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Swaragini – Me and My best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 8

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Me & My Best friends 


Sanskar’s POV

Next morning I woke up from sleep and checked my phone. My eyes widened when I saw Ragini’s message in the notifications. Why did she messaged me ?.. my heartbeat increased and trust me I’ve never met anybody else who gets my heart racing like she does. And then I saw the time . It was 11 Am already.

“Nooo”. I exclaimed.

How could I be this late… noo… Ragini  must be coming anytime to pick me up and I’m not even ready. I took a deep breath and then clicked her message, it said that she’s coming in an hour. A sighed in relief as I atleast had one hour to get ready.
After getting ready, I called Ragini to confirm if she is coming or not. She said she is on the way and will be reaching in 2 mins.

And then finally she was here , she looked little different today , she was in a dark blue jumpsuit and her hair was not open as usual but this time they were tied in a high ponytail. Her long earrings and red lipstick made her look even more beautiful.

She was not looking like her usual cute self today but looked dangerously hot. I loved this look of hers . I was standing in front of her with my eyes opened wide. Just imagine how stupid I would have looked.

“Heyy… where are you lost ?”. She said waving her hand in front of my eyes and shaking me with her other hand.

“I .. uh.. n..nothing… l.. let’s . ..g …go”. I said coming to my senses and mentally slapping myself for stuttering again.

“See you look really cute while stuttering 😂”. She said laughing.

“Very funny😏😑”. I said rolling my eyes and sitting in car beside her.

We went to museum and I have to say indian museums are really great. We went to zoo after that. I took my camera out of my backpack . We saw many different animals and birds. And I think by the smile on my face Ragini understood that I was really enjoying the zoo. After that we went to a nearby restaurant.

“I think you are really interested in photography… and today you seemed all the more happy”. She said smiling.

“Yeah… actually I want to become a wildlife photographer .. I have even applied for this here, in india , they said that they will send my confirmation letter today but I haven’t  received it … maybe I am not selected “. I said with disappointment in my eyes.

Wildlife photography was my dream and moreover this job was only way for me  to stay here in india , near Ragini.
Again I was lost in my thoughts when she waved her hand. I gave gave her a little smile to assure that I’m alright. We talked for hours then , we laughed  and shared our deepest secrets with each other.

I wanted this moment to stay forever.  I wished to stay like this forever , talking and laughing with her. We were so lost in our own world that we didn’t even realised that It was dark now . Ragini suggested that we should head back to hotel now.

We were in car , listening songs , we were both laughing until I decided to tell her something.

You know … Rohan’s coming back tommorow”. I said with sadness in my  voice.

Oh that’s great. She answered completed oblivious.

So … I.. uh… I’m going back to US tommorow”. I finally gathered courage to say this and she seemed really shocked.

“Oh.. can’t you stay a little longer”. She stopped the car and asked me with tears in eyes.

“I have to go Ragini, I was waiting for the letter but now I don’t have any reason to stay here”. I lied because I had reason …. and she was the reason but I couldn’t tell her this .

We realised that we were outside my hotel … I stepped forward to go outside the car but she held my hand.
I looked at her. There were tears in her eyes.

“Please don’t “. She said hugging me.

I hugged her back . I wanted her to be in my arms like this forever. I felt her tears on my neck. I pulled back slightly fron the hug to see her face. I cupped her face and wiped the tears running down her cheeks . Our face was so close to each other that we could feel each other’s breath .

She leaned a little more close . Our foreheads touched .”please don’t go” she said looking in my eyes . My body was shaking and I knew I would lose her forever if I said or …. did something now.  And I also knew that I would loose myself ,if I lost her.

I was feeling so weak now. I knew that she didn’t loved me back but I couldn’t fight with my feelings now. I looked at her and we were lost in each other’s eyes for next few moments. We both leaned in and now our lips were connected. We kissed , it was slow , soft , gentle but at the same time filled with lots of emotions.
I could feel her heart beating against my chest.

And the very next moment she pushed me back. Her eyes filled with tears of realisation.

I knew I destroyed everything . I knew she wouldn’t even talk to me now. My stupid love for her was the reason of our END.

I realised what I did. I was about to open my mouth to say sorry but

Please just GO sanskar“. She said pushing me away and slamming her car’s door shut.

I dropped on my knees and broke down in tears on the road. I lost the first love of my life. I lost her.

Do you think that was end of RagSan ???
What will happen next ?

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