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A family is a circle of love (Choti Sardarni Fan Fiction) #8 The Bonding Day

Hey guys…Thanks for showing so much love for my Os…if u haven’t read it  yet, Click Here

Thank you once again, all ur comments were wonderful! So let’s get back to my ff…(this and the Os are totally not related)

Precap: Seher: Shaurya and Nitya; Viddhi: Jhanvi and Jaya; Param: Aarav and Aditya; Karan: Mihir and Mahira!!!!


It is a fresh new morning. All birds are chirping and cocks are crowing.

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Karan, Param, Viddhi and Seher are sitting in Gill mansion’s Garden.

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They are eating fresh fruits

Fresh fruits in a fruit bowl on a table with gingham tablecloth Stock Photo  - Alamy

Karan: Such a nice day it is, Let’s have lots of fun today.

Viddhi: Yes, Of course, I am so excited to play with you’ll.

Param: First we will decide names for our 2 smallies who will come soon.

Seher: Yes…One boy, one girl- Shaurya and Nitya

Viddhi: No! I want 2 sisters- Jhanvi and Jaya

Param: No!! 2 boys are better-Aarav and Aditya

Karan: Not 2 boys, it will be equal, One boy, One girl- Mihir and Mahira!!!

Vikram comes there and sees them…

Vikram(Goes and sits near Karan): Why are ul fighting? For names?! There is long more time…(Takes Karan on his Lap)

Karan: Vikram uncle, I am a big boy, I don’t sit on anybody’s lap now.

Vikram fees bad but listens to Karan and puts him down…

Meher and Sarab come there and sit on another bench.

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Sarab: See how all the kids are enjoying! They should always be together like this…

Meher: I’m not sure Sarabjeet Ji… with Manav-I mean Vikram around, I fear that h will take Karan away from us…

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Sarab: Meher Ji, C’mon! He has changed. See how much he loved Aditi and Viddhi? Why will he do anything like that?

Meher: Ur right..but…

Sarab: No buts, Meher Ji, he is a nice man. Don’t worry…come let’s go there.


They all sit around a table and decide to play UNO (a cards game)

Karan wins. Vikram is happy.

Seher: Yay, Karan won!

Param: No! I was supposed to win! This is not fair! Ull are cheating!

Meher: Param, Karan won fair and square, u must not be jealous cuz u lost, instead be happy that ur brother won, We must be happy in others joys, not sad in ur own sorrows, right Sarabjeet Ji?

Sarab: Yes absolutely…If u lost this time, play better next time to win!

Param: Yes, ull are right…Sorry Karan

Karan: No problem, Veer ji, Next round we will play together and win!


It is lunchtime. Both the Deewan’s and the Gill’s are enjoying themselves at the table. The kids are chatting while the elders are enjoying.

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Karan: (Coughs)…I think I(Coughs)-I am choking! (Coughs)

Meher: Karan!

(She gets up to go to him)

Vikram gets up and rushes before Meher can reach.

Vikram pats him on his back and gives him water. He gets better

Karan: Thank you so much Vikram uncle.

Meher gets flashes of Vikram saving Karan when he was small.

Choti Sardarni Written Update 28th August 2020: Vikram saves Karan's lifeWatch Choti Sarrdaarni Season 1 Episode 257 Online | Choti Sarrdaarni Clips  on MX Player

Sarab sighs in relief.

Sarab: Thank you so much, Vikram Ji.

Vikram: No problem, It was my duty….

Aditi: Thank God Karan is Okay. If u don’t mind, Vikram, can u get my medicines which are in my room, please?

Vikram: Yes! Of course! I’ll be back in a minute.

Aditi: Vikram is so caring, he never lets me feel lonely or sad. He is the best Husband!

Meher: Yes, We can see that!


Vikram is in Aditi’s room. He looks around for medicines. He spots something on her bedside table.

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Vikram: A box? I never saw this before over here! I wonder what is in it…

He opens the box and is shocked. He finds many notes:

Threatening Note = Robbery | Law offices of Alexander Ransom

552307cda8ca1.image.jpg (462×640)  26bacf-20200602-threatening-letter03.jpg (600×600)

images (259×195)

Vikram is shocked and starts crying

Vikram: Why didn’t Aditi tell me this? She is being threatened? And is not telling me?



So that’s it for today! I know I know it is full of suspense…Hope ull comment on how this part was and do guess what do those notes mean and who sent them to Aditi. Also, Try guessing the “SOMEONE” in the precap. Loads of love, STAY SAFE, TOODLES!

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