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Siddhi Vinayak 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivam sees Riddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Riddhi tells Prachi not to speak to her in that tone. Prachi argues but Riddhi is firm in her words. I only heard you saying she is wrong. Why are you bothering her? Why don’t you leave her alone for some time? Prachi says her husband did something because of which we are all worried. Two, you should stay out of our family matter! Even though Vin Bhaiya hugged you but it doesn’t mean that you will interfere in our matters. Gauri tells her to stop but in vain. Riddhi taunts Prachi on not having any family. People like you can never have a family as you don’t care about relations at all. Prachi vows to give her a fitting reply. Vin Bhaiya has given you extra freedom. She walks away in a huff. Riddhi assures Gauri that Manbir will be out of jail real soon. Don’t worry. Gauri nods.

Riddhi goes to fill water. Gauri thinks Riddhi is way too smart. She quietened Prachi!

Juhi meets Vin. She makes him say the famous dialogue from the film Siddhi Vinayak. Riddhi also requests him. Vin looks at Riddhi and says the dialogue. Juhi says Mishti, he is indeed Vin Kundra. Vin is puzzled hearing her call Riddhi Mishti. He shows Juhi his muscles on her demand and happily fulfils all her demands. She also makes Reema click their photos. Juhi holds one of his muscles and hangs onto Vin’s hands. She also makes Riddhi holds his other hand while Reema clicks photos. Juhi thanks Vin. You can take your arms down now. Vin and Riddhi share an eye lock. Juhi looks at them. She ends up tickling Vin to distract him. Riddhi asks Vin about his new fan. He calls her sweet and naughty. How did you both meet? Riddhi says we met in the park few days back. He points out that their relation does not seem so new. She nods. We developed a deep bond in very few days. Juhi shows the photos to Riddhi. Vin wonders when Riddhi meets her husband then. Is her husband really not in town? I don’t understand anything. She is becoming a riddle for me!

Juhi shows the photos to her father. Shivam says you never told me you are such a big fan on Vin Kundra. She replies that he never asked her. He tells her that he is Vin’s very good friend. I could have taken you if you had told me. Juhi says it is ok. You weren’t free so Mishti took me there. He asks her if she is the same friend from the park. She nods. He gets a call. Mishti keeps asking him to look at the photo. He is distracted while on the call but then sees the photo of her, Riddhi and Vin.

Shivam asks Juhi about the girl in the photo. She tells him that it is her friend from the park – Mishti! He reminds her that he used to call her Mumma that. She looks just like Mumma. Shivam asks Reema what is the name of Juhi’s friend. Reema says her name is Riddhi. Shivam wonders how there can be so many coincidences at once. He asks her when, where and what time she comes to meet Juhi. Reema shares that she meets Juhi every day in the park around 10 am. She heads off to her work from there directly. He decides to go to park with Juhi tomorrow. I will then find out who it is who looks exactly like my Riddhi.

Riddhi shows a card to Vin which has I love Vin Kundra written on the bottom. Juhi decorated this photo. She is a very big fan of you. He calls her Juhi’s fan. You said you met her in park a few days ago while I said it seems as if you guys share a very old bond. Rakesh ji even asked me if Juhi is Riddhi’s daughter. She laughs. He might have felt that as I love her very much. Whenever I like someone, I love them deeply. He nods. It can create some misunderstanding in other’s minds. Don’t take me wrong. Don’t make Juhi habitual to you. What if you fail to meet her? She will be in trouble. Riddhi gets a call from Mr. Jaiswal (newspaper guy). Vin excuses himself knowing that it is some secret call of hers. Mr. Jaiswal tells her that it is Mr. S Sen from Chandigarh. I have no further info than this. She wonders who it could be. Why did he print an obituary in newspaper?

Shivam nurses Juhi’s wound. He keeps thinking of the photo though. She asks him to tell her a story. He makes her lie down and continues the story from yesterday.

Riddhi asks Dadi if she knows Mr. Sen. Has Riddhi ever visited Chandiagrh? Dadi denies. I remember that she dint even have a friend whose name was Sen. Juhi tells her father about Riddhi (Mishti). Vin Kundra listens to everything that she says. Shivam recalls Vin calling out to Ms. Sinha.

Riddhi decides to go to Chandigarh to meet Mr. Sen. I must find out about him.

Shivam confirms with Juhi that Riddhi is Vin’s PA. It means she is Ms. Sinha only.

Dadi wonders when this will end.

Gauri, Prachi and Ranbir have come to jail to meet Manbir. Ranbir tells his brother not to worry. We are with you. Manbir asks him if no one from Vin’s family came. Ranbir denies. Manbir requests him to get him out of here. Ranbir agrees to get him out. You will have to tell me the truth though. What did you do? Manbir insists he dint do anything but they refuse to believe him. Prachi speaks of the fake police sent earlier to make them spill the truth. Ranbir tells her to be quiet but she asks Manbir to give the recording to them. Ranbir and Gauri quieten her. He does not seem to know anything about it. Manbir understands that they dint come here to meet him but they came to strike a deal instead. You are really selfish. Gauri denies but he does not buy her. Leave me alone. He breaks down.

Manjari asks Shankar to dress well for his event. You will be heading to London from there. She is taking out his clothes when a piece of paper falls down. She reads Riddhi’s obituary. She died 5 years ago? Shankar asks her to get his clothes. Manjari starts thinking about Riddhi and the obituary. Who is this woman in our house then? Shankar leaves. Manjari looks at the ad again. I must find out the secret behind this real / fake Riddhi Sinha. Maybe she did something really heinous and pronounced herself as dead to save herself.

Riddhi meets Juhi. She notices Juhi limping in pain and lifts her in her arms. Shivam also comes to the park. He watches them from far and is finally able to see Riddhi’s face as she makes Juhi sit on the bench. He looks at her stunned. He recalls seeing her another day on the road too.

Precap: Shivam walks up to Riddhi. Juhi shows her mother’s photo to Riddhi. Papa keeps it in his purse always. Shivam tells Riddhi that she is his client’s secretary and his wife as well! Riddhi looks at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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