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Woh Apna Sa 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Baba comes home

Woh Apna Sa 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rano puts baba in the well. She says because of your family you will die forever. Akas and everyone comes there and says Rano we know baba is here. Ambika says I wont let you harm him. She says come save him. They walk.. There is glass on the gound. Ambika screams. Rano says see how I welcome you. See him drying now. she pours petrol on baba. Jia Ambika and everyone walk on the glass. Rano burns matchstick but Aakash stops her. Akash pulls baba out and Jia helps him. Ambika and Bini grasps Rano. Rano says I wont let you all succeed. She picks knife to attack but police shoots on her hand.

Jia says inspector there is glass on the ground. They arrest Jia. Bini says thank you for coming on time. Jjia says wait a minute. Jia says Rano you and your father.. I feel bad for what happened.

It wasn’t ma and baba’s mistake. I can know your pain. I apologize you but today you were going to do a sin. I hope in jail you will know what is wrong and right. Police takes Rano. Ambika says Jia you did all this. Akash says where is my appreciation? Ambika says we done. lets take him home.

Ambika brings baba home. she say thank you God. he is home after ages. baba opens his eyes. Akash touches his feet. He gives him blessings. Baba says Arjun.. Ambika says Arjun is not well. he is in his room. I will take you to him. Baba falls on wheelchair. Ambika says what happened to you.. Akash takes him to room. He checks baba and says he is very weak. His veins and bones are really weak. We need proper medical treatment. Aksh says doctor Tom is in our hospital. He is special in nerve treatment and trauma. She says get him the best treatment. Akash says baba you are with your family. I wont let anything happen to you. Ambika says you all go and rest I am here with him. Ambika sits with baba.
Akash says when baba meets bhai he will be worried to see his condition. Jia says Arjun wont tell his problem to baba.

Jia says to Arjun baba is here. He wanted to come to meet you. he fainted. He was weak. But he is fine now. arjun says baba has faced so much. Jia says please calm down. arjun says I couldn’t even help you. I am so useless. Jia says calm donw please. Arjun says thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. He hugs her. Jia says sit down you need rest.

Scene 2
Next morning, ambika makes baba eat breakfast. Arjun comes with Jia. He says bab.. He hugs her they both cry. Arjun says I missed you so much baba. Ambika says we are all together. Arjun says evrything will be good now. Jia says lets celebrate. Bini says baba chocolate for you. She makes him eat. She gives chocolate to everyone. Last piece is left. Akash says its okay you eat. She says you eat. They both fight. Arjun says you have to get married. Akash says you and Jia get married first. Jia says first they should get married. We will get married when Arjun gets well soon. Arjun says lets listen to ma and get married. Ambika says Jia you are right. We should wait for Arjun to get well. Ambika says I have decided one more thing. Sh gives keys to Jia and says you can handle everyone in this house. i want you to takeover. She gives her keys. Ambika says I have complete trust in you.
Precap-Ambika says to pandit please find a good date. Pandit says there is some darkness in her kundli. Only her blood relative
can do kaniya daan or the groom will be in trouble. arjun says i wont let BNisha come in this home.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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