towards the airport. He received a call on his way. It was Vansh.

“How’s the weather in Delhi, Kabir?” asked Vansh, careful to talk in riddles.

“Very good. And all thanks to you.”

“That’s what friends are for. Am I right or am I right?”

“Even though he has gone straight up now, but they have already started doubting him,” said Kabir.

“That’s great! When are you returning to Manali?”

“By evening most probably,” answered Kabir. “After all, there are two marriages to attend, one is Roshan-Ronita’s and another one is your’s and Riddhima’s. I can’t miss these for the world!”

Vansh said in an unaffected tone. “There’s only one wedding that you will be attending Kabir, and that is Roshan’s and Ronita’s. Mine and Riddhima’s wedding wouldn’t be taking place.”

Kabir tried to protest, “But why Vansh? I thought everything was finally fine between you both? Whatever happened, it wasn’t her fault in that!”

“I don’t want to talk about it!” snapped Vansh.

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