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Udaan 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor exposes Imli

Udaan 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor telling Suraj that he can’t cage her, he has promised him of protection, but he is protecting Imli. She says you have made vows in marriage, but you are not trusting me, you should support me, I have to stop Imli. Suraj says try to understand, this is for your and family’s good. Vivaan says they have come. She asks why did they come from mental asylum, get away, Suraj leave me, don’t send me, I m not mad, Imli will kill our Saanvi. She is taken away by the staff. Saanvi cries. Everyone feels bad. Chakor asks Suraj to understand, she isn’t mad, Imli will ruin them. Suraj and everyone cry seeing her. Lamhe chod kar…plays….. Suraj thinks of her. Tejaswini says Vivaan is responsible for this, he has encouraged Chakor in Imli’s matter. Kasturi says no, its Chakor’s

mistake, she was after Imli. Tejaswini says my family has shattered, what’s Saanvi’s mistake. Kasturi asks Vivaan not to feel bad of Tejaswini’s words and go to help Chakor. He leaves. Suraj cries.

He goes to Saanvi and thinks of Chakor. Mahiya….plays…..He says I have sent Chakor to mental asylum, Chakor has always supported me. Bhuvan says its not your mistake, you did this for Saanvi’s sake, everything will be fine, Chakor will come back, don’t worry. Suraj says my house is shattering, how shall I not worry. Tejaswini asks Saanvi not to cry. She cries. Kasturi says Saanvi is Chakor’s daughter, she just got away from her mum, she will need some time, she will understand soon. Suraj promises Saanvi that Chakor will get fine. Bhuvan says Vivaan called and told that we can meet Chakor. They all leave to meet Chakor. Girja locks the haveli door. Imli pushes her throne and gets it there. She sits and says you lost Chakor, I have won, I will get all power and haveli in my hands, the villagers made my life hell, I will make them my bandhua again, Chakor you snatched everything from me, its time that I get everything back, I can become mum of Saanvi, who can take better care of her, I will raise her with love. She sings the lullaby Kaali ghaneri raat ka saaya…. and thinks of hurting Saanvi. She hears a lullaby. Imli checks her ears.

She looks around and says someone is singing, whose voice is this, come out. Lights fall over Imli’s face. She sees Chakor. Chakor comes singing Chale Chakori….. Imli asks how did you run from mental asylum, who released you, stop this. Chakor says you didn’t think what will I go through, you troubled me since many months, shall I remind you, you tried to kill me in Kashmir by Karan’s help, you came as Saanvi’s Daimaa, you became old woman and filled poison in villager’s heart, then you become a spirit, you failed, you know why, my name is Chakor and I never accept defeat. She pushes Imli and says if anyone cuts my wings, even then I take a flight. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai….plays….

Imli asks will you tell Suraj that I m alive, he won’t come in your words. Suraj and everyone see Imli and get shocked. Imli says Chakor you cheated me, I won’t go, I will not leave you. She attacks. Chakor shouts Suraj….

Update Credit to: Amena

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